WAEC Government Questions and Answers 2023/2024 Expo/Runs PDF Objectives/Essay Download Now ( Verified)

WAEC Government Questions and Answers 2023/2024 For Objectives and Essay pdf, Correct Government WAEC Objectives and theory Questions and Answers, How to answer WAEC Government Questions. Candidates sitting for the ongoing WAEC SSCE Exams can now download free likely Government Expo/runs available online for all interested candidates today. 

WAEC Government Questions and Answers

With Government WAEC Questions and Answers, to Score not less than A1 when the WAEC Result is out is easy.The  Government exams Paper 2 (theory). The latest updates from the West African Examination Council, WAEC are available for candidates at the official portal. Read and follow the guidelines shown below.

If you are among those looking for the Government expo runs, we have made available the latest updates and Sample WAEC Government Past Questions and Answers for practice purposes. Solutions to WAEC Questions and Answers for Government OBJ & Theory Papers.

All the candidates taking this subject should try as much as possible to adhere to the examination conducts and Answer the WAEC Government questions in such a way that it meets the current Government Marking Scheme.

Candidates are to follow all the instructions concerning the WASSCE Government objectives and theory Questions and Answers appropriately.

When WAEC Government Objectives 2023 Questions and Answers PDF will be Available

The WAEC questions have been released by the management of the West African Council. Infoshoutloud.com.ng team is working very hard to update you with the latest information on the current government objectives questions and Answers.

We know other sites may be ready to provide you information on this but beware of scammers. Your examination is very important, let no one give you fake Answers. Try and make good use of the past questions where applicable.

Past Questions and Answers:

1. One of the following is an organ of government responsible for the implementation of policies.

  • A. legislature
  • B. judiciary
  • C. executive
  • D. public bureau

CORRECT ANSWER: C (executive)

2.  Which of the following can not be used in acquiring Citizenship?

  • A. birth
  • B. nationalization
  • C. naturalization
  • D. marriage

CORRCT ANSWER: B ( nationalization)

3. …… is a condition for granting citizenship to a foreigner?

  • A. Swearing an oath of allegiance
  • B. Possession of a university degree
  • C. A registered member of a political party
  • D. Possession of an international passport

Correct Answer: A (Swearing an oath of allegiance)

4. Citizenship can be acquired through all of the following methods except

  • A. marriage
  • B. nationalization
  • C. naturalization
  • D. birth

Correct Answer: B (nationalization)

5. Which of the following exists in a one – party state?

  • A. Only the workers party is allowed to exist
  • B. Only the students’ party is allowed to exist
  • C. Elections to the legislature are held at the party’s conference
  • D. The ruling party is the only legal party

Correct Answer: D (The ruling party is the only legal party)

6. The crucial check on an autocratic Oba in Yoruba political system was _______

  • A.    Presenting to him a suicide symbol
  • B.     Avoiding the palace
  • C.     Sending him on exile
  • D.    Refusing to carry out his orders

7. According to Aristotle, a form of government in which the few rule for the benefit of all is ________

  • A. Diarchy
  • B. Aristocracy
  •  C. Autocracy
  •  D. Polyarchy

8. Which of the following bodies is the most representative organ of the United Nations?

  • A.    The security council
  • B.     The trusteeship council
  • C.      The General Assembly
  • D.    The Economic and Social Council

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Solutions to WAEC Questions and Answers on Government.

How to get Government Essay WAEC Questions and Answers 2023 PDF

The WAEC Government Questions is ready for the exams. Candidates are to make sure they are well prepared for the subjects.

To have the latest information on the government Examination, make you visit this page daily, everything concerning the answers will be here.

Below are sample Past Questions

1. (a) State six functions of government of a state.
(b) State five reasons for the study of government.

2. (a) Explain the concept of political participation.
(b) Highlight any four methods of political participation.

3. (a) What are the limitations to the application of Rule of law?
(b) Highlight the merits and demerits of a two party-system.

4. (a) Highlight any four major objectives of the foreign policy of any one West African Country.
(b) Outline any four ways of preventing military intervention in politics.

Free Tody’s Government theory Questions and Answers for WAEC SSCE loading…

Can Candidates buy WAEC Government Questions online?

We stated earlier, there are a lot of fraudsters online, make sure you don’t risk your exams and money. We are aware of other sites that can give you legit information on the current questions and answers. When we get this verified, we will let you know.

2023 Government Expo/Runs for WAEC SSCE Exams

The WAEC Examination body has made the necessary arrangements on the ongoing exams. The WAEC Time table is out, make good use of the exam days and time.


How to Answer WAEC Government Questions 2023

Do you know how to answer the WAEC objectives and theory questions?

The way you answer questions is the exams matters a lot. One thing is knowing and another thing is presenting the answers.

When the questions paper is given to you, try as much as you can to go through the instructions first. After that, go straight to the questions you know very well and make sure you always hit the point, do not give an unnecessary story.

Before you submit the answer booklet, try and go through Answers quickly and make possible corrections.

I hope the guidelines above on WAEC Government Questions and Answers are of great benefit to you. Kindly let us know any issue you are encountering via the comment section below.


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