How to See Private Facebook Photos (Complete guide)

How to See Private Facebook Photos: You are welcome to this tutorial on how to see private Facebook photos. will show the steps you need to follow in order to get it done.

Both young and old people use social networking sites to connect with their friends and relatives. You can share your feelings easily via this platform.

Due to a number of increasing scams in the online world, people are keeping their profile pictures private so that no one can see them.

But, the aim of this tutorial is to let you see private Facebook pictures. This trick is totally free.

What You Need for this Trick to Work For You

  1. Working internet connection.
  2. Web browser

How to See Private Facebook Pictures

The steps below will help you to see private Facebook photos:

1. Log in to your Facebook account and visit the profile of the person you want to see his/her private profile picture.

2. Copy profile link from address bar of the profile. Facebook profile address looks like (You can follow me here as well :p ).

rahul singhal

3. Now, Open Find my Facebook ID.

4. Paste URL of Facebook profile in the box. (See below screenshot for reference).

5. Once you have pasted Facebook profile address, Click on Look Up.

get secret facebook profile picture

6. After clicking on the LookUp button, you can find a number which is profile ID of that the person.


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The real trick begins now:

  • Now, paste this URL in the Notepad or anywhere else.

  • Now, replace PROFILE_ID_HERE in above link with Profile ID which you have got in the first step. For example, check out my profile photo from this URL.

  • New URL is ready to use now. Just paste that URL in the Address bar and hit Enter button.

You have successfully seen the private profile picture of your Facebook friend. Now, let’s discuss some troubleshoots as well.


If you are getting an error like the one below:

{ “error”: { “message”: “(#803) Some of the aliases you requested do not exist: YOUR_NUMERICAL_ID”, “type”: “OAuthException”, “code”: 803, “fbtrace_id”: “CEJ0DwCXZ3U” } }

then, make sure you have added correct Profile ID.

Final words:

That is how simple it is to see private Facebook pictures. This is for education purposes. Do not use this trick illegally. Thanks for reading.

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