How to invest money online and Increase your earnings

How to invest money online and Increase your earnings. As long as making money is everybody’s target, investing money is another way of making money. Any money made without proper investment will not last because such income is not productive. You can actually make much more money when you invest your earnings. Here we are going to enlighten you on various ways you can invest your money online to create more income and add value to your life.

How to invest money online

Investing in yourself doesn’t require thousands, it just takes getting started. For our purposes here we are going to define small amounts of money as something more than $100, but not more than $1,000. Based on that parameter, there are many ways to invest small amounts of money.

How to invest money online and Increase your earnings

The Best Ways To Invest Money online and increase your earnins

1. Betterment

There are a number of “robo advisors“, online investment platforms that offer professional management of your portfolio with very low fees. One of the best for small investors is Betterment. You start by completing an online questionnaire that enables the site to determine what your risk tolerance is.

Based on that evaluation, a portfolio is created for you with an allocation that includes several different exchange-traded funds (ETF).


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Annual Fee


Trade Fees


Because of this allocation, your only responsibility is to fund your account – there is no need to concern yourself with investment selection, or with re-balancing your investments.

Betterment investments actually has no minimum initial account deposit requirement.

You can open up an account by committing to monthly contributions of as little as $100. The annual management fee to maintain your account is 0.35% of your account balance, on accounts of less than $10,000.

The management fee works on a sliding scale, and drops as your account balance grows.

2. Penny Stocks

When investigating ways to invest in stocks, some people think penny stocks make sense. $1,000 would seem to go a long way when buying stocks that are priced at less than a dollar. The attraction to penny stocks is that a) since they’re so cheap, there is no place to go but up and b) since the price is so low, you can buy lots of different stocks and you’re sure to find some winners.

Unfortunately, there’s a reason penny stocks are priced so low. They are either obscure, thinly-traded (and near impossible to liquidate) companies or companies that have fallen far down on their luck. And they can still get cheaper—until their value is zero.

3. Lending Club

Lending Club is an online peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform in which borrowers come to get loans, while investors – a.k.a., lenders – provide the cash for those loans.

In exchange, investors are rewarded handsomely for their investment. Rates of return in double digits are hardly unknown with Lending Club.

You can invest as little as $25 in a single loan (or note), which means that with the $1,000 minimum initial investment, you can spread your portfolio among 40 different notes.

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Personal, Business, Medical, Auto and more

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5.06% – 8.74%

Initial Deposit Minimum


The limitation with Lending Club is that many states have minimum net worth requirements in order for you to invest on the platform.

So while the actual amount that you can invest is small, you might still need to show a significant asset base in order to participate.  If you are interested in more details on investing with Lending Club check out my Lending Club review.

4. Invest in Cryptocurrency Bubbles

Buying Cryptocurrency (or another fad) based on emotion, not knowledge, is always a bad idea. Bitcoin, like other fad investments before it, seized the imagination of the person in the street when it soared from a few hundred dollars to nearly $20,000 in a relatively short period of time. Those who bought at the top would have had a gut wrenching roller coaster ride as it quickly lost half its value. Regardless of where Bitcoin is priced when you read this, there are sound reasons not to jump onto a bubble like this and buy based on emotion rather than a logical study of the markets.

True, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are indeed exciting because they may be shaping up to be the first entirely new asset class to come along in many years. Cryptocurrencies are not backed by governments or hard assets, but by blockchains; incredibly complex databases that record and share transactions. Crypto has real potential for future technologies, including secure transfers of money; and banks and retailers are seriously studying it. They are however, extremely volatile and risky, and there is a high potential that most of the cryptocurrencies today will be gone five years from now.

Those who want to invest in cryptocurrency would be better off learning about the risks and analyzing likely price movement based on supply and demand first. Jumping in without doing your research first would essentially move this investment opportunity to the bottom of this ways to invest $1000 list

5. Trade Forex

Like futures, Forex Trading (also known as FX or foreign currency trading) has a low price of entry; some online brokers will open a “mini” account with a deposit of $100 or less. Forex is also an appealing asset class because it’s relatively simple to understand: most of the action is concentrated in just a few currency pairs. As in futures trading, you can control far more than your actual investment through leverage, but leverage can also magnify your losses.

6. Invest on Trade Options

Options Trading allows you to control a stock or other asset and capitalize on its price movement without actually owning it. Because options expire in a few months (or even weeks) they’re priced low, far below the per–share price of the underlying asset. Want to trade Tesla or Google or another expensive high-flyer? Options allow you to do that for just a few dollars. A benefit is that unlike futures, the most you can lose is your stake; there’s no threat of an additional margin call. But like futures, options are a complex (though exciting) asset class and you need training and experience to trade options successfully.

Once again, I wish to advise that you can actually make much more money when you invest your earnings. Follow the investment that you think will be good for you and mind the risk you take.


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