Top Companies in Katsina State 2023, Katsina – Manufacturing, Construction, Oil and Gas

Katsina State, situated in the northwestern region of Nigeria, is home to several top companies that have contributed significantly to the state’s economy and development. The state capital, Katsina, serves as a major economic hub, attracting various industries and businesses. Let’s explore some of the top companies operating in Katsina State, with a particular emphasis on those based in the state capital.

The Dangote Group, founded by Aliko Dangote, is one of Nigeria’s largest conglomerates with a diverse portfolio of businesses, including cement manufacturing, sugar production, flour milling, and more. The group’s presence extends to Katsina State, where it operates a cement plant that produces high-quality cement used in various construction projects within the state and beyond.

However, Flour Mills of Nigeria is a leading agro-allied company with operations in Katsina State. The company is involved in flour milling, pasta production, and other agribusiness activities. Flour Mills of Nigeria contributes to the state’s agricultural sector by providing high-quality products that meet the demand of consumers and businesses.

Overall, Katsina State, particularly the state capital, Katsina, is home to several top companies representing various sectors. These companies have played a pivotal role in the state’s economic growth, job creation, and development. With their diverse range of products and services, these companies continue to contribute to the prosperity and progress of Katsina State, making it an attractive destination for investments and businesses in the region.

List of Top Companies in Katsina State

1. Dangote Group:

The Dangote Group, founded by Aliko Dangote, is one of the largest conglomerates in Nigeria. The group has interests in various sectors, including cement production, flour mills, sugar refinery, and more. Dangote’s presence in Katsina State has been instrumental in driving industrialization, job creation, and economic growth.

2. Katsina State Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (KTARDA):

KTARDA is a government agency that focuses on promoting agriculture and rural development in Katsina State. The agency’s activities support small-scale farmers, enhance agricultural productivity, and boost food security in the state.

3. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC):

NNPC is the state-owned oil and gas company in Nigeria. The Katsina State office plays a crucial role in the distribution and supply of petroleum products in the region, ensuring a stable energy supply.

4. Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN):

PHCN, now known as the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), is responsible for the transmission of electricity in Katsina State. The company’s operations are vital in supporting industries and driving economic activities in the state.

5. UAC of Nigeria Plc:

UAC of Nigeria is a conglomerate with interests in various sectors, including food and beverages, real estate, and paints. The company’s diverse operations in Katsina State contribute to economic growth and job creation.

6. Nigeria Machine Tools Limited (NMTL):

NMTL is a leading engineering and manufacturing company in Katsina State. The company’s products include machine tools, agricultural equipment, and construction machinery, supporting various sectors and industrial development.

7. H&M Nigeria Limited:

H&M Nigeria is a reputable construction company with projects in Katsina State. The company’s contributions to infrastructural development enhance transportation and urban landscape.

8. Indorama Eleme Petrochemicals Limited:

Indorama Eleme is a leading petrochemical company with operations in Katsina State. The company’s activities support the energy sector and contribute to economic growth in the state.

9. Tower Aluminium Group:

Tower Aluminium Group is a leading manufacturer of aluminum products in Katsina State. The company’s operations support the manufacturing sector and provide essential products for various industries.

10. Eagle Flour Mills:

Eagle Flour Mills is a renowned flour milling company in Katsina State. The company’s production of flour and related products supports the food industry and provides essential commodities to consumers.

How to get employment in Katsina

1. Networking:

Networking plays a crucial role in job hunting, and Katsina is no exception. Attend professional events, seminars, and job fairs to connect with industry professionals and potential employers. Personal connections can lead to job referrals and uncover hidden job opportunities that may not be publicly advertised.

2. Job Portals and Websites:

Many companies in Katsina advertise job vacancies on online job portals and their official websites. Regularly check these platforms and apply promptly to relevant positions. Customize your resume and cover letter to match the specific requirements of each job application.

3. Local Newspapers:

Don’t overlook the importance of local newspapers and publications in your job search. Companies in Katsina may publish job openings in these media outlets, providing valuable job leads.

4. Company Visits:

Visit the offices of companies you are interested in working for. Introducing yourself in person can make a positive impression and demonstrate your enthusiasm for potential opportunities.

5. Professional Development:

Enhance your skills and qualifications through training, certifications, and workshops related to your field. Employers in Katsina value candidates who are continually improving their skill sets.

6. Volunteering and Internships:

Consider volunteering or applying for internships with organizations in Katsina. These experiences can provide valuable skills and open doors to permanent positions within the same organization.

7. Engage with Recruitment Agencies:

Some recruitment agencies in Katsina can assist job seekers in finding suitable job placements. Register with reputable agencies that specialize in your industry to expand your job search avenues.

8. Stay Positive and Persistent:

Job hunting can be challenging, and it’s essential to stay positive and persistent. Don’t get discouraged by rejections; keep applying and refining your approach.


Are there Manufacturing Companies in Katsina State?

Several manufacturing companies have established their presence in Katsina State, producing a wide range of products for both local consumption and export. These companies are involved in various sectors, including food processing, textiles, construction materials, and consumer goods. They leverage the state’s agricultural resources to process raw materials, such as cotton for textiles and grains for food products, which further strengthens the link between agriculture and manufacturing in the state.

Moreover, the growth of manufacturing in Katsina State is attributed to the government’s efforts to promote industrialization and attract investments in the sector. These companies provide employment opportunities for the local population and contribute to the state’s revenue through taxes and export earnings. As the manufacturing sector continues to thrive, it is expected to have a positive impact on Katsina State’s economic development, creating a more diversified and robust economy for the region.

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