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How Letgo Make Money. Are you using Letgo and you are so much concern about How Letgo Make Money? In our previous article, we outlined the meaning of Letgo, How to use Letgo, How to Download Letgo Android app and How to Download Letgo iPhone app. Here we are going to Delibrate on How Letgo Make Money. keep reading for more answers on How Letgo Make Money.

How Letgo Make Money

How Letgo Make Money

Below are the ways Letgo Make money

How does Letgo work? These services have lots of things in common and work pretty similar. And one of these similarities is a business model which, as they claim, they don’t have. These selling apps don’t charge the commission for registration, profile creation, and not even for the number of ads. More than that, they don’t take a commission for a deal. OfferUp developers intended to earn exclusively on advertising to keep the service free and available for everyone.

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Yet, if you want to create an app like LetGo, Carousell or Offerup, we suggest you taking into consideration some of these monetization strategies.

  • Online transactions

If customers can pay via your app, you can charge a fixed price or a percent of every deal. Its easy to do with some third-party services like Stripe, for instance.


What is meant here is the ability to buy some special offers, or sellers can pay to place their ads at the top.

  • Delivery

Your service can also be a mediator allowing sellers to expand the trading territory.

  • Internal ads

An opportunity to publish action offers, special offers and a system of internal recommendations.

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