What Happens when You Deactivate Facebook Account

As a web online marketer I am proud to say Facebook is an important social advertising, marketing and communicating device which connects vast majority of the universe. But, sometimes the feelings comes that Facebook is major time waster and among the most habit forming site.

A user recently complained that each time he logs in to his Facebook account, he ends up losing minimum 10-20 Great mins and doing nothing at that.

This and some of the negative aspects of Facebook you can consider, Once you discover you spend a bulk of your time on Facebook and gone through the negative aspects, there are several methods you can stop Facebook addiction and one is by blocking the Facebook web site on your device or by erasing Facebook account totally.

But, erasing is something which I will not recommend because it requires time to construct your social media presence when you plan to join Facebook, then you need to begin from scrape.

What Happens When You Deactivate Facebook Account

You can easily deactivate your Facebook account and return in the future without losing any of your data or information on your profile.

This is especially recommended for university student who have exams or if Facebook has ended up being a bad Dependency for you.In this tutorial we will tell you What Happens When You Deactivate Facebook Account.

How you can deactivate Facebook Account Momentarily:

I recommend Facebook account deactivation function when you want a free time for yourself off Facebook as this function will let you bring back whatever is on your profile and at the very same factor where you left.

This implies, you could later on reactivate Facebook as well as you will return all your condition updates, Photos as well as your Fan web pages ownership will certainly remain the very same.


It is time to begin with the simple actions you can take to deactivate your Facebook account, you have to make certain exactly what you are doing.

Don’t make a fool of on your own by shutting down and also once again reactivating in little time interval. Keep your will certainly strong and make certain to establish some targets which you would certainly like to accomplish before coming back to Facebook.

So follow these two brief steps:Login to your Facebook and go through Settings > Protection > Deactivate your account. Then you need to choose a factor or reason why you want to leave Facebook

After that what you have to do is, click verify and Facebook will prompt you to re-enter password to proceed. Deactivation of your account is complete. Yay! You just eliminated your Facebook.

How to reactivate Facebook account?

This is the simplest thing to do, when you feel it is time to reactivate your account, you just need to log in to your account as you would on a normal day. And your Facebook account is back with no information lost!
I hope this article was helpful

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