Toyota Camry 2014 prices in Nigeria 2023 | Latest Brand New, Foreign & Local Used Car Prices

Latest Toyota Camry 2014 prices in Nigeria 2023. Are you considering a midsize family sedan, then the Toyota Camry 2014 should come to your mind, as it is a safe choice in the class of sedans produced by the Toyota Company. 

The Toyota Camry became a huge success in the United States, then in other parts of the world including Nigeria. When compared with other models preceding it.

People also ask: How much is the Camry 2014? How much is Tokunbo muscle Camry in Nigeria? How much is a Toyota Camry in Naira? How much would a 2014 Toyota Camry SE Cost?

In this article, you will get to know the prices of a 2014 Toyota Camry in Nigeria, the reasons why you should buy a  2014 Toyota Camry in Nigeria, and a whole lot of important updates on the prices of a Toyota Camry 2014.

Toyota Camry 2014 prices in Nigeria

Brand new Toyota Camry 2014 prices in Nigeria

A brand new Toyota Camry is likely to have a fixed price because it may be coming directly from the manufacturing factory. brand new Toyota Camry 2014 starts from N7 million Naria. If there is any difference in price, it will be as a result of the location and the class.

Foreign Used (Tokunbo) Toyota Camry 2014 prices in Nigeria

Used vehicles are relatively cheaper and maintain almost the same efficiency as brand new, especially for reliable brands like Toyota. Africa rates among the biggest markets for foreign used vehicles and that does not look like changing anytime soon. Prices of foreign used Camry 2014 vary due to certain factors, which include the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase, fuel mileage, the condition of the vehicle, and other similar factors. Tokunbo (Foreign-used) Toyota Camry 2014 presently cost #3.3 million – 5 million depending on the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase

Nigerian used Toyota Camry 2014 Prices ( locally Used)

Toyota Camry 2014 has become a familiar darling of the road and in recent times, its demand has significantly improved in the local automobile market. Like all other vehicles, prices of locally used Toyota Camry 2014 are affected by various factors including the condition of the vehicle and how neat the used vehicle is. Sometimes, the place of purchase also affects the eventual price the vehicle goes for. A neat locally used Toyota Camry 2014 model can be purchased for between N2 million and N3 million Naira (for all trims).


What you should know about Toyota Camry 2014

The Toyota Camry is one of the most well-regarded midsize vehicles available, it comes as a front-wheel drive and has two engine types, V6, and 4-cylinder engines. While various sedan brands have come and gone, the Toyota Camry remains a popular choice in the automobile market over the last decade. It is not perfect, of course, but the Camry 2014 model not only rates among the best Toyota Camry models of all time but also boosts among the most successful Toyota products to date. One of the main advantages of this vehicle is that it presents drivers with a quiet and smooth ride. With good care, this car is known for holding value well and being very durable.

Reasons why you should buy a 2014 Toyota Camry

There is so much to love about the 2014 Toyota Camry from its reliability to is practicability and saftey. Because of this reasons, this car has become more and more popular. Here are some reasons why you should buy this vehicle.

  • Large space
  • Reliability
  • Smooth driving
  • Fuel economy
  • Safety

Maintenance of Toyota Camry 2014 in Nigeria

Owning a Toyota Camry in Nigeria is one of the best decisions any motorist can make. Not on;y because Japanese cars consume less fuel as compared to their German and US counterparts, but because they are pretty easy to maintain. Here are tips on how to maintain your Camry 2014.

  • Go through the vehicle Manuel 

Cars always come with an owner’s manual. This gives you an insight into what your car does, what to do when you see lights on the dashboard, how to maintain parts of the vehicle, and much more. The manual also tells you what kind of engine oil to use. Not all cars require premium high-performance engine oil or a 32 psi (used in checking tyre pressure). All of these will be indicated in the manual.

  • Wash your car

If you want to maintain your Toyota Camry, you need to always keep it clean. You wouldn’t want mud clogging your engine and tires or grease and oils ruining the paint. This reduces the value of the vehicle. So endeavor to wash the car daily – including the door handles, carpet, tyre, seats, mirrors, windshield, and parts of the underneath. Do not use so many powdery detergents they react with the paint and make it scrap off easily. Preferably use liquid soap, water, and a rag.

  • Go for routines car servicing 

Many Nigerian drivers have this notion that a car should only be serviced when you have a long journey to embark on, or when almost every compartment is literally falling apart. But that’s not how it should be. Car experts say that you should get new engine oil for your after every 4,800 kilometers. Lagos to Abuja is about 760 km. So if you travel from Lagos to Abuja and back two times, it is advisable that you should be considering changing your oil.

The Toyota Camry 2014 is pleasant to drive and amber enough to provide a comfortable journey for a 4-member family. Safety is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a vehicle and the Toyota Camry 2014 did not disappoint in this area. All the trims boast amazing safety features that guarantee largely guarantee safety.

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