Toyota Camry 2005 prices in Nigeria 2023 | Brand New, Foreign & Local Used Car Prices

Latest Toyota Camry 2005 prices in Nigeria 2023. Do you want to know how much a Toyota Camry 2005 in Nigeria costs? If you are looking for to get a car that combines efficiency, style, and durability,  then Toyota Camry should be among the top cars on your list.

The Toyota Camry is one of the brand’s most successful vehicles. 2005 Toyota Camry model remains one of the most sought after in Nigeria today and given its performance, interior, and mostly exterior design, it has successfully earned the name Big Daddy in Nigeria. read more about the prices of Toyota Camry 2005 cars below.

People also ask, How much did a Toyota Camry cost in 2005? How much is Toyota Camry in Nigeria money? How much is Camry Big Daddy in Nigeria?

Toyota Camry 2005 prices in Nigeria

In this article,  you will get to know the prices of a Toyota Camry 2005 in Nigeria, the things you should know about the Toyota Camry 2005, and a whole lot of important updates on the Toyota Camry 2005 prices in Nigeria 2022.

Brand New Toyota Camry 2005 Prices In Nigeria

Buying a brand new car in Nigeria is one of the major budget for individuals. A brand new Toyota Camry is likely to have a fixed price because it may be coming directly from the factory. brand new Toyota Camry 2005 start from N6 million Naria. If there’s any differences in price, it will be as a result of location and class.


Locally used Toyota Camry 2005 prices in Nigeria 2023

A locally used Toyota Camry costs between #950,000 (nine hundred and fifty thousand) to 2.2 Million depending on some factors including the condition of the vehicle at the period of purchase, the neatness of the vehicle, and the market value at the period.

Prices of foreign used Toyota Camry 2005 in Nigeria (Tokunbo)

Foreign-used versions of the Toyota Camry 2005 still remain among the most sought-after in the Tokunbo market today. People still confidently trust the efficiency and operation of the automobile.

The price of a tokunbo Toyota Camry Big daddy 2005 in Nigeria costs between N2.5 million to 2.7 million Naira. Always note that the prices tend to differ depending on the overall condition of the car.

Toyota Camry 2005 versions and specifications

Here is the list of the trim versions and their respective specifications.

Version NameBody typeTransmissionFuel consumptionEngine
Toyota Camry 2005 XLESedanAutomatic 28 MPGV6-petrol
Toyota Camry 2005 SESedanAutomatic 28 MPGV6-petrol
Toyota Camry 2005 STDSedanManual24 MPGL4-petrol
Toyota Camry 2005 LESedanAutomatic 28 MPGV6-petrol

What you should know about Toyota Camry 2005

Toyota Camry 2005, like most other Toyota Camry models, is available in the base, four-cylinder form, and even more elegant LE, SE, and XLE trims,  with either four or six-cylinder power.

The convertible is available with the v-6 engine in various trims including SE sport, SE, and SLE guise with either engine option. Basically, the Toyota Camry 2005 engine comes available in 3 versions

Maintenance of Toyota Camry 2005 in Nigeria

One of the most lovely things about owning a Toyota Camry 2005 is that you wouldn’t need to spend so much on maintaining the sedan.

They are relatively easy to maintain and spare parts are readily available. Being a very reliable vehicle there are hardly any problems associated with the Toyota Camry 2005. Its maintenance is also very cheap and easy. The Toyota Camry 2005 can last for about 200,000 miles if it is properly maintained.

The Toyota Camry 2005 is generally a good car with an amber, comfortable and quiet cabin, many convenience and safety features, high resale value, and a high level of reliability. A Camry is always a wise choice whether it is a coupe, sedan, or convertible.

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