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How to make money on fiverr today. Welcome Friends, Here I am aiming at giving you all it takes to make money on fiverr. If you are among those who stay at home wondering how to make money online at ease, I recommend Fiverr for you, stop wasting your precious time, turn it into money on fiverr.

What fiverr is, in case you did not know.

 Fiverr is a marketplace where anyone can sign up, buy and sell services from $5 

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That can be anything from…

  • Logo design
  • Transcript
  • Video creation
  • Backlinks
  • Social signals

You can even get a video of your name in shells on a beach or hold your sign while skydiving.

If you have a browse through the available Fiverr gigs you will see how varied they are!

There is a gig for everyone!

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The best bit is anyone can learn how to make money online by signing up to Fiverr as a seller and starting selling their service.

It is a well known fact that this is exactly what Eze John did earning $1,644 in 30 days and you are about to learn the exact process he used to make money on Fiverr.

So how do people manage to make that much money on Fiverr? First of all they spent time looking at what other people are having success with to learn how they made money on Fiverr.

At the same time I spotted an awesome product that helped me create animated videos really quickly.

 So the idea for people’s gig was born – I’m going to create a video animation service offering things like whiteboard videos, 3D animation videos, hand drawn videos etc.

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How to make money on Fiverr Today

There is no big secret here – Personally, I just looked at what other people sold and what I could make quickly and created some relevant gigs.

You could say that preparation met opportunity perfectly!

So now I’ve shown you what I do and what I use to do it, now all you need to is how to make money on Fiverr yourself.

Just follow the steps below and you will learn how to make money on Fiverr easily-

Step 1 – Have a Practice

First of all, people normally take Video Maker FX and spent time practising making videos of all different types with it.

It may take a couple of weeks of playing but will soon got the hang of being able to make videos quickly.

Step 2 – Create Fiverr Gig for yourself

this is another step, Once people know they could produce awesome videos they created Fiverr Gig for themselves.

keep the title short and simple – “I will Create a Professional Whiteboard Animation Video In 24hours for $5.”

Here are some other titles people have used that work well-

  • They will create an AMAZING Whiteboard Animation Video For $5
  • They will create a PROFESSIONAL Whiteboard Doodle Video For $5
  • They will create an Eye CATCHY Animation Video For $5

Feel free to play around – you get the idea!

Step 3 – Creating Your Gig Image

If you do a search for similar gigs you will dicover that some of them have better images than others that really stand out.

Do some searches and take some inspiration from the gig images that really stand out to you.

Once you have done that you can use to create your Fiverr gig image, if you really want to stand out you can also hire someone on Fiverr to do it!

Step 4 – Write Your Gigs Description

Your Gigs description is also a very important part to your gig creation that you need to get right.

Just like with the images I also search around Fiverr and look at what the other top sellers are doing and use their descriptions as inspiration.

Whatever you do, don’t copy their descriptions or your will get banned. Just use them as inspiration and come up with your own unique description.

Step 5 – Tags/Keywords

Set up you tags and keywords. One of the most important parts of your gig is setting up the tags and keywords.

A lot of people don’t realise this but having your gig tagged correctly is very important to the ranking of your gig in Fiverrs search results.

Take a look at the picture above and you will see the tags people use and also set your gig delivery duration to “1 DAY”.

Step 6 – Video-fying Your Gig

This is another important aspect of fiverr. You also have the option of adding a video to your gig to make it stand out. Again this helps to boost rankings and sales so pay attention.

People just used Video Maker FX to make a catchy video for their gig, it doesn’t need to be anything special but shows off the service as well.


The Secret Sauce – Ranking Your Fiverr Gigs

Once you have everything setup and your Fiverr gig is live you need to apply the secret sauce to get the gig ranking and sales flowing in.

This has been my secret for about 6 months that I have only shared with a few of my friends. I can rank any gig #1 for any keyword on Fiverr in less than 48 hours for any search term like “video animation”, “usa traffic” and so on.

Here is how I do it-

ATTENTION! You must have completed the previous steps for this to work.

Step one – Create a Dummy Account

Create a dummy Fiverr Account and buy your gig twice. Then give your gig a nice positive review (You will only loose $2 when you do this).

Step two – Fake Visitors

Now just sends at least 250 fake hits/visitors to your Fiverr gig. This will boost your gigs impressions and make it more visible to cash at hand buyers.

If you don’t know how to get fake visitors, well you can just buy them from Fiverr but don’t go overboard with them.

Step three – Use Accurate Tags

Make sure you use accurate tags for your gigs and also include the keywords you want to rank for in the title and description.

If you are going to do a gig like the one I’ve shown you above you would use tags like-

  • Video animation
  • Whiteboard
  • Whiteboard animation
  • 3D animation

At this juncture, I hope the article, How to make money on Fiverr Today, is very useful to you kindly share it with friends.


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