Andorra Work Permit and Visa 2024 | Cost, Eligibility, Agencies, Processing time, etc

Andorra, a small principality nestled in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain, is known for its picturesque landscapes, charming villages, and a thriving tourism industry. As individuals increasingly seek opportunities in this unique European destination, understanding the Andorra  work permit and visa process becomes essential. In this article, we will guide you through the steps necessary to obtain legal permission to work and reside in Andorra.

However, seasonal Work Permits are designed for foreigners who plan to live and work in Andorra temporarily. These individuals can enter the country the same way as a tourist, but they’ll need to leave as soon as their work contract ends. Also, Passive Residency Permits are for foreign nationals who plan to remain in Andorra for more than 90 days without working in the country. These individuals must contribute to the Andorran economy by investing.

Overall, Active Residency Permits are for foreign nationals who live and work in Andorra. These permits are available to self-employed foreigners as well as those who have contracts to work for local companies. To obtain an Andorra Work Visa, foreign nationals planning to live and work in Andorra will need to present a variety of documents in support of their application. This includes a passport, photographs, a certificate of a clean criminal record in the country of origin, a certificate of marital status, and a certificate of residence status.

Types of Work Permits and Visas in Andorra

Andorra, while not an EU member, has specific regulations governing the entry and residence of foreign nationals. The principality offers various types of permits and visas, including:

  1. Work Permit: The Work Permit is a primary requirement for foreign nationals seeking employment in Andorra. It is typically linked to a specific job and employer.
  2. Passive Residency: Andorra also offers a Passive Residency option for individuals who wish to reside in the country without engaging in professional activities. This is suitable for retirees or those with independent financial means.
  3. Business Permit: Entrepreneurs and investors looking to establish a business in Andorra can apply for a Business Permit, allowing them to engage in commercial activities.

Andorra Visa Application Process

  1. Job Offer or Business Plan: To apply for a Work Permit or Business Permit, securing a job offer from an Andorran employer or developing a comprehensive business plan is a critical initial step.
  2. Legal Representative: Foreign nationals often appoint a legal representative in Andorra, such as a lawyer or a designated individual, to assist with the application process.
  3. Gather Required Documents: Commonly required documents for work permits and visas in Andorra include a valid passport, proof of financial means, a job offer letter or business plan, health insurance, and a criminal record certificate.
  4. Permit Application: Submit your permit application, along with all necessary documents, to the Andorran Immigration Department. Your legal representative or employer in Andorra may assist with the application process.
  5. Review and Approval: The Andorran authorities will review your application, considering factors such as the job market, your qualifications, and the economic impact of your presence in the country.
  6. Medical Examination: Depending on the type of permit and your circumstances, you may be required to undergo a medical examination in Andorra.
  7. Wait for Response: Processing times can vary, so it’s crucial to be patient while waiting for a response from the Andorran Immigration Department.
  8. Travel to Andorra: Once your permit is approved, you can travel to Andorra and commence your work or business activities. You will need to complete additional registration and immigration procedures upon arrival.

How long does it take to get an Andorran Work Visa?

The process of obtaining an Andorra Work Visa can vary in duration depending on certain factors. One of the key factors is whether the applicant has previously worked in Andorra.

For first-time workers in Andorra, the processing of the work visa can take between 4 and 5 working days. However, for those returning to work in Andorra, the processing time is typically shorter, usually around 3 working days.


Can I apply for citizenship after getting a work visa?

Yes, you can apply for citizenship after obtaining a work visa in Andorra. However, the process is extensive and requires fulfilling certain conditions.

To apply for citizenship, you must hold residency in Andorra for 20 years, either by active or passive residency. Alternatively, if you complete your studies in Andorra’s school system, you can apply for citizenship after residing in the country for 10 years. Please note that obtaining a simple residency permit in Andorra does not imply getting Andorran nationality. In other words, a passive residency program and self-employment visa permit do not grant the right to hold an Andorran passport.

Overall, it’s also important to note that Andorran law does not allow dual nationality. If you wish to acquire Andorran citizenship, you must renounce your country of origin’s nationality. Any attempt to gain double citizenship in another country can affect the revocation of Andorran citizenship.

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