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2023 Ford Explorer Price in Nigeria Are you requesting a recommendation for a good SUV? Are you interested in learning if you ought to get a 2023 Ford Explorer? You might be wondering which Ford Explorer model is best for you. Or perhaps you’re curious about how much a Ford Explorer will cost in Nigeria in 2023. Then you should read this article.

The Ford Explorer is a line of SUVs produced by the Ford Motor Company. In 1991, they commenced production. Ford produced the first four-door SUV, the Explorer, which took the place of the two-door Bronco II. There are numerous chassis and powertrain configurations available for the Ford Explorer, which is presently in its sixth generation.

Despite being a common three-row midsize SUV option, the Ford Explorer doesn’t really differentiate itself from the competition outside its performance-focused ST model. The flexible Explorer, which is outfitted with solid technology, manages to get by on functional, albeit uninspiring, appeal.

This article will cover a variety of topics, including the 2023 Ford Explorer Prices in Nigeria, the 2023 Explorer’s safety features, and a buying guideline.

The Ford Explorer 2023: Is It a Good SUV?

The Explorer from 2023 is a top-notch midsize SUV. It has two spirited engine choices, lots of cargo space, and a good balance of handling ability and rides comfort. A plethora of functions and an easy-to-use infotainment system are also present.

The Explorer is good, but there are too many drawbacks. The second row is OK, but adults and larger children will have trouble sitting in the third row. The extra infotainment system isn’t as good as it seems, and the interior is dreary.

2023 Ford Explorer Prices in Nigeria

Since 1990, the 2023 Explorer has transported families in three rows, making it a legendary member of Ford’s SUV portfolio. Ford debuted the sixth-generation Explorer for the 2023 model year, utilizing a platform shared with the Lincoln Aviator that is rear-drive based. The Ford competes against other three-row SUVs including the Kia Telluride, Subaru Ascent, and Chevrolet Traverse, and is positioned between the two-row Edge and the three-row Expedition in Ford’s SUV portfolio.

The cost of a new Ford Explorer 2023 in Nigeria is NGN 15,130,000 ($34,000).

Should I get to purchase a 2023 Ford Explorer?

If you survey the remainder of the class and determine that you aren’t very excited by anything else and can live with something that is somewhat well-rounded, The Explorer might be at the top of your purchasing list. To get more value for your money, however, seek elsewhere, particularly in light of the fact that higher trims encroach on prices associated with luxury goods. You could want to think about the Toyota Highlander, which has a more opulent interior, or the Chevrolet Traverse, which has a roomier cabin and plenty of cargo space.

Which Model of the Ford Explorer Is Right for Me?

Eight trim levels are available for the 2023 Ford Explorer: Base, XLT, ST-Line, Limited, Timberline, ST, King Ranch, and Platinum. The base trim to the Timberline levels comes equipped with a 300-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The twin-turbocharged V6 in the ST, King Ranch, and Platinum produces 400 horsepower. Every grade except the Timberline, which comes standard with 4WD, offers rear-wheel drive as a standard feature and four-wheel drive as an option.

Due to its slight price premium above the base model and scattering of additional standard amenities, the XLT is an excellent place for most buyers to start their search. Additionally, that approach allows you access to a wide range of choices, either individually or as part of a package.

What is the price of the 2023 Ford Explorer?

Starting at $36,760, the 2023 Ford Explorer is reasonably priced for the midsize SUV segment. The Explorer King Ranch is the most expensive of the seven higher trim levels, with prices rising by hundreds of dollars. The Limited ($47,070) and ST ($49,505) are notable models.

Except for the Timberline, which has 4WD as standard, rear-wheel drive is the default and four-wheel drive is an extra $2,000 option in all other trims.

Guide To Purchasing A Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer buying guide is provided below. They consist of;

Budget:  to make any purchases, setting a budget has always been advised. The same is true for cars, so it’s crucial to establish a budget before buying a Ford Explorer.

Purchase From Reputable Car Dealers: Purchasing a Ford Explorer, whether it be new or used, from a phony car dealer could prove to be the worst possible outcome for anyone. Not only would it be a waste of money, but the majority of them do not include warranties when selling out the automobiles, so you would have nothing to cover it. So it’s crucial to make sure you buy from legitimate auto dealers.

How Much Does a Ford Explorer Cost to Insure?

Your deductible, the amount of coverage you desire, and the kind of insurance you select will all affect how much it will cost to insure a Ford Explorer. Your insurance prices may vary depending on a number of factors, including your age, gender, region, credit score, and driving history.

How many passengers can the 2023 Explorer carry?

The Explorer can accommodate six passengers in the optional second-row captain’s chairs or seven passengers on the basic third-row bench seat. The front seats are comfortable, but as you move back, the seating becomes less useful. The second row’s spaciousness is average, but the driver’s and front passenger’s chairs are comfy, have lots of adjustments, and provide good outside sight. The third row of this Ford is best reserved for little individuals due to the uncomfortable seating configuration.

The Competition with the Ford Explorer

Chevrolet Traverse versus the Ford Explorer

On account of its nearly class-leading load capacity and generous seating for up to eight passengers, including an adult-friendly third row, the Chevrolet Traverse is a highly-rated midsize SUV. Chevy’s infotainment system is simple to use, and the tech features are comparable to those in the sector.

The Traverse has a V6 engine as standard equipment, and it rides and handles slightly better than the Explorer. The Ford Explorer ST is the one clear advantage over the Chevy Traverse if performance is your top priority since it is more fun to drive than the Traverse.


Safety Features for 2023 Explorer

Standard features for driver assistance

  • Warning of an impending collision.
  • Automatic forward emergency braking.
  • Detection of pedestrians.
  • Headlamps with automatic high beams.
  • Warning for lane deviation.
  • Lane-keeping help.
  • Driving attentiveness observation.
  • MyKey (lets you perform things like set speed and audio volume parameters for secondary drivers) (lets you do things like set speed and audio volume parameters for secondary drivers).
  • Blackview camera
  • Parking sensors on the back.

Feature options for driver assistance:

  • parking camera system with a 360-degree view.
  • parking sensors up front.
  • Autonomous cruise control
  • Evasive steering assistance, and lane-centering assistance (helps steer the vehicle to avoid collisions).
  • Park support.
  • automated reverse emergency braking.
  • Intelligent headlights.

So why are you still resisting? Oh well, even if you don’t have the money yet, you can start saving money now to buy your ideal car. I hope you find this material useful. Thank you for reading.

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