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Ondo State, located in the southwestern region of Nigeria, is a land of rich natural resources and economic opportunities. The state capital, Akure, serves as the center of commercial and administrative activities, attracting businesses from various sectors. Over the years, Ondo State has witnessed the establishment and growth of numerous top companies that have contributed significantly to the state’s economic development.

However, in the oil and gas sector, Ondo State boasts the presence of prominent companies involved in exploration, production, and distribution. These companies play a pivotal role in harnessing the state’s oil and gas resources, contributing to both the local economy and the nation’s energy needs.

Another significant sector that has flourished in Ondo State is agriculture. The state’s fertile lands and favorable climate have attracted agricultural companies engaged in crop cultivation, livestock farming, and agro-processing. These companies have not only created employment opportunities for the local population but have also bolstered the state’s agricultural output, enhancing food security and contributing to the nation’s agricultural sector.

Additionally, the manufacturing industry in Ondo State has experienced steady growth, with companies engaged in the production of various goods such as beverages, building materials, and consumer products. These manufacturing companies have leveraged the state’s strategic location and access to markets to expand their operations and contribute to the state’s industrialization.

List of Top Companies in Ondo State

1. Chevron Nigeria Limited:

Chevron Nigeria Limited is a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation, a global energy company. The company’s presence in Ondo State involves oil and gas exploration and production activities, making significant contributions to the nation’s energy sector.

2. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC):

NNPC is the state-owned oil and gas company in Nigeria. The Ondo State office plays a vital role in the distribution and supply of petroleum products, ensuring a stable energy supply in the region.

3. Dangote Cement Plc:

Dangote Cement, a subsidiary of the Dangote Group, operates a cement manufacturing plant in Ondo State. The company’s production of cement supports the construction industry and infrastructure development in the state.

4. De United Foods Industries Limited (DUFIL):

DUFIL is the manufacturer of Indomie noodles, a popular brand across Nigeria. The company’s operations in Ondo State contribute to the food industry and provide employment opportunities in the region.

5. Standard Metallurgical Company (SMC):

SMC is a leading metallurgical company with operations in Ondo State. The company’s activities support the industrial sector, providing metallurgical products and services.

6. Guinness Nigeria Plc:

Guinness Nigeria is renowned for producing quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The company’s operations in Ondo State contribute to the beverage industry and bring joy to consumers across the nation.

7. Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc:

Flour Mills of Nigeria, a major agribusiness and food processing company, operates a large-scale flour milling plant in Ondo State. The company’s production of flour supports the food industry and provides essential commodities to consumers.

8. Nigerian Breweries Plc:

Nigerian Breweries is a leading brewery company with a significant presence in Ondo State. The company’s operations support the beverage industry and provide employment opportunities in the state.

9. Sumitomo Rubber Industries Limited (Formerly Dunlop Nigeria Plc): \

Sumitomo Rubber Industries Limited is a tire manufacturing company in Ondo State. The company’s activities support the automotive industry and ensure a steady supply of quality tires.

10.Crown Flour Mills Limited:

Crown Flour Mills is a prominent flour milling company in Ondo State. The company’s production of flour and related products supports the food industry and provides essential commodities to consumers.

How to get employment in Akure

1. Polish Your Resume and Cover Letter:

Start by updating your resume to highlight your skills, qualifications, and work experience. Craft a compelling cover letter that showcases your enthusiasm for the position and how your skills align with the company’s needs.

2. Networking:

Networking is a powerful tool in the job market. Attend industry events, career fairs, and professional networking events to connect with potential employers and build valuable contacts. Utilize online platforms like LinkedIn to expand your network and showcase your expertise.

3. Online Job Portals:

Explore job search websites and portals that list vacancies in Akure and beyond. Regularly check and apply to positions that match your qualifications. Customize your applications for each role to demonstrate your genuine interest in the specific position.

4. Local Newspapers and Job Advertisements:

Keep an eye on local newspapers and magazines, as they often carry job advertisements from businesses in Akure. Some companies prefer to advertise in local publications to attract candidates familiar with the area.

5. Visit Companies Directly:

Take the initiative to visit companies that interest you and inquire about job openings. Dress professionally, carry copies of your resume, and express your interest in working for their organization. This proactive approach can leave a lasting impression on employers.

6. Internships and Volunteering:

Consider internships or volunteering opportunities to gain experience and make valuable connections in your field. These experiences can sometimes lead to full-time employment or recommendations from supervisors.

7. Online Presence:

Ensure your online presence is professional and appealing to potential employers. Clean up your social media profiles and showcase your expertise through a personal website or portfolio if applicable to your profession.

8. Be Persistent and Patient:

The job search process can be challenging, so be prepared to face rejection and keep a positive attitude. Stay persistent in your efforts and continuously improve your skills and qualifications while being patient for the right opportunity to come along.


Are there Manufacturing Companies in Ondo State?

Ondo State, located in the southwestern region of Nigeria, is a hub of economic activities and home to several industries, including manufacturing. The state’s strategic location and favorable business environment have attracted various manufacturing companies, contributing significantly to the local economy and employment opportunities.

However, Manufacturing companies in Ondo State are involved in diverse sectors, including food and beverages, textiles, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and more. These industries leverage the state’s abundant natural resources, skilled workforce, and access to major transportation routes for the movement of raw materials and finished products.

Overall, the presence of manufacturing companies in Ondo State has not only boosted the state’s economy but has also provided job opportunities for the local population. Skilled and semi-skilled workers find employment in these companies, contributing to the growth and development of the state.

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