How to Prepare for Jamb 2020/2021: See tips to Pass Successfully at First Sitting

Hello friends, I want to use this opportunity to address everyone who has been calling on my phone line asking me some questions like; How to Prepare for Jamb 2020,How to pass Jamb successfully at first siting and Jamb secret

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Am going to use this medium to iron out these issues one after the other.

Having money to go the cyber cafe to register for Jamb is
one thing and knowing how to go about the procedures to passing it is another vital issue. No one will love to spend his money on what he knows will not be successful.

How to Prepare for Jamb

How to Prepare for Jamb 2020|How to pass Jamb successfully at first siting

 If you have bought Jamb form 2020/2021 and register accordingly, what you now need is to understand what you are about to enter, how to go about it and how to become successful in it. 

Therefore, this is why I decided to come up with this post which addresses frequently asked questions like; How to Prepare for Jamb 2020, How to pass Jamb successfully at first siting, Jamb secret

Every person who has not taken Jamb test before is bound to ask questions like these. You are very right because you need to know the basic things you should do in other for you to pass it at your first sitting. Below are the answers to this questions.

How to Prepare for Jamb 2020

As a matter of fact, you do not absolutely need to pay anybody to lecture you on How to Prepare for Jamb 2020 because this post is here to give you a full, detailed and straight to the point guide on How to Prepare for Jamb 2020

So many candidates do go back home and relax after buying and registering for Jamb, only to surface the day they are to write the exams. Is this the right thing to do? Certainly not, because if you do like that, you are only working hard to fail and continue to buy Jamb form every year. In this case, l am going to outline those things you should do after you have finished registering for Jamb. This am quite sure will help you to know How to Prepare for Jamb 2020 with no stress.
    1. Prayer: For me, this is the first thing you should do before you start anything in live. Remember that what you are pursuing is also being pursued by billions out there, so it takes only the hand of God for you to succeed.
    2. Be Time Conscious: Time, as we know, is an uncontrollable factor. You cannot manipulate it to work the way you want and as a matter of fact, Jamb as and organization likes keeping to their time. Once you register for Jamb, do not go and relax fanning your self that you are done or assuming that the time is still much for you to do some other things and then attend to Jamb matters letter. I tell you that before you know it, it will be in the exams hall. A stitch in time serves nine they say. Since you have successfully registered, keeping to time will greatly help you to know How to Prepare for Jamb 2020/2021.
  1. Attend Tutorials Organized for Jamb Candidates: After you might have had in mine that keeping to time will greatly help you to know How to Prepare for Jamb 2020/2021, the next thing to do in other to make use of that time wisely is to attend Jamb classes. I am very sure that in your area, there is a Jamb preparatory classes that is going on, make your self available there at the schedule time, pay the tuition fee which is always at token compared to the knowledge you will get. Now, make sure that you do not miss the class any day because the topic for that day you missed will not fail to appear in your question paper during your exams.
  2. Revised what you have been thought: Repetition they say is the key to retention. If you dump what you have been thought for a particular day without revising it, brother or sister, you are planning to fail because the whole time you put in it will be a waste. It would have been better if you had not attended the class, than for you to attend, pay fees and still do not get anything out of it. There are many guys out there who are very good in the tutoring business, therefore, work as harder as you can to get the best from them as this will go a long way to helping you on How to Prepare for Jamb 2020.
  3. Do not plan for any brain support: For you to thing of any form of malpractice will not be of any help to you. These days, brain support which are against the rule of examination do not help anymore in Jamb. I personally think that if you want to pass at first sitting, do not think of involving your self in any form of malpractice as this is not only against exams rule but also against the rule of knowing How to Prepare for Jamb 2020.
  4. Read with JAMB Syllabus: While reading, make sure that you use the JAMB Syllabus for 2020/2021. This is what will help you to pass JAMB successfully at one sitting.


Having known the basic things to do in order to know How to Prepare for Jamb 2019, it is also very important for you to know what to do in order to pass Jamb successfully at first siting.

How to pass Jamb successfully at first siting

How to pass Jamb successfully at first siting is always the dream of every candidate who applies for Jamb. No one would love to be a customer to Jamb, therefore, passing Jamb successfully at first siting is always important in order to avoid continuous buying of the form.
What to do is very simple, 
  1. Know when you are supposed to write your exams. By this I mean the date which has been scheduled for you.
  2. Check the instruction to know those items to be brought into the exams hall. Go there with the complete items without missing anyone or adding more than what you are told.
  3. Register Jamb at an approved center. This item is very crucial as far as knowing How to pass Jamb successfully at first siting is concerned. Jamb will not honour your application if you register in a center that is not approved by them.
  4. Visit your venue before the exam time. This will help you to arrive early on the day of the exams since you have already known the place.

So many people do like to ask the next question we are about to consider. Knowing the correct answer to this question is not the issue. The main thing is for you to dot all your Is and cross all your Ts then you are ready whether you know Jamb secret or not.

Jamb secret 

Jamb secret is to obey all the instructions given above. I assure you that if you follow the guidelines as written, you will not fail to smile in the end. 

So, to conclude the whole matter, you have to take note of time, attend tutorials, revise what you were thought, be free from all malpractice. This is how to prepare for jamb 2019 and pass successfully at one sitting.

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