The Best Investment Apps for you – Latest 2019 Apps

The best Investment Apps for you: investment apps are available for in different platforms. You Want to invest but don’t have time to visit offices or use computers? Simply use any of these best investment apps to achieve your financial goals.

Nowadays, most banks and financial organizations offer mobile apps. While some are specifically for their clients, others are available for anyone to use.

You can start with as low as $3 to invest with these apps. Additionally, there are several apps where you can get vital information about money markets. These can help you take good decisions to invest.

Best Investment Apps in 2019

best investment apps

You can invest in anything from savings plans to stocks and Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), foreign currencies and commodities with these best investment apps. Also download an app that gives proper money market information.

Best Investment Apps for All

If you are just starting your journey as investor, these apps will definitely prove useful. These are one of the best investment apps for beginners. They allow you to invest small amounts of money in various attractive and profitable schemes.

1. AJ Bell YouInvest

AJ Bell is not an American home-grown financial company. It is incorporated in UK. However, Americans and people worldwide can also download this app and invest through AJ Bell, a very reputed financial company.

You can trade in stocks, ETFs and bonds around the world with AJ Bell YouInvest. To use this app, you can open an account with AJ Bell and start availing excellent investment and financial services.

This app gives updates from stock markets around the world. Standard charges apply on transactions. This is an award winning investment app.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone/ iPad/ Apple Watch & Apple TV


From leading financial media house, is an amazing investment app you should try. It provides real time updates from all major stock markets around the world. has a tracking facility. Meaning, you can track a particular stock or ETF and invest when it reaches the price you bid. helps you to develop a diverse portfolio with some of the best investment options around the world.

  • Download here for Android
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USAA is one of the best investment apps in the US. It comes from USAA, an organization of US military members. You can perform all banking activities, get quotes and buy insurance, retirement plans as well as place trades in stocks, ETFs and bonds for your portfolio.

It features Digital Assistant Access- EVA. You can speak to EVA and ask questions to get investment related news and advise.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone

4. Webull

Zero commissions, free stocks for first purchase and referrals, more stocks when your referee invests more are given by Webull, one of the very good investment apps in USA.

And this app is not a scam: it comes from a large finance company, Webull Ltd. You can track and invest in stocks and commodities market. Their referral program allows you to win free stocks. You can invest with very small amount on WeBull.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone/iPad

5. Etrade

Etrade app comes from an eponymous financial company. You can also open an online bank account with Etrade. This app allows you to place bids on choicest stocks whenever there is a price drop.

You can also avail full range of banking services. Including depositing checks and viewing balance with your bank. You can trade stocks, ETFs and other money market instruments.

Etrade app users can get a debit card from the company. Etrade offers refund of ATM charges when you use it on machines of other banks.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone/ iPad/ Apple Watch

6. iBillionaire

No trading fees, very low charges for accounts over $3,000 are some advantages of iBillionaire app. It is the only app for investment in everything from cryptocurrencies to Marijuana, space exploration and Blockchain technology alongside regular stocks and other options.

You can start your investment journey with as little as $5 with this app. You can start investing in less than five minutes after downloading iBillionaire. They collaborate with reputed banks and financial corporations.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone/ iPad

7. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is one of the best stock investment apps. This app allows you to invest in a broad spectrum of options, from stocks and ETFs to bonds and retirement schemes. You can chat with investment experts and get live feeds on money market from reliable sources like CNBC.

It allows you to perform a wide range of transactions for investing in stocks and other instruments. The app is brought to you by an eponymous financial media organization.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone/ iPad/ Apple Watch

8. Degiro

Degiro comes from the eponymous financial company. You need not be a client of Degiro to use their investment app. This app enables you to trade on almost every major stock exchange in the world.

You also get real time updates from these stock markets on price movements to plan investments. Investing in Mutual Funds, ETFs and other money market instruments is possible with Degiro.

The company is regulated under laws of the Netherlands and hence, complies with European Union standards. It is available for investors from USA.

  • Download here for Android
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Unique & Best Investing Apps

Nowadays, a wide range of options to make your money grow are available. These are not traditional ways like stocks and bonds. Pension schemes and other channels for investments are available from these apps.

