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Nasarawa State, located in the North-Central region of Nigeria, is home to a thriving business landscape that boasts an array of top companies across various sectors. The state capital, Lafia, serves as the focal point of economic activities and houses several prominent businesses that contribute significantly to the state’s development. From agriculture to telecommunications, these companies have made substantial strides in their respective industries and have positively impacted the local economy.

One of the key sectors that flourishes in Nasarawa State is agriculture, and notable companies like Olam Nigeria Limited have made significant contributions to this field. Olam Nigeria Limited is an agribusiness company that specializes in the production and processing of various agricultural commodities, including rice, sesame, and cotton. Their presence in Lafia has not only boosted agricultural productivity but also provided employment opportunities for many locals in the state.

However, in the telecommunications sector, Globacom Limited, commonly known as Glo, has established a strong presence in Lafia. As one of Nigeria’s leading telecommunications companies, Glo has revolutionized communication in Nasarawa State by providing affordable and reliable telecom services. The company’s investment in network infrastructure has enabled seamless connectivity and improved access to information for residents, businesses, and government institutions in the state capital.

Furthermore, the pharmaceutical industry in Lafia has witnessed remarkable growth, with companies like Dawa Limited standing out as key players. Dawa Limited is a leading pharmaceutical company that manufactures and distributes a wide range of essential medicines and healthcare products. Their presence has not only ensured access to quality healthcare products for the people of Nasarawa State but has also contributed to the state’s overall healthcare development.

List of Top Companies in Nassarawa State

1. Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc:

Flour Mills of Nigeria is a major agribusiness and food processing company that operates a large-scale flour milling plant in Nasarawa State. The company’s production of flour and related products supports the food industry and provides essential commodities to consumers.

2. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC):

NNPC is the state-owned oil and gas company in Nigeria. The presence of the corporation in Nasarawa State ensures a stable energy supply and contributes to economic activities in the region.

3. Bournvita Food Nigeria Limited:

Bournvita Food Nigeria Limited is a food processing company in Nasarawa State. The company’s operations contribute to the food industry, providing nutritional products to consumers.

4. Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc:

Dangote Sugar Refinery, a subsidiary of the Dangote Group, operates a sugar refinery in Nasarawa State. The company’s sugar production supports the food industry and ensures a steady supply of sugar.

5. Purechem Manufacturing Limited:

Purechem Manufacturing is a chemical manufacturing company in Nasarawa State. The company’s products are used in various industries, contributing to industrial growth and development.

6. NigerCat Nigeria Limited:

NigerCat Nigeria Limited is a leading supplier of heavy machinery and equipment in Nasarawa State. The company’s operations support the construction industry and infrastructural development.

7. Olam Nigeria Limited:

Olam Nigeria is a multinational agribusiness company with a presence in Nasarawa State. The company’s activities support the agricultural sector, providing quality inputs for farmers and food products for consumers.

8. DuraPack Nigeria Limited:

DuraPack Nigeria Limited is a packaging and printing company in Nasarawa State. The company’s services cater to various industries, including food, beverage, and consumer goods.

9. Dangote Group:

The Dangote Group, led by Aliko Dangote, is one of Nigeria’s largest conglomerates with diverse interests. The group’s presence in Nasarawa State includes a sugar refinery and cement production plant. Dangote’s operations in the state have been instrumental in driving industrialization, creating employment opportunities, and contributing to economic growth.

10. BUA Group:

BUA Group is another leading conglomerate with interests in cement production, sugar refining, and agribusiness. The group operates a cement plant in Nasarawa State, supporting the construction industry and infrastructure development in the region.

What Business is Lafia known for?

Lafia, the capital city of Nasarawa State in Nigeria, is known for its vibrant business activities, particularly in agriculture and trade. Agriculture is the backbone of Lafia’s economy, with a focus on crop cultivation and livestock rearing. The city’s fertile lands and favorable climatic conditions make it conducive for growing various crops, including yam, maize, millet, and sorghum. Additionally, Lafia is known for its thriving livestock market, attracting traders from neighboring states and even countries. The livestock market plays a crucial role in the local economy and provides employment opportunities for many residents.

However, apart from agriculture, trade is also a prominent business in Lafia. The city serves as a trading hub for various goods and commodities, facilitating commerce between the northern and southern regions of Nigeria. The central location of Lafia and its well-connected transportation network make it an ideal place for traders and merchants to conduct business. The bustling markets in the city offer a wide range of products, from food items to textiles and household goods, attracting buyers from within and outside the state.


How to get a Job Nassarawa State

1. Build a Professional Network:

Networking is crucial in finding job opportunities in Aba. Attend industry-related events, seminars, and conferences to connect with professionals in your field of interest. Join professional organizations or online platforms where you can interact with like-minded individuals and potential employers. By expanding your network and making valuable connections, you increase your visibility and gain access to hidden job opportunities.

2. Tailor Your Resume and Cover Letter:

Customizing your resume and cover letter to match the requirements of the job you’re applying for is essential. Highlight relevant skills, experiences, and achievements that align with the desired position. Emphasize any specific accomplishments or projects that demonstrate your expertise and ability to contribute to the success of an organization. Take the time to research the company and incorporate key details into your application materials to show your genuine interest and understanding of the role.

3. Leverage Online Job Portals:

Utilize online job portals and recruitment websites to explore job openings in Aba. These platforms provide a convenient way to browse through various job listings and submit your applications. Create a compelling online profile, including an updated resume and professional headshot, to attract potential employers. Regularly monitor job postings and set up alerts to stay informed about new opportunities that match your skills and interests.

4. Tap into Local Resources:

Take advantage of local resources such as employment agencies, job fairs, and career centers in Aba. These resources can provide valuable insights, guidance, and assistance throughout your job search journey. They may offer workshops on resume writing, interview skills, and networking, helping you refine your job search strategy and stand out from other applicants.

5. Polish Your Interview Skills:

Prepare for interviews by researching common interview questions and practicing your responses. Showcase your knowledge about the company and industry, and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role. Dress professionally, maintain good body language, and be prepared to ask thoughtful questions about the company and position. Follow up with a thank-you note or email to express your gratitude for the opportunity to interview and reiterate your interest in the position.

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