GOTV Nigeria: Latest Gotv Nigerian Guides

Welcome to GOTV Nigeria Latest guide. This page is aiming at updating Customer on the latest GOTV Nigeria and services available for all Users. Many people who have not gotten much knowledge on the latest GOTV Nigeria can take advantage of this guide. For someone who is planning of buying GOtv, the first thing they normally ask is the list of GOtv latest guides so as to know what to consider. I equally asked the same question when I was considering opting in for GOtv but unfortunately, I wasn’t opportune to gather all ideas, so I have decided to put down the  Latest GOTV Nigeria guides.

GOTV Nigeria: Latest Gotv Nigeria Guides

On this is a page we will highlight on the  gotv Nigeria. The GOTV channels list, GOTV packages, and price. How to clear GOTV Errors and Pay for GOTV online. gotv 2019 guide

Multichoice Nigeria are the makers of GoTv Nigeria. They are also the owner of the very popular DSTV pay television platform.

One major difference between DSTV & GOTV is that DSTV is satellite based while GoTv deploys its service with DVB-T2 – a new digital terrestrial broadcast technology.

GoTv is also available in Zambia where it’s called GoTv Zambia. There’s also GoTv Uganda, GoTv Ghana, GoTv Malawi, GoTv Mamibia, GoTv Zimbabwe, and GoTv Kenya. Check out everything you need to know about Go Tv in Nigeria.

Prospective gotv Customer?

If you’re considering getting the gotv nigeria package?

Here is what you need to know.

To help you make that decision.

Gotv now has 4 subscription plans.

The highest on the list is the now gotv max. It cost N3200 per month.

Other gotv subscription plans are Gotv plusGotv value and Gotv lite.

The gotv plus subscription cost N1900 per month. The value plan is N1250 p/m. While the lite subscription cost N400 monthly.

What next? GOTV Set Up

Now that you know what you’re getting into.

How much does it cost to set up.

How much is gotv decoder in Nigeria? The cost is now 6,900 NGN.

To set up you gotv, you need the GOTV starter kit. It consist of Decoder + GOtenna + 1 month GOTV Max subscription.

The starter kit cost N6,900

So the your first Gotv price is N6,900.

Gotv Channels List

Before you make that buy.

It is a good idea to know how much entertainment/politics/sports you will be getting.

This part outlines the updated list of gotv channels for the bouquets.

Yeah, all of them.

See the complete gotv channel list for all bouquets (Plus, Value & Lite.)

Gotv Max – 3200 per month 67 channels

This is the brand new gotv bouquet – It’s called GOTV Max. The value is proposition is “With GOtv Max you can treat yourself to the widest variety of choice entertainment including the best choice of sport.”

And it does have SS1, SS2, SS3 & SS4. These supersport channels – especially 3 & 4 will show some European Premier League and Champion League Matches.

Below is the complete gotv max channels list available on the Max plan:

  1. Discovery Family
  2. Nat Geo Wild
  3. Spice TV
  4. SuperSport Blitz
  5. SuperSport Select 1
  6. SuperSport Select 2
  7. SupersSport Select 3
  8. SuperSport Select 4
  9. SuperSport Select 5
  10. ITV Benin
  11. BISCON tv
  12. Tiwa n Tiwa
  13. RAVE
  14. R2TV
  15. NTA I
  16. Silverbird
  17. AIT
  18. Channels
  19. MiTV
  20. Lagos TV
  21. Lagos TV
  22. Wazobia Max
  23. Arewa 24
  24. WAP
  25. ONMAX
  26. Nickelodeon
  27. Disney Junior
  28. JimJam
  29. MTV Base
  30. Hip TV
  31. AFRO Music English
  32. Sound City
  33. Planet Radio TV
  34. Faith Broadcast Network
  35. Islam Channel
  36. Emmanuel TV
  37. Dove TV
  38. eTV Africa
  39. BBC World News
  40. CNN International
  41. Al Jazeera
  42. Arise News
  43. TVC News
  44. GO Channel
  45. Telemundo
  46. E! Entertainment Television
  47. FOX
  48. FOX Life
  49. Sony Max
  50. BET International
  51. CBS Reality
  52. M-Net Movies Zone
  53. Eva +
  54. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  55. AfricaMagic Family
  56. AfricaMagic Hausa
  57. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  58. AfricaMagic Igbo
  59. ROK 2
  60. ROK 3
  61. Televista
  62. Trybe
  63. star Life
  64. Galaxy TV
  65. B4U Movies
  66. Zee World
  67. Trybe tv

For Gotv Plus – 1900 per month – 60 Channels

Below are the 60 channels on the gotv plus plan.

