Top 25 Free Online Coupon Websites for Extra Savings

Welcome to our article on Top 25 Free Online Coupon Websites for Extra Savings. Now I ask, Why pay more when you can pay less? And equally, get the same stuff too. That’s exactly what coupons allow one to do.

They offer wonderful discounts on your daily, occasional and festive shopping. Only, you should know how and when to use these discount coupons and where they’re easily available.

There’re countless websites that offer various kinds of discount coupons. I’m providing my curated list of topmost coupon websites in America that would definitely help save money on your shopping.

Coupon Websites

coupon websites

Coupon Facts

Before we go to the list of best free coupon websites to get coupons, here’re some facts you should know. Online retailers offer coupons through their own and couponing websites. The provide discounts to attract you to buy stuff.

Since offering discounts is a very tricky business, you’ll come across different types of coupons. Therefore, let’s learn a bit more about these coupons and how you can use them to save money.

Types of Coupons

Coupon Code: This is the most popular discount coupon while shopping online. You’ll get a alpha-numeric code. You’ve to enter this code on the box provided near your payment options. The discount is applied automatically, if the coupon is valid.

Store Coupons: These coupons are issued by giant retailers such as Target, Walmart, Sears and others. Store coupons are useful for getting rebates at specific stores only. Meaning, the coupon won’t be valid at all Target or Walmart stores. It will be valid only at specific stores.

Printable Coupons: These kinds of coupons are going extinct. However, some stores continue offering printable coupons. You’ve to print these coupons from a website. And take the printouts to stores that accept for getting rebates.

Cash Back Coupons: When you buy using Cash Back Coupons, the store will refund part of your money to your bank account, credit or debit card. Others like Amazon give the cashback on your Amazon Pay balance. You’ll have to pay the tag price. However, part of your cash is refunded when you apply the right coupon.

Mobile Coupons: A mobile coupon will appear on certain apps installed on your smartphone. They are area specific and valid when you visit local stores or restaurants. The type of mobile coupons you get changes every time you go to a new area.

Manufacturer Coupon: This means the manufacturer of a product is directly offering the discount. It may come as cashback or direct discount, depending on the product and manufacturer.

Third Party Coupons: You might get a third party coupon from a specific store. You can’t use the coupon at the store. Instead, it’s valid for another business or retailer with whom the issuer has a tie-up. For example, you might get a third party coupon that entitles you to discount on a haircut if you buy shampoo.

Loyalty Coupons: As the name suggests, these coupons are given as part of loyalty program or for repeat orders or buying from a store. They can offer cashback or direct discounts.

Top 25 Free Online Coupon Websites

The next time you wish to shop, check if coupons or deals of any type are available from the following free coupon websites. You can enjoy massive discounts with these coupons.

1. Amazon

Amazon is a number one gargantuan e-commerce company which is known for its innovations and research, for example, Alexa. Consumers can now adjust speed of Alexa’s speech.

You can save up to 35% with amazon coupons & deals that are provided. They provide a vast variety of coupons, from all the top brands in grocery to films. Amazon provides better deals & coupons than other coupon websites.

You have to click on the coupon section. After landing on the page, you have to select the ‘‘clip coupon’’ button on whichever product you are interested in and the product would be added to the cart. While checking out, the discount gets automatically applied. And you save money.

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2. eBay

eBay is a platform which provides business to consumer and consumer to consumer sales. They also offer discounts and coupons to the consumers. Not only they are offering up to 50% off on Apple products but also shipping them for free.

You can save up to 60% off on backpacks and totes. They also provide 66 grocery coupons, 69 restaurant coupons, 1033 food coupons, etc.

Did you also know that on eBay in United States, a women’s handbag is purchased every 12 seconds, a pair of women’s shoes is purchased every 6 seconds and a video game is purchased every 7 seconds.

Their site also has a charity shop which any consumer can support while making a purchase. Very high profile nonprofit causes are linked with eBay, through which every purchase that you make, you form connections with charity campaigns and you make a contribution towards helping the society.

3. Walmart

In the inception stage, Walmart was just a single store. Over 5 decades later, it has become the largest retailer in the world. You have to sign up in order to receive weekly newsletter. In the US itself, the site had a traffic of 498.5 million consumers in the month of November in 2018.

Many different types of coupons Walmart offers. It ranges from grocery coupons to prevagen coupons. In 2018, 62.46 percent of the Americans said (aged 18 to 29 years) that they had shopped at Walmart regarding groceries.

If you want to find free coupons, you have to enter your location which involves your zip code or city. Once that has been done, it will automatically find stores near you, which are offering coupons on products that you are interested in.