9. Prudential Retirement

Prudential Retirement app is customers of financial company’s retirement plans. However, it also allows you to view and modify your retirement savings portfolio.

You can step up contributions or revamp your portfolio through this best and simple investment app. Functions are limited to Prudential and other retirement schemes only.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone/ iPad

10. Bitcoin Wallet

This is the official app from Bitcoin. It allows you to buy, sell and trade in the world’s largest and most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. It acts as a cryptocurrency wallet.

Additionally, it features resources to track Bitcoin rates, place orders for the crypto-currency, send and receive payments. You can invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Wallet.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone

11. Acorns

Looking for different ways to get rich by saving and investing change? Download Acorns. This app allows you to invest as low as $3 per day. There are multiple savings and investment options available through Acorns app.

However, you have to sign-up for an online account through their website before downloading the app.  Acorns has tie-ups with several reputed banks to offer this service.

It is ideal for students or any newbie who wish to build a portfolio of investments. This app is considered as the best stock app for beginners. You can access an Acorns account from computer or app.

  • Android: NOT AVAILABLE
  • Download here for iPhone

12. FXCM Trading Station

Invest in currencies of the world to get rich quickly. FXCM Trading Station is the best investment app to make money from price swings in foreign exchange market.

All you need is the app and a bank account. FXCM Trading Station gives live streams about upward and downward trends of a wide range of foreign currencies.

Select your currency and buy using the connected bank account. You can trade round the clock with FXCM Trading Station.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone

13. OANDA fxTrade

OANDA is one of the free investment apps. Free in sense of zero commission trading in foreign currencies, commodities and other investment options are available from OANDA fxTrade.

It allows you to invest and trade on any major money market around the world in your native currency. You can also trade in precious metals and unique money market instruments in foreign countries through OANDA fxTrade.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone/ iPad/ iMessage


APMEX app is the official app of American Precious Metals Exchange. It helps you invest in gold, silver and other precious metals. APMEX app gives live updates and spot prices of various precious metals and various investment options.

You can select any product, view it, get the latest updates and place orders to invest. You can access APMEX Vault deals with this app to get great offers.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone

15. Islamic Investors

It is the only investment app of this kind. For followers of Islam and strictures the religion places on specific investors, IdealRatings offers this app.

It allows Muslims to know whether an investment complies with strict rules about money and finances prescribed by the Islamic Sharia law.

It enables Muslims to track these Sharia compliant investment opportunities and build a portfolio. This app is ideal for Muslims that are wary of investing in conventional methods. However, investment options may be limited.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iOS devices

Miscellaneous Investment Apps

16. Robinhood

Robinhood is a very popular app among investors. It enables you to invest in ETFs, bonds, stock markets, crypto-currencies and lots more.

Though Robinhood claims that it does not charge commission from app users. However, they have a disclaimer that explicitly states: “Relevant SEC & FINRA or other fees may still apply.”

This is a good investment app that allows you to invest using any account at a bank or credit union.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone/ Apple Watch

17. Securus

Securus is an app for friends, relatives and well-wishers of people serving prison terms. It enables them to conduct several financial transactions for the incarcerated person. For instance investing, sending stamps, giving credit to make phone calls and money to buy essentials.

This app is legit and comes from an eponymous financial company in America.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone/ iPad

Best & Exclusive Investment Apps

These apps are exclusively available to clients of large financial organizations and banks. They are very reliable and trustworthy.


18. MyMerrill

I rank MyMerrill as the topmost and best investment app in America. It is exclusively for customers of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management.

This app allows you to stay in touch with financial advisers, manage Merrill Lynch and Bank of America accounts. It also helps to get real-time updates on stock markets worldwide, trade stocks and ETFs. You can buy insurance, subscribe to Mutual Funds, trade on commodities market and lots more. Standard rates for trades may apply.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone/ Apple Watch

19. Schwab Mobile

From The Charles Schwab Corporation, this superb app allows you to invest from any location in the world. It helps manage your entire investments portfolio including retirement plans, 401 and 401(k), Social Security account and lots more.

This app gives live updates on stocks and commodities markets, podcasts about investments and facility to manage bank, credit and charge card accounts. Standard rates for trades may apply.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone/ iPad/ Apple Watch

20. Chase Mobile

Chase Mobile is an exclusive and wonderful app for JP Morgan Chase Bank clients. It enables you to perform all banking activities and investments while on the go.

