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We are delighted to offer you this fascinating look at Edo State’s healthcare employment prospects for 2024. This article explores the variety of professions that are available in the healthcare industry in the region, highlighting the urgent need for qualified individuals to support the state’s medical infrastructure.

Whether you’re an experienced physician, a budding healthcare assistant, or an IT specialist with a preference for the medical field, Edo State provides a wide range of roles that guarantee both career satisfaction and community influence.

Edo State is not an exception to the rising need for healthcare professionals worldwide, with a thriving employment market full of opportunities.

Brief overview of healthcare jobs in Edo State

In Edo State, there are several opportunities available in the healthcare industry across various institutions. Here’s a quick rundown:

Edo Specialist Hospital:

  • Healthcare Assistants: Assist healthcare professionals with direct patient care tasks.
  • Accountants: Handle financial transactions and reports.
  • Dental Officers: Provide dental care services.
  • Dental Technicians: Support dental officers with dental materials and equipment.
  • Drivers: Transport patients and medical supplies.
  • Human Resources Officers: Manage employee relations and recruitment.
  • Quality Assurance/Audit Officers: Implement quality assurance programs and conduct audits.
  • Medical Laboratory Scientists: Perform laboratory tests and analyze results.
  • Medical Officers: Provide medical care and perform procedures.
  • Nursing Officers: Deliver nursing care and administer medications.
  • Radiologists: Interpret medical images for diagnosis.

Lily Hospitals:

  • Fertility Nurse Trainee: Provide care in fertility treatments.
  • IT Administrator/Officer: Manage IT infrastructure.
  • Pharmacologist: Conduct research and develop new drugs.
  • Brewery Medical Doctor: Oversee health services in industrial settings.

There are also opportunities in community health and various other healthcare roles in the state. The job market is competitive, with full-time, temporary, and part-time positions available.

Demand for Healthcare Jobs in 2024

The demand for healthcare jobs in Edo State in 2024 is quite significant. To strengthen health sector reforms, the Edo State Government has started hiring more than 700 medical experts. Intending to establish at least one operational primary health center in each ward and a total of at least 192 completely operational centers, this recruiting drive is a component of a larger initiative to enhance the primary healthcare system.

Nurse practitioners are predicted to expand at one of the fastest rates in the healthcare industry between 2019 and 2029, with a growth rate of almost 52%. This is in line with a global trend whereby employment in the healthcare industry is expected to expand by around 2.4 million new jobs by 2029, much higher than the average growth rate for all vocations.

It’s best to concentrate on regions of Edo State that are expanding quickly and have a strong need for qualified workers if you’re interested in a career in healthcare. Among the health professions with the quickest growth are nurse practitioners, emergency and critical care respiratory therapists, and other specialty positions.

Because technology will be the main driving force behind the healthcare development agency, it is imperative that applicants possess computer literacy. An oral interview follows a computer-based test as part of the hiring process. For individuals who are qualified and keen to contribute to the healthcare industry, there are many of chances in Edo State at this exciting moment for healthcare professionals.

Current Healthcare Jobs Available

Here are some of the current healthcare job openings in Edo State:

  1. Fertility Nurse Trainee at Lily Hospitals: Involved in providing care in fertility treatments.
  2. IT Administrator/Officer at Lily Hospitals Limited: Responsible for managing IT infrastructure.
  3. Pharmacologist at Lily Hospitals Limited: Conducts research and develops new drugs or improves existing medications.
  4. Brewery Medical Doctor at Nigerian Breweries Plc: Oversees health services in industrial settings.
  5. Driller at Dangote: Operates drilling equipment and ensures safety compliance.
  6. Agric Technical Officer at Raedial Farms: Supports plantation workers and monitors crop health.
  7. Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist at Lily Hospitals Limited: Provides comprehensive obstetric and gynecological care to patients.

These positions reflect a diverse range of opportunities within the healthcare sector in Edo State.

Current Teaching Positions in Healthcare

In Edo State, there are several teaching posts available in the healthcare industry. Some of the current positions are as follows:

  1. Teachers (Nursery & Primary): Required to have NCE, Diploma, HND, or Bachelor’s Degree in relevant fields and in-depth knowledge of teaching methods.
  2. Licensed Pharmacist: To provide medication management and consultation services.
  3. Home Economics Teacher: Passionate about teaching and skilled in motivating young people to learn.

Apart from that, the EdoBEST program is being run by the Edo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), and it is looking for applications from capable and tech-savvy people for different teaching roles in all 18 Local Government Areas.Subject/classroom teachers and learning and development officers are among these jobs.

What are the requirements for healthcare employment in Edo State?

Depending on the exact role, different qualifications will apply for healthcare positions in Edo State in 2024, however, the following are common requirements:

Medical Doctor (CONMESS 03):

  • Registration with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (M.D.C.N).
  • More than one year of post-registration/cognate experience.
  • Age less than forty years.

Nurse / Midwife (CONHESS 07):

  • RN & RM qualification and registration with the Nursing and Midwife Council of Nigeria.
  • More than one year of post-registration/cognate experience.
  • Age less than thirty-five years.

Community Health Extension Worker (Technician) (CONHESS 06):

  • WAEC Certificate / SSCE.
  • Completion of a three-year training program from a recognized Health Institution and registration with the National Council for Community Health Practice Board of Nigeria for Technician Cadre.
  • More than one year of post-registration/cognate experience.
  • Age less than thirty years.