4. RetailMeNot

Retailmenot is a dominant savings destination website which helps the consumers’ purchase decision through the effectiveness of savings.

They have more than 70,000 brands internationally that engages the consumers’ attention while driving their brand along with a consumer’s growth.

RetailMeNot a very inventive way of promotion, so not only it helps in promoting their brand partners but also the consumers. They provide mobile coupons, cash back, coupons, promo code and Rx coupons as well.

You can save up to 80% on your medications with the Rx coupons. Different coupons are offered, for instance, $40 off with Airbnb coupon, 20% off in-store coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond. Promo codes are provided as well, 30% off with kohl’s charge, at Papa Johns you can get 30% off on commonly priced orders.

They also offer in store coupons and printable coupons on famous products of companies such as Tide, Pampers, Kraft, Colgate, Nike and Kohl’s. You can also submit your own coupon and help save other people’s money.

5. Groupon

Groupon is one of the biggest local e-commerce websites which provides the consumers to save more money. They are a long- term customer oriented company which believe in keep the consumers happy in the end. Concerning the coupons part, more than $30 Billion is saved by the consumers via Groupon coupon.

They have groupon coupon of different stores, from Target to Forever 21. From popular brands such as Nike, eBay coupon and Walmart. Let’s consider Nike. Nike has 50 coupons which are available and 8 of them are verified. The site offers Women’s Nike shoes more than 30% off.

Groupon also have popular stores from athletic store like Adidas to a department store, Walmart. Groupon is very good at retaining the consumer because of the various types of promotion they offer to consumers to save money. Percentage of consumers who are likely to buy again from Groupon is 82%.

6. Slickdeals

Slickdeals is the most preeminent and trusted online coupon website which helps the consumers by sharing, collaborating, reviewing and rating the coupons & discounts. In order to avail them, you have to sign-up first.

Today’s generation shoppers are paying full price for products of top brands, that’s where Slickdeals come in. To help you save money, they have collected enormous amount of discounts, printable coupons, discount codes and coupon codes. They provide coupons related to technology or gifts or grocery store essentials, etc. The site has 10 Million monthly users and 80% retention rate.

Regarding the coupons, the site gives you every day’s popular featured stores coupons and users get to rate it. It keeps on updating. Rakuten has 109 coupons with a 4.3 rating. Best Buy has 62 coupons with a user rating of 4.3.

Right now, Fresh Line store has 32 offers, one of the example being, $5 off orders above $75. If you sign up, you also get deal alerts which keeps informing you about new coupons and promo code.

7. Rakuten

Rakuten is a company which has erupted the online shopping industry and the way people shop online. They offer cash back, deals, and shopping rewards such as coupons. As of now, 12 million Americans who have been associated or interacted or engaged with it, have earned more than $1 billion cash back at different stores all across the country.

You have to register first, then you can have access to all the coupons and coupon codes. Their popular coupons include electronics coupons, health & beauty coupons, clothing coupons and accessories coupons.

If you click on the clothing coupon section, located at the bottom of the site, you will find that you are getting different coupons. Dick’s Sporting Goods are giving 39 coupons. Fossil has 14 coupons available.

H&M has 22 coupons. HSN has 31 coupons. Lacoste has 8 coupons. NFL shop has 17 coupons. And Macy’s has 535 coupons. All are these for the consumers, so that they can save money.

8. Coupons is one of the popular coupon websites which deals with only coupons and cash back. They are in an affiliate program with a website called offer printable coupons, digital coupons and coupon codes.

Under printable coupons, there are 160 grocery coupons available. You just have to click, print and save it. They have 6461 paperless coupons across 51 stores in US.

You can also save your digital coupons. A store loyalty card is given to you, you keep adding coupons on that and it will save immediately after checking out.

9. Joinhoney

Joinhoney is basically a chrome extension which you have to add it to your chrome browser. After adding Joinhoney, you will receive notifications concerned with the products you like, be it on any site.

Adding to chrome part is free. There are three simple steps to do it once it has been added. Firstly, you have to create an account. This will let you get access to internet’s latest and cheapest deals, promo codes and savings which include coupons.

Secondly, you have to add it to your desktop and it is 100% free and within two clicks, the extension plugin gets added. Lastly, Joinhoney has an automated system that allows the users to get notified regarding biggest savings regarding their cart.

10. CNN

Most of you will associate CNN with a television channel that only shows the latest news and updates. But, they offer coupons as well. It is a partnership service provided with Global Savings Group.

