How To Block Page In Facebook | Complete guide

Welcome to our article on How To Block Page In Facebook. With an individual Facebook account, you can block an additional customer making use of the privacy settings. These settings are not offered on Facebook business web pages, however, you could outlaw customers in other ways.

You could ban someone from your page’s admin panel, from a post the individual created on the page Timeline or from a comment the person made on a condition you posted on your page. Whatever technique you use, the individual will be Permanently blocked from accessing your business page.

How To Block Page In Facebook

How To Block Page In Facebook


How To Block Someone From A Facebook Page

Admin Panel

1. Click on your business name from the drop-down menu underneath the arrow on the menu bar of your Facebook page. Click the “Show” switch on business page to open up the Admin Panel.

2. Click the “See All” web link in the New Likes section to watch the list of individuals that like your business page.

3. Click the “X” alongside the name of the individual you wish to block. Select the “Ban Permanently” check box on the Get rid of confirmation box and also click “Okay” to get rid of and block that individual.

4. Click the “Hide” switch to shut the Admin Panel.

Timeline Post

1. Click the “X” near the individual’s name on a message they posted on the page.

2. Pick “Delete” from the drop-down menu.

3. Click “Delete and Ban User” to remove the Post from business page as well as block the person from the page.


1. Indicate a comment the person made on any Post on your business Timeline. Click the “X” that shows up to the right of the Post. A message mentioning, “You’ve Hidden This Comment So Only The Person Who Wrote It And Their Friends Can See It. Undo This Or Delete This Comment” appears.

2. Click “Delete This Comment”

3. Click the “Ban (User Name)” web link in the line that states “You Can Also Report It as Abusive, or Ban (User Name)”.

Suggestion: You can see a list of prohibited individuals from the admin panel. Click “See All” in the New Likes section as well as choose “Banned” in individuals Who Similar to this list drop-down menu. Click “Unban” if you wish to permit the person to access your page once more.

Incentive: The Best Ways To Block a Facebook page.

1. Link your Facebook account, as well as click Settings:


How To Block Page In Facebook

2. Click Blocking:


How To Block Page In Facebook

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and kind the name of the page in the Block Pages area:


How To Block Page In Facebook

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