WAEC Physics Questions and Answers 2024/2025 (Objectives/Essay) Now Released

It’s time to bring you good news on WAEC Physics Questions and Answers. If your target is to have A1 in Physics, this page is for you. The latest Physics Objectives and theory Questions and Answers for WAEC this year has been taken care of here.

WAEC Physics Questions and Answers

It’s obvious many might be searching for 2024 free WAEC Physics expo or runs on the Essay and objective sections. Such candidates are equally covered, as I have taken it upon myself to provide all the necessary updates on the Physics exams and PDF download.

In addition to the above mentioned opportunities, there is sampled WAEC Physics Past Questions and Answers for practice before the main exams. Do well to make good use of the likely WAEC expo/runz Physics Objectives and Essay updates provided hereunder.

Free WAEC Physics Objectives Questions and Answers 2024

The following are Sample WAEC Physics Objectives Past Questions and Answers:

1. Which part of the human eye performs the same function as the diaphragm in a lens camera?

  • A. Choroid
  • B. Retina
  • C. Iris
  • D. Cornea

Answer: C ( Iris)

2. Which of the following devices is associated with alternating currents only?

  • A. Step-up transformer
  • B. Lead-acid accumulator
  • C. Moving coil galvanometer
  • D. Induction coil

Answer: A (Step-up transformer)

3. The purpose of commutators in a direct current motor is to

  • A. reverse the direction of the current after every half rotation
  • B.  increase the efficiency of the motor.
  • C. enable a uniform couple to act on the coil.
  • D. increase the number of rotations per second

Answer: A (reverse the direction of the current after every half rotation)

4. In the Rutherford scattering experiment, a beam of alpha particles was fired at a thin gold film and few of the particles were deflected considerably. This shows that the nucleus of an atom

  • A. is positively charged and is concentrated in a tiny volume
  • B. contains protons and electrons distributed in a tiny volume.
  • C. is concentrated in a tiny volume and contains alpha particles.
  • D. is distributed in a tiny volume and emits alpha particles.

Answer: A (is positively charged and is concentrated in a tiny volume)

5. When an electron jumps directly from an orbit of n = 4 to n = 2,

  • A. a photon is absorbed
  • B. a photon is emitted
  • C. two photons are emitted.
  • D. two photons are absorbed

Answer: B (a photon is emitted)

6. Two objects, A and B, accelerate from rest at uniform rates. B accelerates twice as much as Compared to A, B travels

  • A. at the same distance as A.
  • B. six times as far.
  • C. two times as far.
  • D. three times as far.

Answer: C (two times as far.)

Essay Questions

Below are WAEC Physics Theory Past Questions and Answers:

1a. What is fibre optics?

b. State two reasons why optical fibres are preferred to copper cables in the telecommunication industry.

2a. Define each of the following terms used with simple machines:

i. Pivot ii.Load iii. Efficiency.

b. A truck of mass 1.2 × 103103 kg is pulled from rest by a constant horizontal force of 25.2N on a leveled road. If the maximum speed attainable in the process is 60 km/h.
Calculate the: i. work done by the force; ii. distance traveled by the truck in reaching the maximum speed.

c. State two differences between absolute zero temperature and ice point.

d. An uncalibrated liquid-in-glass thermometer was used in determining a Celsius temperature. The readings are tabulated below

Length of column/ cmL2.015.0

3a. State one difference between an intrinsic and an extrinsic semiconductor.

b. Draw a circuit diagram to illustrate full wave smoothing rectification.

How to Answer WAEC Physics Questions

Below are WAEC Physics Theory Past Questions and Answers:

The following steps are very important for candidates that wish to make good grades:

1. Read all the Instructions provided in the Question paper: This is a very important thing to do as soon as the Question paper is given to you. The essence of this is to help you know what you are required to do. Try as much as possible to adhere to the exams instructions.

2. Fill in Your details where required on the Answer booklets. One of the greatest mistakes candidates make is failure to write their details on the Answers booklet. Filling Your exams details before attempting questions is important because you may forget or may cut off with time.

3. Start with the Questions you know best: This is a smart approach. When you start answering the questions you know very well, you will not only have the confidence to answer the difficult ones but give the marker/examiner a good impression about your knowledge of the subject.

4. Read the Questions at least Thrice before providing solutions: Don not be in a haste to answer questions. Try and read them over and over again to gain full understanding of the questions.

5. Make your handwriting are readable: Take your time to write very well, a good handwriting will make your answers clear understandable.

6. Cross Check your work before submission: I’m all your doing, don’t fail go through your work before submitting your answer booklet. This will enable you to correct mistakes made.

Essay/Objectives WAEC Expo/Runs

It’s important to know that there’s nothing like WAEC Expo or Runs. Many platforms may be promising you Expo on WAEC Physics, you have to be wise in order not to be scammed.

All we do is to ensure that we provide you with all the necessary steps and updates on how to pass your exams without Stress. Stay tuned for more Related Updates.

If your still have something to ask about the WAEC Questions and Answers for Physics, use the comments section below.

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