The group is a platform related to commerce content that helps in providing the consumers and online retailers, the new deals, discounts and recommendations.

They have coupons related to Samsung (33 coupons), AutoZone (18 coupons), Neiman Marcus (26 coupons) and H&M. All the coupons have been verified and checked meticulously.

Samsung is offering $600 off on the pre-order of the Galaxy note 10 or Note 10 plus. You also get $150 credit. Regarding AutoZone, you get 20% off on your orders which are above $100. Now you might ask, how can you use your coupon?

Well, firstly, you search for the retailer that you want, using the search bar. Secondly, once you find out a product that is riveting to you, you click on either “See Code” or “See Deal.”

Thirdly, if you select the latter option, you will be directly directed to the site where you can access the product. If you click on “See Code,” then a pop-up box will appear. This pop-up will have a new code which you can copy.

At the same time, another tab will open, which will link you to either the product that you want to apply the code on or directly to the landing page, if discount is available for the whole site.

11. Offers

The consumer has to log in or sign up first to get the deals and saving tips regarding money. is a popular coupon website that collects the best offers across the internet every day.

Research is done every day on new coupons, coupon codes, product deals, etc. It is done meticulously because wants to become a site which helps the consumers in saving money and saving time very fast.

The site provides every day offers which features many categories, rom flights to fitness. And another one being holiday savings. During the holiday’s season, the consumer can find specialized selection of offers on their products.

The average amount of money that a consumer can save on this website is $34 per transaction, whenever the consumer uses the site.

You can also save money by subscribing to their emails, and will give you that day it self’s the best offer straight to your inbox, be it in any category or product.

They also have their presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. They have a mobile site as well which is specially optimized for the consumers.

An application of is also available on both the platforms, on App Store and Google Play. With so much information, you will come to know, which the best deal is for you, regarding the product you are interested in


12. Kmart

Kmart is a departmental store chain in US. They provide products from various companies, such as, baby products, equipment related to sports, and outdoor products.

To have an access to the coupons, you have to first create an account which is free. You have to sign-in, load, click on the products that you like and apply in cart for savings.

It will keep informing you about how to save more points, get more offers and more. Members get more coupons when compared to non-members. If you click on the coupon section, you will find roughly figure around 42 to 50 products on which you can save money.

The categories arranged from baby to pets. For example, on Huggies you save $0.50 when you buy one product of huggies. Rest of the process is just like Amazon where you have to click on the ‘clip coupon’ and it gets added to your shopping cart.

13. Thekrazycouponnlady(KCL)

Krazy Coupon Lady is a coupon website run by mothers who live in US. Their primary motive is to get all the mothers’ across US to slash the grocery bills by 50% to 90%.

If you sign up for their newsletter, they will send you an eBook guide on how to start it quickly, that too for free. You will also receive notifications regarding the current hottest deals in the market.

KCL is famous on social media as well. They have 2 million fans on Facebook and 289 thousands of followers on Pinterest.

The site has categorized deals, from baby deals, back to school deals and extreme couponing deals. Extremely couponing deals in generic term, is that what a consumer can buy using dollars, the same product can be bought using pennies.

You can learn this from their website which includes the guide to extreme couponing step by step. They have popular categories related to coupons, from Loreal to herbal essences.

KCL has printable coupons, newspaper coupons and mobile coupons. Some examples of the coupons that they provide are, L’Oreal Elvive being offered only at $1.49. Another printable coupon is that you get 50% off plus $4 bonus cash on Wet n Wild at Rite Aid.

14. Dealcatcher

It is an online community which helps the consumers to save money. The site offers online coupons, products, rebates and reviews. The site is updated consistently, every day according to the consumers’ behavior.

They use multiple tools that help the consumers finding the best deals online. After two decades, Dealcatcher has received more than 6 million page views monthly and featured in Wall Street Journal and their management has been interviewed by the CNN.

Dealcatcher has divided the site into three categories, first being ‘Catch of the day’ where every product is given a certain amount of discount. For example, on 12th of August, you are getting 43% off on a Dell laptop.

Second is ‘Most popular deals’ which involves coupons on various products such as 81% off on Lauren Ralph pillows and for men’s 12 pack t-shirts, 100% off.

You also can create a deal alert by typing the keyword of your choice, say Apple, and then entering your email address, you will get alerts on Apple products whenever there is a discount or a coupon available on them. They also have few numbers of groupon codes

15. Dealplus

Dealplus, just like Dealcatcher is an online community making the purchase shopping process easier by giving the consumers the latest deals and coupons. You have to sign in first to become a member of the community.