With Chase Mobile you can invest and trade in stocks, commodities, ETFs and bonds if you have online access to YouInvest by JP Morgan.

Live updates and consulting a Chase financial advisor, sending gift cards, money transfers and lots more activities can be done with this app. There are no charges for trades through Chase Mobile. Standard rates apply on bank accounts and transactions.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone/ iPad

21. Wells Fargo Mobile

As the name implies, this fantastic app comes from Wells Fargo & Company, a leading financial services multinational. Wells Fargo Mobile is available to customers of its banking service.

This app allows you to invest in various Wells Fargo schemes. You can trade stocks, ETFs, commodities and currencies with Wells Fargo Mobile.

Managing your bank account, credit card and other services from Wells Fargo is also possible through this app. However, you need to subscribe to certain services before availing them on the app. Standard rates may apply.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone/ iMessage

22. Fidelity NetBenefits

Fidelity NetBenefits allows you to handle all benefits from your workplace with a single app. You have to be a Fidelity client to use this app.

You can view account balances, investments in various schemes, retirement portfolio, 529 plans and brokerage folios. Investment and retirement planning from Fidelity experts is available free from this app.

Other than viewing balances, you can invest in stocks, pension schemes and lots of other options through this app, using Fidelity’s world class services. Get a free retirement score from Fidelity with this app. Standard rates may apply.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone/ iPad/ Apple Watch

Best Investment Apps for Business

Here are two apps that can help grow your business by investing worldwide or locally. As you will learn, they come from very reliable sources. These apps will help you invest in various projects around the world.

23. World Bank Group Finances

This app is specifically for business persons and companies that wish to bid and participate in World Bank projects. It offers excellent opportunities to invest in World Bank funded projects in over 100 countries across the globe.

If you own a business, check this app to win tenders around the world. World Bank Group Finances App provides information about current and upcoming tenders and business opportunities where you can invest.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone/ iPad

24. UN Procurement

Want to invest in United Nations programs and make money? Download UN Procurement app. It provides information about various projects and supplies the UN plans to execute.

You can find ample opportunities to invest in these projects and supplies. UN Procurement provides real time information to business opportunities with the UN around the world.

You can also share and transfer information related to various procurement projects internally. UN Procurement allows you to bid as supplier.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone

Best Investment Information Apps

You work hard for the money. Hence, it is essential to make your money work hard and fetch best returns. This is possible only if you update yourself with money market positions and other necessary information.

25. MarketWatch

DOW Jones’ Market Watch is a must-have app if you are investing in stocks. They provide vital insights into stocks movements, emerging trends, latest rates and a lot of other information.

Their information can help you make best investment choices. It is official DOW Jones app.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone/ iPad

26. NASDAQ Quotes

This is the official app of NASDAQ. They offer real time quotes from US stock markets, indices, stock movements, developing trends, stock market analysis and lots more.

This information can help you take informed decisions while investing on the stock market.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone/ iPad

27. CNN Money Stream

An essential app if you are a serious investor that wants to build wealth. CNN Money stream comes from Cable News Network (CNN), one of the largest media houses of the world.

It offers market data on more than 13,000 companies, 5,400 indexes and 30,000 ETFs and mutual funds. You also get expert commentaries on investments and latest financial news round the clock.

  • Download here for Android
  • Download here for iPhone/ iPad


The above list of best investment apps would be useful for every investor- small or large. Usually, the best investment apps come from banks and financial corporations as well as reputed financial technology companies.

A word of caution before you download and use any investment app. Ensure they come from a legit and verifiable source like bank or financial company. There are several scammers that also offer impressive sounding apps.

However, they flee with your money and commit identity thefts. The above list should help you select the right one that suits your needs.

Remember to check their transaction fees and charges before selecting one. Also, ensure your smartphone or mobile device has no software like AnyDesk. Such software enables hackers to access these apps and steal your financial information as well as investments.

I hope the article above, on the topic ‘the best Investment Apps for you’, was very helpful to you. The above information was gathered from different sources to serve you better. kindly share it with friends on any of the social media below.

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