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Nigerian crude oil price today 2022! Nigeria is the world’s sixth largest petroleum exporter. Naturally, petroleum should be a significant export for the country. Indeed, petrol is a commodity that can easily define Nigeria’s economy. Any change in the price of gasoline can have a significant impact on the nation’s micro and macroeconomic indexes. Its principal state, crude oil, is the nation’s economic backbone.

As of 2016, Nigeria had 37,070,000,000 barrels of proved oil reserves, ranking 10th in the world and contributing for around 2.2% of total global oil reserves of 1,650,585,140,000 barrels. Nigeria has proven reserves of 237.3 times its yearly consumption.

Nigeria was Africa’s largest oil producer in 2021. The country produced approximately 78 million metric tons of oil. Libya, Algeria, and Angola followed, with each producing more than 50 million metric tons. In this post, you will learn about the current crude oil price in Nigeria, the number of barrels of oil produced in Nigeria per day, what is curse oil in Nigeria, where you can find crude oil in Nigeria, and much more.

What exactly is crude oil in Nigeria?

Nigeria is Africa’s top oil and gas producer. Crude oil from the Niger delta basin is classified as light or comparably heavy, with the lighter weighing around 36 gravity and the heavier weighing 20-25 gravity. Both are paraffinic and contain little sulfur.

How much oil does Nigeria produce each day?

Nigeria – Crude oil production, including lease condensate.

Nigeria’s crude oil production in June 2022 was 1,158 thousand barrels per day.

Where can I find crude oil in Nigeria?

The coastal Niger Delta Basin in the Niger Delta or “South-south” region is the most producing part of the country, accounting for 78 of the 159 oil fields. The majority of Nigeria’s oil fields are small and scattered, accounting for 62.1% of total Nigerian production in 1990.

Current price of crude oil in Nigeria 2022

The current price of crude oil in Nigeria is 91.900

What is the name of the crude oil produced in Nigeria?

This crude oil is referred to as “Bonny Light.” Other Nigerian crudes named after export terminals include Qua Ibo, Escravos mix, Brass River, Forcados, and Pennington Anfan. The United States is Nigeria’s top oil importer, accounting for 40% of total exports.

How important is oil to Nigeria’s economy?

Nigeria’s economic and social performance is dependent on oil and gas. Oil alone accounts for 40% of the country’s GDP, 70% of government revenue, and 95% of foreign exchange earnings. Nigeria is far more reliant on petroleum than many other big producing countries.


Who purchases Nigerian crude oil?

Approximately 9.6 billion US dollars. Nigeria’s main trade partners for crude oil exports are Europe and Asia. Crude oil shipments to Europe totaled around two trillion NGN in the fourth quarter of 2021, while exports to Asia totaled approximately 1.4 trillion NGN.

Where is Nigeria’s crude oil refined?

The Port Harcourt Refining Company (PHRC) Limited, a subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, operates the 210,000 barrels per day complicated conversion plant (NNPC). The PHRC consists of two refineries at Alesa-Eleme, Rivers State.

Who is in charge of crude oil prices?

Oil prices are affected by three major factors: present supply, future supply, and predicted global demand. OPEC members control 40% of the world’s oil.

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