Free Recharge Cards and Online Jobs

Free Recharge Cards and Online Jobs is here for you. There is no time to start telling stories concerning these free packages. team has decided to come out with some free packages for students and the working-class with details given below:

We have two major packages which include:

  1. Online Free Recharge Card for MTN, Airtel, and Glo
  2. Online Jobs to deliver from the comfort of your house.

1.Online Free Recharge Cards

Anybody can access this page for Free Recharge cards which will be made available at any time. We will update at least three times a day.

Be the first to recharge!

MTN: 00898980751886455 (Updated: 1:30pm)

AIrtel: 0965563615974773 (updated: 8:13pm)

GLO: Getting Ready

Please do not be greedy, share the link to your friends on social media networks ( Facebook groups, Whatsapp groups, etc). We want to reach out to many.

Online Jobs Jobs For Students and Graduates

We wish to get the best ideas from people around so as to serve our readers and customers well. We need people that are good from the following areas:

  • Graphic Designs
  • Article Writing ( Summary and Creative Writing)
  • Entrepreneurial/Business ideas, etc
  • Data Analysis, etc.

How Jobs will be done

  1. People will be required to email their proposal which will not be more than 60 (sixty) words to [email protected]
  2. A task will be given to someone with the best proposal to deliver the job and gets paid directly to his or her bank account. Remember we need creativity in every job delivered.

We are waiting for responses from the general public before we can start this package, but the online free recharge card package is still ongoing. please try and share so that we can get suggestions from people out there. You are advised to use the comment box below for your comment.


  • Do not reply to any mail apart from the one given above (Always confirm the mail to avoid interaction with the wrong people)
  • Every payment will require ONLY your BANK NAME, ACCOUNT NAME, AND ACCOUNT NUMBER ( Do NOT give out any secrete details concerning your Bank account)
  • You will get your money through transfer directly to your bank within 24 hours after delivering the task.

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