  1. Discovery Family
  2. Nat Geo Wild
  3. Spice TV
  4. SuperSport Blitz
  5. SuperSport Select 1
  6. SuperSport Select 2
  7. SupersSport Select 3
  8. ITV Benin
  9. BISCON tv
  10. Liberty TV
  11. Tiwa n Tiwa
  12. RAVE
  13. R2TV
  14. NTA I
  15. Silverbird
  16. AIT
  17. Channels
  18. MiTV
  19. Lagos TV
  20. Wazobia Max
  21. Arewa 24
  22. WAP
  23. ONMAX
  24. Nickelodeon
  25. Disney Junior
  26. JimJam
  27. MTV Base
  28. Hip TV
  29. AFRO Music English
  30. Sound City
  31. Planet Radio TV
  32. Faith Broadcast Network
  33. Islam Channel
  34. Emmanuel TV
  35. Dove TV
  36. eTV Africa
  37. BBC World News
  38. CNN International
  39. Al Jazeera
  40. Arise News
  41. TVC News
  42. GO Channel
  43. Telemundo
  44. E! Entertainment Television
  45. M-Net Movies Zone
  46. Eva +
  47. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  48. AfricaMagic Family
  49. AfricaMagic Hausa
  50. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  51. AfricaMagic Igbo
  52. Zee World
  53. ROK 3
  54. TVC Entertainment
  55. Televista
  56. Trybe
  57. Galaxy TV
  58. B4U Movies
  59. FOX Life
  60. Trybe tv

GOTV Value – N1250 per month – 43 Channels

See the complete channel list for the gotv value subscription plan.

  1. Spice TV
  2. SuperSport Blitz
  3. SuperSport Select 1
  4. Liberty TV
  5. Tiwa n Tiwa
  6. RAVE
  7. R2TV
  8. NTA I
  9. Silverbird
  10. AIT
  11. Channels
  12. MiTV
  13. Lagos TV
  14. Wazobia Max
  15. Arewa 24
  16. WAP
  17. GO Channel
  18. E! Entertainment Television
  19. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  20. AfricaMagic Hausa
  21. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  22. AfricaMagic Igbo
  23. ROK 3
  24. TVC Entertainment
  25. Trybe
  26. Galaxy TV
  27. Nickelodeon
  28. JimJam
  29. AFRO Music English
  30. Sound City
  31. Planet Radio TV
  32. Faith Broadcast Network
  33. Islam Channel
  34. Emmanuel TV
  35. Dove TV
  36. eTV Africa
  37. Al Jazeera
  38. Arise News
  39. TVC News

Gotv lite – N400 per month – 23 Channels

Below is the complete list of gotv lite channels.

  1. SuperSport Blitz
  2. Liberty TV
  3. RAVE
  4. NTA I
  5. Silverbird
  6. AIT
  7. Channels
  8. MiTV
  9. Lagos TV
  10. Wazobia Max
  11. WAP
  12. GO Channel
  13. ROK 3
  14. TVC Entertainment
  15. Galaxy TV
  16. JimJam
  17. AFRO Music English
  18. Faith Broadcast Network
  19. Islam Channel
  20. Emmanuel TV
  21. Dove TV
  22. Al Jazeera
  23. TVC News

GoTv Bouquet Nigeria.

During the last update, GoTv Nigeria had only three bouquets(and they’re quite pocket-friendly). GoTv Nigeria bouquets includes.

  • GoTv Max Package which costs 3200 Naira per month offers 67 general entertainment channels with 7 local.
  • GoTv Plus Package which costs 1900 Naira per month offers 60 general entertainment channels with 7 local.
  • GoTv Value Package which costs 1250 Naira per month offers 39 general entertainment channels with 7 local.
  • GoTv Lite Package which costs 400 Naira for three months offers 23 general entertainment channels with 10 local channels.

Use the Link below to Browse around

Pay Gotv Online

Here is how to pay your gotv subscription online.

GOTV Nigeria Customer Care Contact

See Gotv Nigeria customer care contact details below

gotv cc phone08039044688
gotv nigeria email[email protected]
gotv ng twitter handle
gotv ng facebook
gotv ng website
gotv shortcode4688
gotv nigeria ussd*288*1#
gotv contact addressPlot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street Victoria Island Lagos State.

Where to Buy GOTV?

Looking for a place to buy, fix or subscribe your GOTV? Yes. There are gotv dealers scattered all over the country. These dealers have been carefully arranged on a new dealers page at the gotv website. find a dealer close to you.

Fix GOTV Errors (E16 & E30) Online

There’s an online platform where you can go clear all your gotv errors – both E16 or E30 errors. You can fix them both on the gotv special page. All that is required is your gotv IUC number.

GOTV Nigeria: Latest Gotv Nigeria Guides summary

The GOTV channels list,

GOTV packages, and price.

How to clear GOTV Errors and Pay for GOTV online.

GOTV 2019 guide

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