How to Protect your Lottery Ticket

How to Protect your Lottery Ticket. Are you planning on winning a lottery? There are tips to follow to protect your Lottery Ticket. I assure, Your winning lottery ticket is at great risk. There are countless instances where otherwise ordinary and honest people have stolen winning lottery tickets from coworkers, colleagues, friends and even relatives.

How to Protect your Lottery Ticket

How to Protect your Lottery Ticket

Who would not be lured by the thought of becoming an overnight millionaire? In fact, your very life could be at great risk if people know you carry a winning lottery ticket in your pocket or purse or keep it unguarded at home.

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The best way to safeguard your ticket is by keeping in a safe at your bank. Make scans and photocopies of your ticket. If you have a trusted attorney, keep the ticket with the law firm, sealed in an envelope.

Always sign your lottery ticket and keep receipts and other proof of purchase handy every time. You may need them while claiming the prize or in the unfortunate event if your lottery ticket gets stolen.

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