What is BBNaija, History and Objectives of Big Brother Naija – BBNAIJA 2022

What is BBNaija, History, and Objectives of Big Brother Naija? This page is aiming at giving you complete Big Brother Naija (BBNAIJA) history, The objectives and exact explanation of what BBN is all about for people who are not really familiar with it. Keep reading to See answers below

Hello friends, welcome home BBNaija fans. Here in this post, we will try to answer a few simple questions like what bbnaija is about, how long the show lasts, the location, objectives, and many others. To do this appropriately, we will review a brief history of Africa’s most-followed reality show, Big Brother Naija.

What is BBNaija, History and Objectives of Big Brother Naija

What is BBNaija, How Long Does the Show Last?

Big Brother Naija (BBNaija or BBN) is a Nigerian reality series hosted in South Africa (Season 4 to be hosted in Nigeria). It is shown exclusively on Multichoice-owned cable television, DSTV and GOTV . The show normally lasts for approximately three (3) months, reviewed primarily in weeks and days.

Objectives of the Show – BBNaija

BBnaija is organized on the foundation of “reality”. It’s a social experiment which aims to put together people of/from diverse backgrounds, culture and experiences to live and work together. Unity in diversity is the major motivation of the show.

Housemates are allowed and encouraged to live their “normal lives”. They are free to do anything as long as it doesn’t contravene the house rules.

BBNAIJA Housemates Meaning

Throughout the period of the BBN show, contestants are normally referred to as “housemates”. They are usually picked from a pool of applicants, who show interest in participating in the show. Over the years, there have been a total of about 50 housemates.

Housemates must be open-minded adults who expressly accept to abide by all the laws of the house.

BBNaija Location

As earlier stated above, the show is hosted in South Africa. However, the pre-selection exercises are held in locations across Nigeria. The audition venues have been announced.

See How the Show is Run; What Happens in Big Brother House

Within the period of the Big Brother Naija show, housemates stay in the Big Brother Naija House. The HMs stay without any sort of contact from the outside world.

They are not allowed to carry any electronic gadgets into the house. The official language allowed for communication is English. The use of vernacular or any “coded” means of communication is prohibited, except where necessary.

Meanwhile, “Big Brother” or “Biggie” (an invisible voice represented by a big eye) is the presumed “owner” of the BB Naija house. Biggie is regarded as omnipresent within the house.

The eye on the logo signifies that he sees everything. He has the ultimate powers to make laws and decide the general daily administration of the house. He adds unexpected twists to spice up the fun.

It should be noted that three editions of the show have been held. The previous editions have been judged to be very successful, hence the huge following across the continent. However, beyond the applauds have been a series of criticisms, especially due to the many recorded obscene scenes.

BBNaija History – Big Brother Naija

“Big Brother” is a global brand owned by Endemol. It is shown in various countries across the world. Its history can be traced to George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. The novel was written in 1949. The show was first launched in the Netherlands. However the franchise spread to Africa in 2003. Big Brother Africa lasted 9 seasons before going off-air. No official reason was given.

BBNaija is a direct adaptation of Big Brother Africa. It was first launched in Nigeria in 2006 as Big Brother Nigeria. This edition had 14 housemates. Katung Aduwak won the $100,000 prize money with Francisca, Ify and Sandy being the runner-ups accordingly.

The BBNaija Season 2 (See Gobe) came up on screens more than 10 years after the first edition. It proved to be a huge success. Votes hit a new record in this edition. Efe Ejaba beat the other fourteen housemates, as well as two fake HMs to win the coveted 25 Million Naira Prize money and a brand new SUV. Bishola and T-boss ended as runner ups.

The Third Edition (Double Wahala) was launched in January 2018. It featured 20 housemates. The show lasted 85 days with Miracle beating Cee-C, Tobi, Alex and Nina to win the ultimate crown. History was made as over 170 million votes were recorded across the platforms. I will update you with the latest information concering the housemates above

The fourth edition is still being expected. The audition process is set to commence on February 1 and 2. Stay on as we bring you latest updates.

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