How to Sell any Product on Letgo – Selling on Letgo Mobile App

How to Sell any Product on Letgo – Selling on Letgo. Letgo is a very popular application that enables users to buy and sell their goods. Before now we were deliberating on the meaning of letgo, How to download letgo app on iPhone, How to download Letgo app on android. here we are going to deal on How to Sell any product on Letgo, so if you are among those that are wondering how to buy and sell using Letgo, you are at the right page, keep reading

How to Buy any Product on Letgo

How to Sell any Product on Letgo – Selling on Letgo App

Letgo is a hugely popular app for buying and selling things in your local community. More than 75 million people have downloaded the app, and more than 200 million items have been listed. Letgo is still a small upstart compared to giants like eBay and Craigslist but the platform is gaining momentum and you might want to give it a try if you’re cleaning out that hall closet or trying to think out your garage. Whether you’re trying to unload that prom dress that you know you’ll never wear again or the art nouveau tea-cups with the pink lacing on the saucers that your well-meaning grandmother bought you last Christmas, chances are there’s something in your life that you could do without and you can even turn it into cash. Selling on Letgo is as easy as snapping a picture and sharing it with your friends only, in this case, your friends include everyone.

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  1. Figure out what you want to sell. Go ahead, look around. There’s something in your room right now that’s more trash than treasure to you, but that someone else will want.
  2. Launch the Letgo app on your phone. You’ll be immediately taken to your profile view.
  3. Tap Sell Your Stuff or the little camera icon in the bottom banner.                                                                                                     
  4. Take a photo of your item. Make sure it’s in good lighting with a contrasting background. In other words, it needs to be clear and easy to see.
  5. Tap Post.                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  6. Decide how much you want to charge for the item. You can leave it negotiable, toggle on the free option, or type in an exact amount.
  7. When you’re finished, tap Done
  8. Indicate whether your item is a car, another type of vehicle, or something else. You’ll have the opportunity to add a more detailed category later.
  9. Congratulation! You’ve posted an item. But your work isn’t done yet. Tap Add More Details.                                                         
  10. Tap + Photo to add more photos of the same product. This is helpful for showing different angles, the inside of boxes, etc. You don’t have to post a thousand pictures of your item, but showing everything there is to show will get you more sales.
  11. Tap in the appropriate fields to change the price or toggle free on or off.
  12. Tap into the description field to add a description. This is very helpful for landing buyers, especially if the picture isn’t totally self-explanatory.    
  13. Try and Tap Category to choose a category. This will help the right buyers to find your product.
  14. Try and Select the category that most closely fits your product.   
  15. Tap Save Changes button when you’re finished.

Now you wait! If several days go by without a nibble, you might want to reword your description or lower your price. Alternatively, if it seems like people just aren’t seeing your listing(s), you might consider bumping the item. Bumping costs $1.99 each time you do it, but it sends your listing to the top of the app.

Did you decide that you no longer want to sell the item? Did you want to make some changes to the item details? Both of these are easy as pie by tapping on the options icon (three horizontal dots) in the upper right-hand corner of your product view. You can also come here to share your product with friends or on social media.

When a buyer does message you, play it safe. Letgo and similar services are magnets for scam artists. Always meet the buyer in person and in public. Only accept cash and don’t let people put fast ones like trying to lowball you at the last minute.


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