Top Companies in Kebbi State 2023, Bernin Kebbi, Manufacturing, Construction, Oil and Gas

Kebbi State, situated in the northwestern part of Nigeria, is home to several prominent companies that play a crucial role in the state’s economy and development. The state capital, Birnin Kebbi, serves as the primary business and administrative hub, attracting a range of industries and businesses. Let’s explore some of the top companies operating in Kebbi State, with a particular emphasis on those based in the state capital.

WACOT Limited is a leading agribusiness company with a significant presence in Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi State. The company is involved in various agro-allied activities, including rice milling, cotton ginning, and vegetable oil processing. WACOT’s operations in Birnin Kebbi have contributed to the development of the agricultural sector, creating job opportunities and promoting sustainable agribusiness practices.

However, Market Square Supermarket is a leading retail chain with a branch in Birnin Kebbi. The supermarket offers a wide range of products, including groceries, household items, electronics, and fashion accessories, providing convenience and meeting the diverse needs of the local population.

Overall, Birnin Kebbi, as the capital of Kebbi State, hosts several top companies representing various industries. These companies have played a significant role in the economic development of the state, creating employment opportunities, and providing essential products and services to the local population. With their continued growth and commitment to excellence, these top companies contribute to the prosperity and progress of Kebbi State, making it an attractive destination for businesses and investments in the region.

List of Top Compainies in Kebbi State

1. Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc:

Flour Mills of Nigeria, a leading food and agribusiness company, operates a large-scale flour milling plant in Kebbi State. The company’s production of high-quality flour supports the food industry and provides essential commodities to consumers.

2. Stallion Group:

Stallion Group is a diversified conglomerate with interests in various sectors, including agriculture, automobile, and consumer goods. The group’s presence in Kebbi State promotes agricultural development, automobile assembly, and consumer product distribution.

3. WACOT Rice Limited:

WACOT Rice Limited is a prominent agribusiness company with a rice milling plant in Kebbi State. The company’s rice production activities support the agricultural sector, create employment opportunities, and contribute to food security.

4. Kebbi State Fertilizer Blending Plant:

The Kebbi State Fertilizer Blending Plant is a government-owned company that produces and distributes fertilizers to support the agricultural sector. The company’s activities have been instrumental in enhancing agricultural productivity and ensuring food security in the state.

5. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC):

NNPC is the state-owned oil and gas company in Nigeria. The Kebbi State office plays a crucial role in the distribution and supply of petroleum products, ensuring a stable energy supply in the region.

6. Kebbi State Investment and Property Development Company Limited:

This government-owned company is responsible for driving investment and promoting real estate development in Kebbi State. The company’s efforts are vital in attracting investors and fostering economic growth in the state.

7. Bank of Agriculture (BOA):

The Bank of Agriculture operates in Kebbi State, providing financial services and support to farmers and agribusinesses. The bank’s initiatives contribute to agricultural development, rural empowerment, and economic progress.

8. Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR):

NIFOR is a research institute that focuses on oil palm research and development. The institute’s activities in Kebbi State promote the oil palm industry and support farmers in adopting improved cultivation practices.

9. Kebbi State Water Board:

The Kebbi State Water Board is responsible for providing clean and potable water to residents. The board’s efforts are crucial in ensuring access to safe drinking water and promoting public health.

10. Kebbi State Road Maintenance Agency (KESROMA):

KESROMA is a government agency responsible for the maintenance and rehabilitation of roads in Kebbi State. The agency’s work is essential in improving transportation and connectivity within the state.

What Business is Birnin Kebbi known for?

Birnin Kebbi, the capital city of Kebbi State in Nigeria, is known for its vibrant agricultural sector, making it a hub for agribusiness. The city’s strategic location along the banks of the mighty River Rima has facilitated extensive farming activities, particularly in rice production. Birnin Kebbi boasts fertile lands and a conducive climate for agriculture, attracting farmers and agro-allied industries alike. Rice milling, processing, and trading are prominent businesses in the city, contributing significantly to the state’s economy and food security.

Apart from its agricultural prominence, Birnin Kebbi is also known for its bustling trade and commerce activities. The city’s central location in the state makes it a commercial hub where traders converge to buy and sell various goods and commodities. Local markets, such as the Argungu Market, offer a diverse array of products, from agricultural produce to textiles, household items, and more. The city’s trade and commerce have facilitated economic growth and encouraged entrepreneurial ventures, making it a dynamic business destination in Kebbi State.

How to get a Job in Kebbi State

1. Identify Your Skills and Interests:

Before starting your job search, take some time to identify your skills, qualifications, and interests. Assess what industries and sectors align with your expertise and passion. This will help you narrow down your job search and focus on opportunities that best suit your profile.

2. Networking:

Networking plays a crucial role in finding job opportunities. Attend job fairs, seminars, and workshops in Kebbi State to meet potential employers and industry professionals. Connect with people in your field through social media platforms like LinkedIn. Building a strong network can provide you with valuable insights into job openings and potential referrals.

3. Utilize Online Job Portals:

Many companies in Kebbi State advertise their job vacancies on online job portals and websites. Create an updated and professional resume and upload it to these platforms. Regularly check for job postings that match your qualifications and apply promptly.


4. Contact Recruitment Agencies:

Recruitment agencies and job placement firms can assist you in finding suitable employment opportunities in Kebbi State. Submit your resume to reputable recruitment agencies in the region and keep in touch with them for updates on job openings.

5. Approach Companies Directly:

If you have specific companies in mind where you’d like to work, reach out to them directly. Visit their websites and check for career opportunities or contact their human resources department to inquire about potential vacancies.

6. Be Persistent and Stay Positive:

Job hunting can be a challenging and sometimes lengthy process. Stay positive, be patient, and keep applying to relevant job openings. Remember to follow up on your applications when necessary.

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