Pharmacy Technician (CONHESS 06):

  • Relevant certification and registration with the appropriate statutory professional body in Nigeria.
  • Computer literacy is an added advantage.

General Requirements:

  • At least 5 credit passes in WASSCE.
  • B.Sc, B.A, and NYSC discharge certificates or exemption letters can be an added advantage.
  • A valid means of identification (national ID card, international passport, driver’s license, or permanent voter card).
  • A valid certificate of origin.

These requirements are meant to guarantee that applicants are ready to have a positive impact on Edo State’s healthcare industry. If you fit the requirements and would want to apply, this is a fantastic chance for you to contribute to the advancement of the healthcare system.

How to Apply for Healthcare Jobs in Edo State

These common procedures can be used to apply for positions in the healthcare industry in Edo State:

  1. Identify the Position: Determine which healthcare role you are interested in and ensure you meet the qualifications required for the job.
  2. Visit Official Websites: Go to the official websites of the healthcare institutions or government agencies offering the jobs. For example, the Edo Specialist Hospital has a dedicated recruitment page.
  3. Create an Account: Some websites may require you to create an account with them to apply for jobs. Make sure to have an active email and password ready.
  4. Fill Out the Application Form: Complete the online application form with accurate information about your qualifications and experience.
  5. Attach Credentials: Attach clear scanned copies of your credentials, certifications, and any other required documents.
  6. Submit the Application: Review your application for completeness and accuracy before submitting it


What are the most in-demand healthcare jobs in Edo State?

In Edo State, the most sought-after healthcare occupations for 2024 will encompass a range of roles that correspond with the general trends in healthcare employment. These are a few of the important positions that are in great demand:

1. Nurse Practitioners (NPs):

NPs are highly trained nurses with advanced degrees who can diagnose and treat illnesses, prescribe medications, and manage patient care. They are expected to see a growth rate of about 52% from 2019 to 2029, making it one of the fastest-growing roles in healthcare.

2. Home Health and Personal Care Aides:

These professionals assist people with disabilities and chronic illnesses, often working in individual homes or group homes. The demand for these roles is increasing due to an aging population and a preference for in-home care over nursing homes.

3. Healthcare Assistants (HCAs):

HCAs support healthcare professionals by providing direct patient care, such as bathing, feeding, and helping patients move around. They also maintain cleanliness and organization in patient care areas.

4. Specialized Therapists:

Roles such as audiologists, radiation therapists, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, and surgical technologists are among this year’s most in-demand healthcare jobs.

5. Medical Assistants:

Medical assistants perform administrative and clinical tasks in healthcare facilities, supporting the work of physicians and other health professionals.

These are five more in-demand healthcare positions in Edo State.

  • Medical Laboratory Scientists
  • Radiologists
  • Dental Officers
  • Pharmacy Technicians
  • Quality Assurance/Audit Officers

How can I improve my chances of getting hired?

Improving your chances of getting hired, especially in the healthcare sector, involves a combination of preparation, presentation, and networking. Here are some tips to help you stand out:

  1. Tailor Your Resume: Customize your resume for each job application to highlight relevant experience and skills.
  2. Professional Online Presence: Maintain an up-to-date profile on job platforms and ensure it is complete to attract employers.
  3. Prepare for Interviews: Research common interview questions, dress professionally, and be punctual.
  4. Networking: Build a professional network through internships, clinical rotations, and industry events.
  5. Stay Informed: Keep abreast of the latest trends and advancements in healthcare to discuss during interviews.
  6. Soft Skills: Demonstrate strong communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.
  7. Follow Up: After interviews, send a thank-you note and express your continued interest in the position

What are the typical salaries for healthcare jobs?

The civil service grade levels determine the usual wages for healthcare positions in Edo State in 2024. An outline of the pay ranges for the various grade levels is shown below:

  • Grade Level 01: Entry-level positions, such as office assistants, drivers, and cleaners, earn between ₦40,000 to ₦47,000 per month.
  • Grade Level 02: Roles like clerical officers and accounts clerks earn between ₦51,000 to ₦59,500 monthly.
  • Grade Level 03: Executive officers, who carry out more complex clerical and administrative duties, earn from ₦62,000 up to ₦69,000 per month.
  • Grade Level 04: This level includes more specialized roles, with salaries ranging from ₦72,500 to ₦75,000.

Salary ranges for healthcare workers might change depending on their experience level, area of expertise, and employer. For instance, due to the specialist nature of the profession and the prerequisites, a medical doctor’s beginning wage may be more than the general grade level.

What are the benefits of teaching positions in healthcare?

Healthcare teaching jobs in Edo State come with several advantages that may be both personally and professionally gratifying. Here are a few of the main advantages:

1. Professional Development:

  • Opportunities for continuous learning and professional growth through workshops, seminars, and conferences.
  • Engagement in research activities and contribution to the advancement of medical knowledge.

2. Competitive Salaries and Allowances:

  • Attractive salary packages that are commensurate with qualifications and experience.
  • Additional allowances for housing, transportation, and other living expenses.

3. Job Security:

  • Stable employment with the government or reputable private institutions.
  • Pension schemes and gratuity benefits upon retirement.

4. Work-Life Balance:

  • Structured work schedules that allow for personal time and family life.
  • Paid leave, including annual leave, maternity/paternity leave, and sick leave.

5. Making a Difference:

  • The chance to shape the future of healthcare by training and mentoring the next generation of healthcare professionals.
  • A role in improving healthcare outcomes in the community by educating individuals who will serve in various capacities within the healthcare system.

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