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Tucked away in the southeastern part of Nigeria, Imo State is an often-overlooked treasure trove of cultural heritage, natural beauty, and historical significance. This state, located in the heart of the Igbo-speaking region, offers a rich tapestry of experiences that beckon travelers seeking an authentic glimpse into Nigeria’s vibrant and diverse culture. From serene lakes and lush forests to art centers and cultural festivals, Imo State has the best tourist attractions to those who are willing to explore its hidden gems.

However, Imo State’s natural beauty shines through with Oguta Lake, one of the largest natural lakes in Nigeria. Nestled amidst greenery and offering a tranquil environment, Oguta Lake provides a perfect escape for nature enthusiasts and water sports enthusiasts alike. Also, the state’s cultural heritage is proudly displayed at the Mbari Cultural and Art Centre, a place where traditional Igbo art and sculptures take center stage, allowing visitors to connect with the roots of the region’s artistic traditions.

Overall, Owerri, the capital city, boasts attractions like the Owerri City Amusement Park, where families can create lasting memories of fun and adventure. As history unfolds at the Oguta War Museum and the tranquil Ngwu Pine Forest beckons nature lovers, Imo State proves that it has something for everyone.

Best Tourist Attractions in Imo State

1. Oguta Lake and Resort:

Oguta Lake is one of the largest natural lakes in Nigeria and a breathtaking tourist destination in Imo State. This expansive body of water is surrounded by lush greenery and offers visitors the chance to enjoy boat rides, picnics, and water sports. The Oguta Lake and Resort, located on its shores, provides accommodations, a golf course, and a serene environment for relaxation and leisure.

2. Mbari Cultural and Art Centre:

Imo State’s cultural heritage comes to life at the Mbari Cultural and Art Centre in Owerri. This cultural center serves as a showcase for traditional Igbo art, sculptures, and artifacts. Visitors can explore the open-air gallery, interact with local artists, and gain a deeper understanding of Igbo culture and artistic traditions.

3. Owerri City Amusement Park:

Located in the state capital, Owerri, this amusement park is a favorite destination for families and thrill-seekers. It offers a variety of rides, games, and recreational activities, making it an ideal place for a day of fun and entertainment with loved ones.

4. Oguta War Museum:

The Oguta War Museum is a historical treasure that offers insight into Nigeria’s past. It houses a collection of artifacts, documents, and exhibitions that depict the history and culture of the Igbo people, as well as the impact of colonialism and wars on the region. It serves as an educational and enlightening destination for history enthusiasts.

5. Ngwu Pine Forest:

Ngwu Pine Forest, situated in Aboh Mbaise, is a serene natural retreat. Towering pine trees create a cool and refreshing environment, perfect for hiking, picnics, and relaxation. Nature lovers will appreciate the tranquility and beauty of this outdoor haven.

6. Oguta Wonder Lake Resort:

The Oguta Wonder Lake Resort is a haven for water enthusiasts. It features a vast artificial lake that offers opportunities for boating, fishing, and other water-based activities. The resort’s well-maintained facilities and beautiful surroundings make it a top destination for leisure and adventure.

7. Ahiajoku Festival:

Imo State’s cultural richness is celebrated annually at the Ahiajoku Festival. This lively event pays tribute to the state’s agricultural heritage and diverse culture through traditional dances, music performances, and culinary experiences. It provides a unique opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in Igbo traditions and festive celebrations.

8. Akwakuma Junction Roundabout:

This iconic roundabout in Owerri is famous for its striking sculpture of a mother and child. The sculpture serves as a symbol of maternal love and care and has become a recognizable landmark in the city. It’s a must-see for those exploring Owerri’s urban landscape.


What is Imo State known for?

  1. Cultural Heritage: Imo State is renowned for its cultural diversity and preservation of Igbo traditions. The state’s cultural heartbeat is felt at places like the Mbari Cultural and Art Centre, where traditional Igbo art, sculptures, and artifacts take center stage. Visitors have the opportunity to engage with local artists and immerse themselves in the artistic legacy of the Igbo people. Imo State’s cultural festivals, including the annual Ahiajoku Festival, offer a vibrant celebration of its agricultural heritage and showcase traditional dances, music, and culinary delights.
  2. Natural Beauty: Imo State’s natural beauty is a significant draw for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Oguta Lake, one of the largest natural lakes in Nigeria, stands as a testament to the state’s stunning landscapes. It provides a serene setting for boating, picnics, and water sports, making it a favorite spot for leisure and relaxation. The Ngwu Pine Forest offers an escape into the cool embrace of towering pine trees, perfect for hiking and outdoor picnics.
  3. Historical Significance: Imo State’s historical significance is evident at places like the Oguta War Museum, which houses artifacts and exhibitions that shed light on the state’s past and the impact of colonialism and conflicts. These historical sites offer visitors a chance to connect with the region’s history and gain a deeper understanding of its roots.

What is are the major towns in Imo State?

While Owerri stands as the capital and largest city, there are several other key urban centers in the state that play pivotal roles in its development and character. Let’s take a closer look at some of the major towns in Imo State. Some of them are:

  • Owerri
  • Oguta
  • Aboh Mbaise
  • Okigwe
  • Orlu
  • Mbaise
  • Nkwerre
  • Ikeduru

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