NOUN Accredited Courses 2021/2022 and Admission Requirements

NOUN Accredited Courses 2021/2022. Do you want to study any course in the National Open University Nigeria? See the accredited list of courses you can study in the National Open University,  Nigeria, NOUN.

This article will not only give you the list of courses in NOUN, but will also tell you what is required to gain admission into NOUN.  Sit tight as I put you through Courses you can find in the National Open University  as well as NOUN Admission Requirements.


NOUN  Admission Form

Brief History Of NOUN

2021/2022 NOUN Accredited Courses

The following are list of courses you can find in the National Open University, Nigeria. If you want to study any of NOUN Courses, pick from the list below:

  1. Agricultural Science and Education
  2. Business Education
  3. Communications Technology
  4. Computer Science
  5. Cooperative and Rural Development
  6. Early Childhood Education
  7. Education and Biology
  8. Education and Chemistry
  9. Education and English Language
  10. Education and French
  11. Education and Integrated Science
  12. Education and Mathematics
  13. Education and Physics
  14. English Language
  15. French and International Relations
  16. Hospitality And Tourism Management
  17. Hotel Tourism Management
  18. Information Technology
  19. Islamic Studies
  20. Law
  21. Mass Communication
  22. Mathematics
  23. Nursing / Nursing Science
  24. Peace and Development Studies
  25. Philosophy
  26. Primary Education Studies
  27. Shipping And Maritime Technology
  28. Tourism Studies

NOUN Admission Requirements 2021/2022 Academic Session

  • An applicant for undergraduate admission into NOUN is normally expected to have a minimum of 5 O-level credits including English Language and Mathematics.
  • Additional requirements might apply for some programmes and these can be viewed after selecting the Programme and entry level at the Faculty’s admission page.
  • To apply for a programme, select the Faculty, choose the programme and entry level so that the View Requirement button is enabled. Clicking this button will reveal the corresponding entry requirement and enable the Apply button on the pre-payment application page.
  • Fill in all the remaining details on the page before submitting.
  • On successful submission of the pre-payment form, you are redirected to Remita to obtain an RRR invoice which should be used to effect payment for the application form.
  • An applicant who pays online using a payment card will automatically obtain the online form which must be filled before submission.
  • Applicants who pay through a bank branch must click on “Continue after payment”… and enter their Unique ID and RRR. They are also given the opportunity to change the Programme applied for.
  • Applicants who had paid using an RRR generated last semester or earlier must restart the application process upto the point when they are re-directed to remita. They should now use the newly generated UniqueID with the old RRR used for payment when they click Proceed after payment.
  • In all cases a successful payment will lead to the generation of an online application form which should be filled before submission online. The admission process is automated and the outcome is virtually instantaneous!

I hope you have gathered all the necessary information needed on  NOUN Courses. Feel free to leave your questions on the comments box below.

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