WAEC Physics Questions and Answers 2021/2022 Expo Objectives/Theory PDF Download

Free WAEC Physics Questions and Answers 2021/2022 Objectives/Essay PDF Download. The WAEC 2021 Physics exam is one of the major subjects Science Students should take very seriously. Download likely Correct WAEC Physics Expo/Runs now. See more on Physics Questions and Answers for WAEC SSCE exams below.

WAEC Physics Questions and Answers 2019/2020 to OBJ/ESSAY

On this page, You will have all the necessary updates on the ongoing Physics WAEC Questions and Answers papers 1 and 2 (OBJ & theory). All you need is to follow the necessary steps to get the likely Physics expo/Runs tips.

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The Solutions to the questions can be downloaded in PDF format once it is out. The resources below on WAEC Physics objectives and theory Questions and Answers have been provided to assist you to understand the required standards expected in the physics final 2021 Examination.

Download WAEC 2021 Physics Objectives Questions and Answers PDF

Section A : Will consist of ten short structured questions drawn from the common portion of the syllabus (i.e. Section A of the syllabus). Candidates will be required to answer all the questions for 25 marks.

 Below are WAEC Physics past Questions and Answers 2020/2021 1. Calculate the Speed of a car Covering a Disteance of 150m in 10 second.

  • A. 25m/s
  • B. 10m/s
  • C. 15m/s
  • D. 1.5m/s

ANSWER: C (15m/s) 2.One of quantities below is not a Fundamental Quantity?

  • A. Time
  • B. Length
  • C. Temperature
  • D. Speed

ANSWER: D (Speed)

3. A boy standing a distance from the foot of a tall cliff claps his hands and hears an echo 0.5s later. If the speed of sound is 340ms1, how far is he from the cliff?

  • A. 17m
  • B. 34m
  • C. 85m
  • D. 170m
  • E. 680m

ANSWER: C ( X = vt/2 = (340 x 0.5)/2 = 85m )

4. A sounding tuning fork is brought near the end of a pipe containing an air column and the loudness of the sound increases. This effect is due to

  • A. diffraction
  • B. an echo
  • C. resonance
  • D. interference
  • E. reverberation

ANSWER: C ( resonance ) Today’s WAEC objectives Questions and Answers for WAEC SSCE loading…Check back when the Physics exam is ongoing.

WAEC Physics Sample Past Questions for Practice

The Practice Question for WAEC physics objectives are loading… RECOMMENDED:

Physics Essay WAEC Questions and Answers 2021

  1. A. What is power b. Calculate the power of an electric pump which lifts 500kg of water through a 3-meter distance in 5 seconds {Take g= 10〖ms〗^(-2) }

Solution Power is defined as the rate of doing work Power=Workdone/Time=w/t=mgh/t=(500×10×3)/5=15000/5=3000w=3kw

  • 1. What is Wave
  • b) Mention and explain the properties of waves
  • c)Explain the following Terms Associated With waves
  • i) Period
  • ii) Frequency
  • iii) Amplitude
  • iv)Velocity
  • v) Wave lenth

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WAEC Physics Expo/ Runs for 2021

The likely Expo Runz for the ongoing WAEC Physics Question will be updated as the exams start.

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