Catering jobs in Enugu State 2024 | current job positions

Working with a variety of clients, from corporate events to weddings and private occasions, can present opportunities for you as a catering specialist in Enugu State. There is a catering profession that matches your abilities and interests, whether they are in management, food preparation, or event planning.

We’ll walk you through the current job openings in the catering sector in Enugu State, the requirements, and the application procedure in this post.

Regardless of your nationality, this piece will provide you the knowledge required to be successful in the catering business in Enugu State. We’ll walk you through the best catering businesses, employment openings, and abilities needed to succeed in this industry. Continue reading to learn more about the fascinating world of catering jobs in Enugu State if you’re prepared to advance your career.

Top Catering Companies in Enugu State

Here are some of the top catering companies in Enugu State:

  1. Nmasinachi’s Kitchen: This is a food catering/delivery & event planning service company located on Ugwuaji Road. They offer a variety of dishes, including Jollof Rice with salad and beef, Egusi soup with Eba/Semo/Akpu, Abacha with fried fish & Ugba, and different types of PepperSoup. They also offer free delivery on your first order anywhere in Enugu metropolis.
  2. Mary JC Catering: Located at 5 Achi St, Independence Layout, Enugu. Although there are no reviews available, they are listed as a catering service in Enugu State.
  3. RoseCynty Bakes & More: Located on Umunze Road, Oko. They offer a variety of baked goods.
  4. Fel-Austin Catering School Enugu: This is a standard catering school based in Enugu. They have a significant following and positive reviews.
  5. Catering Services in Awgu: They run a commercial kitchen which focuses on cooking and baking for both individuals and corporations. Their services include cakes, catering services, small chops, and grills.

Catering job opportunities in Enugu State

These are some catering jobs that you can find in the state of Enugu:

  1. Event Catering Coordinator
  2. Restaurant Catering Manager
  3. Corporate Catering Chef
  4. Wedding Caterer
  5. Catering Sales Executive
  6. Catering Assistant
  7. Banquet Coordinator
  8. Mobile Food Truck Operator
  9. Catering Supervisor
  10. Private Chef

Qualifications needed

The qualifications needed for catering jobs in Enugu State typically include:

  • Educational Background: A Bachelor’s degree or Higher National Diploma (H.N.D) in a relevant field such as hospitality, culinary arts, or food service management,
  • Technical Skills: Understanding of technician diagrams, both electrical and mechanical, basic troubleshooting principles, electrical circuits, and the ability to use various IT systems on different platforms.
  • Experience: Prior experience in catering services, food preparation, or a related field can be a significant advantage.
  • Customer Service Skills: Ability to provide superb customer service, handle complaints or concerns, and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Management Skills: For managerial positions, experience in managing sales, after-sales support, warranty, repairs, and services is required.
  • Communication Skills: Proficiency in English and possibly other languages, depending on the clientele.
  • Certifications: Food safety and handling certifications may be required or preferred.

Application process

To apply for catering jobs in Enugu State, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Prepare Your Resume: Ensure your resume is up-to-date with your latest qualifications, experiences, and skills relevant to the catering industry.
  2. Cover Letter: Write a cover letter that highlights why you are a good fit for the position and how your skills can benefit the employer.
  3. Online Applications: Visit job portals like Jooble or the Enugu State Government Employment Portal where you can find listings for catering services jobs. Follow the application instructions provided for each job listing.
  4. Enugu SME Centre: For some positions, you may need to apply through the Enugu Jobs Portal by clicking on the relevant advert, which will redirect you to the Jobberman platform to upload your CV and Cover Letter.
  5. Direct Application: If you know the specific company you wish to apply to, visit their official website or contact their HR department to inquire about the application process.
  6. Networking: Utilize your professional network to learn about job openings and get referrals.

Enugu State catering jobs’ working hours

The working hours for catering jobs in Enugu State can vary depending on the employer and the specific role. However, here are some general insights based on the job listings:

  • Full-Time Positions: Many catering jobs, especially in managerial roles or those requiring technical expertise, are full-time positions. This typically means a standard workweek of 40 hours, often with the possibility of overtime during busy periods.
  • Shift Work: Catering services may operate on a shift basis, which could include early mornings, late evenings, weekends, and holidays to accommodate the nature of the hospitality industry.
  • Part-Time Opportunities: Some roles, particularly entry-level or support positions, may offer part-time hours, which can be flexible and vary weekly
  • Temporary Jobs: During peak seasons or special events, there may be temporary jobs with set hours for the duration of the contract.

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