How To Get Loan from Access Bank 2024/2025 | Easy Ways

Have you been denied a loan by any bank? Get familiar with the fact that Access Bank has different loan options that have been made available just for you. So if you want a loan from Access Bank you are in the right place to get informed.

Some persons have asked What is Access Bank loan interest rate? What documents do I need for an Access Bank loan? If I apply for a loan from the Bank, how do I know if I am eligible?

Loan from Access Bank

In this article on getting a loan from Access Bank, I will reveal to you quick and easy steps on getting an Access Loan, the requirements and features of each Access Bank loan.

Types of Access Bank Loan

Several loan options has been made available at Access Bank with easy and fast application. They are:

  • Personal loan
  • PayDay loan
  • Salary Advance
  • Access Agent loan
  • Small ticket personal loan
  • Device Finance loan

Access Agent Loan

This is a digital loan that gives agents on Access CLOSA access to one million naria only (1, 000, 000) 


  • Access up to one million naria only (1, 000, 000)
  • No documents is required to get this loan
  • No collateral
  • 24 hours tenor

Loan can be gotten via

 How to Apply

  • Get the QuickBucks app downloaded on your device via google play store or iOS App store
  • Or you can visit the QuickBucks website to apply

PayDay Loan

This type of access bank loan is mainly for emergencies that may occur before PayDay. The loan is for both salary earners and customers of other banks


  • No documents are required
  • No collateral
  • 31 days tenor

You must meet the bank’s Risk Acceptance Criteria (RAC)

How to apply

  • Use the USSD code (*901*11*1#)
  • Via internet banking

Salary Advance

This type of loan is for salary earners who have an account with Access Bank


  • You must earn a minimum of Fifty Thousand Naira (50, 000)
  • Loan amount is up to 200% of your monthly salary
  • Tenor of 6 months
  • Interest rate of 2.9%
  • Management fee of 1%

How to Apply

  • Use the USSD Code (*901*11*1#)
  • Or download the QuickBuks App

Small Ticket Personal Loan

This loan is meant for salary earners with an Access Bank account


  • You must earn a mininmum of Hundred thousand naira (100, 000)


  • Loan amount of up to 400% of your monthly salary
  • One year tenor
  • Interest rate of 2.7%

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