After that, you have access to copious amount of coupons and deals which are posted by the community. The consumer can customize the way he or she wants to browse including their favorite products. DealPlus has more than 7 million visitors per month who are saving money from more than 15000 stores in US.

Till now, the members of this site’s community have shared more than 3 million deals and 112,469 coupons.

The site provides featured coupons such as $10 off on $25 on Macy’s products. But you should buy it before the time limit. Apart from that, their site also have hashtags posts’ products.

An example being, they have women products where you get up to 75% GAP sale. Then there are coupons related to kitchen items, home products, toys, shoes, handbags, and furniture and kids section.

16. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a popular rewards program that provides you free gifts and coupons. But, first you have to sign up to get up to 70% off on products you love.

Regarding coupons, you click on the ‘”Shop” section, and then below you will find all the featured and most popular coupons available for the consumers on different types of brands.

You can save up to 70% off on, PetCareRx is giving 25% off. You have to click on “Reveal Code.” Sephora is giving a free sample bag on any product which costs more than $30.

It expires on 21st of August. Topman is giving free standard shipping across the country on all the orders. Battlbox is providing 10% off on your first purchase of their product. And many such more offers are available.

17. Brad’s deals

There are professional and experienced people who research the whole day about deals and coupons and curate them, every day. Their site does not sell products.

They track the pricing trends each day of the week directly to the shoppers to the thousands of retailers at the best deals that help the consumers to save money with the help of online coupons.

In order to take the coupons, you have to enter your email address or sign up with Facebook. They offer deals of the day from 50% to 90% on products of popular brands.

Just like Dealcatcher and Slickdeals, they have deal alerts. You might be thinking how it works? Well, at the inception stage, you have to type the keyword of the product that you are looking for, which will then create an alert.

Or you can choose from their popular words like shoes, sneakers, and Kohl’s. Then you explore the trending deals and get tips from the site’s editors. Post that, you create your own personalized shopping list.

Then, the best deals that are suitable to you, are sent to your inbox directly. And lastly, you have to manage your alerts. You can do that by either creating one, editing one or cancelling it.

They provide Amazon coupons, Kohl’s coupons, Expedia coupons, and Walmart coupons, to name a few.

18. Dontpayfull

Just like about other websites, provides the consumers with free online promo codes and coupons. There are number of popular stores linked with the site such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Nike, Amazon UK, iHerb, and Gap.

Every day they are providing offers related to different sectors, fields and products. For instance, you can get up to $30 off fees on flights and $50 off Vegas Pro 17 Suite.

Their popular categories are home & garden, software, travel, electronics and business and services. Under home and garden, you can get 30% off on home depot. But, you have to avail the offers within a time window.


With the help of experts, through this site, consumers can save money by finding out the best coupons from their favorite stores.

Most of the companies that are associated with this site are Macy’s (100 coupons), Home Depot (54 coupons), HP (42 coupons) and Kohl’s (28 coupons). You will find offers such as, 44% off on HP high performing desktops, 75% off on Macy’s products and so on.

20. Hip2save

Initially, this site was started to cater to the owner’s family, friends, and herself, to save money. But over the years, it became a hobby for her.

And now, it’s a nationally-recognized coupon which are helping the consumers in saving lots of money, along with their time.

They have free newsletters as well. You can sign up on them. For instance, Hip2Save daily email, you can be the first one to hear about the one day deals by signing up the ‘Today only deals.’ Then they have deals regarding Target and latest baby deals.

21. BeFrugal

If you want to look for coupons such as online coupons, printable coupons, restaurant coupons and grocery coupons, then you have come to the right landing page.

It offers not only coupons but also deals across the US over 50,000 stores which also includes the largest 500 online stores. They offer email and live discussion customer services across the country in case of any misconception or a doubt that you have regarding coupons.

You have to first sign up and join. It’s for free. Many brands on the site offer coupons. For example, Motorola is giving up to $120 off on the Moto G6. But it expires on 18th August.

Another offer which expires on the same date is, Macy’s products, where you get 20 to 50% off at their home sale. You simply copy the code and click on ‘Shop Now.’

22. Valpak

Valpak is famous and well known website across North America. It helps people, thrive neighborhoods, by growing their businesses and saving money.

Print and digital advertising is provided through them with a network of 160 local franchises across the US. Every month, their special blue color envelope is delivered to the consumers who are up to nearly 39 million households, including 45 states.

Their coupons, printable coupons, and online coupons, and other resources, reach more than 110 million users. They provide sales coupons codes, where you can get 15% off on all orders by applying the coupon code.

