How to Create NIN for WAEC 2024/2025 SSCE| Step by Step Guide

How to Create NIN for WAEC 2024/2025. Do you wish to know how to apply a prospective candidate applying for the West Africa Examination 2024? Do you desire the right information on how to create your NIN for your 2024 WAEC registration? Then, you are in the right place.

How to Create NIN for WAEC

The West Africa Examination Council has made the registration of WAEC with NIN mandatory for the 2024/2025 WAEC examination. Candidates are advised to create their NIN before the registration for the 2024/2025 WAEC examination commences.

In this article, we will be guiding you through the process of creating your NIN for your West Africa Examination Council, frequent questions asked about 2024/2025 WAEC and NIN, and all you need to know about how to create your NIN for WAEC.

Documents needed to Create your NIN for WAEC 2024

When preparing to create your NIN for your 2024/2025 WAEC registration, you will need some documents such as your Local Government Area Certificate, your birth certificate, and anything that shows your nationality.

How to create your NIN for the 2024/2025 WAEC Registration.

You will need to visit any accredited NIN registration center that has been approved by the National Identity Management Commission, NIMC. You will be provided a form, in which you will need to fill in your data such as name, date of birth, father and mother’s maiden name, local government area, etc.

After you have done filling the form, you will be required to undergo a thumb printing process, which can not be done by proxy.

You can also register and create your NIN online via visiting the NIMC registration portal. You will be required an active email and phone number. Then you will be provided with a pre-enrollment form, which you adequately fill. You can now print your pre-enrollment form which you will take to an accredited NIMC center for processing and thumbing.

Can I use another person’s NIN for my WAEC 2024 registration?

Your NIN number is unique to you alone, hence, only your own NIN can be used for your WAEC registration.

Can someone create my NIN for WAEC for me?

Your NIN registration must be down by you as it required personal details only you can provide such as your biometric fingerprint, the capturing of your face, etc. Candidates are strongly advised to undergo their NIN creation themselves.

The 2024/2025 West Africa Examination registration requires a NIN as one of its vital criteria for application. Prospective applicants are advised to create their NIN for their WAEC.

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