You can also get $50 off on orders above $300 by the same method. On their site, under Walmart coupons, they also provide various coupons.

For example, you can get up to 80% off on clearance items, though some exclusions may be applied. Other stores include, Busch Gardens coupon codes, JCPenney coupons, Chegg coupons, Target coupons and many more.

23. Livingsocial

LIvingsocial is all about finding unique activities or things that you can do in your area. The consumer has to sign up first to receive the coupons.

They have a dozen of categories of not only activities that you can do it in your area, but also it includes food & drink and you can find popular things nearby, like, Pizza near me, Movie Theater near me, Chinese food near me, Ice Cream near me and so on.

You can find your coupons for your favorite brands, right below the landing page. Samsung provides $100 off on Galaxy unlocked phones (free shipping) and the coupon is verified.

Then you get $800 off plus free shipping on a 65 inch 4K ultra- high-definition television. Samsung is also offering up to $250 off or more if you buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Similarly, just like Samsung, they have coupons for brands like Amazon, Asos, Nike,, Marriott, Turbotax, Old Navy, Lyft coupons, Best Buy, 1-800-Flowers and many more.

24. Couponmom

The website was set up in 2001 to make the public understand the best ways to integrate promotion with printable coupons.

Just like other sites mentioned above, you have to sign in, and it is for free. And the email address that you have written, does not get shared with anyone else. They have more than 7 million members.

They have printable coupons, grocery coupons and a whole set of database of coupons. Under database of coupons you will find, a guide telling you to how to use the coupon and grocery coupons, Newspaper coupons by region, store coupon and Sunday review coupons.

Under grocery section they have different types of brand coupons, Huggies, Betty Crocker, Kellogg, Colgate and Kraft. Colgate has $5 off on any three Colgate toothpastes.

They also have coupon categories ranging from Baby food to chicken to pizza and yogurt. Regarding yogurt, they have a printable coupon, $1.50 when you buy 3 cups of any flavor considering organic yogurt.


This site is one of Orlando’s most dynamic spots for tourists and locals as well. You can find categories like shopping, dining, dinner shows, recreation activities and so on.

There is a waterpark, roller coasters, meeting dolphins, go-karting, playing golf, nightlife and many other recreational activities involved. To give you an idea on how it is functioned, they conduct a tribute concert to all the popular rock and pop artists every day, around 6:30 pm.

They provide coupons as well. You can get $5 off on Buffalo Wild Wings with $25 food purchase. It’s limited to one coupon per person. There is a free buffet offered by Cicis:Beyong Pizaa, only if you purchase as an adult and buy 2 large drinks.

At Del Taco, with the help of a coupon, you get buy 1 and get 1 free. Below that, there is a QR code (Quick Response) which you have to scan from your phone, and it will give you the location where you can get the coupon from.

According to Statista, the number of households that bought coupons through QR in the US in the year 2018, estimated roughly around 3.3 million people. At Good Vibrations Ink Studio Tattoo, you get a 10% off via a coupon on any tattoo, whatever you want, up to your choice.

Subway is offering free 21oz of fountain drink or a coffee when you purchase any sub or a salad at a regular price. You will find many more such coupons offering discounts to you in order to save money. And all the coupons, are valid till 31st of October, 2019.


Undoubtedly, there are other few more sites that offer coupons. They are,, which provides only coupons on the products that they have mention on their website.

For example, Citizen Company is offering a women’s watch with a coupon code which gives you $13 off plus free shipping., is a website that provides every day’s top in store coupons & promo code.

Such as, you get $30 off on a custom suit or $75 off on a custom suit. only provides coupons regarding your groceries. You just have to select the state first where you live in, then the store, and then click on start button and then, print the coupon.

Go to the store, buy the product, and save money. Lastly, lists down all the trending coupons of the day so that you can save your money. They have coupons, in particular, which deals with top brands.

To show you what I mean is, Amazon is offering 70% to 90% off on products like Reader’s digest, Better Homes and Gardens (which is one of the United States’ best-selling magazine) is offering up to 90% off, just for $5.

Basically, if you want to have product on which there is an offer off 70% up to 90%, this is the best site to go on.

To conclude, I would like to say that, I personally have used these coupons and have been able to save money. Next time, if your motive is to save money, please visit any of the above 25 sites.

I hope you have gathered a lot of ideas on this article, Top 25 Free Online Coupon Websites for Extra Savings, And I can assure you, you will get a lot of coupons, don’t get bemused, decide a product that you want to buy and then apply the coupon code. And you will have your product and equally save money.

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