Zenith Bank Internet Banking |Internet Bankin Application and Login Details

Zenith Bank Internet Banking – Internet banking Application and Login Details. Welcome Have you ever wondered about what Zenith bank internet banking looks like? Beep calm, We are here to give you everything about Zenith Bank Internet Banking.

Zenith Bank Internet Banking

Internet banking is a form of banking that allow bank customers to perform financial transactions through the bank’s website. There are limitations to what you can do with your account without zenith bank internet banking.zenith bank internet banking

In my experience, what stops most people from applying for zenith online banking is the mandatory token which costs 3,500 Naira. I mean most banks including gtbank and access bank doesn’t make it compulsory to get a token to apply for internet banking.

Though with most of these banks, there are limitations to what you can do without the token. Take gtbank for example, you can’t perform any third party transfer on your domiciliary account without this hardware.

How to Apply for Zenith Bank Internet Banking.

You can start and complete the registration process of zenith bank online banking in a working day, you just have to arrive the bank earlier.

The only thing that can delay the process is the availability and linking of token to your account. In some cases, you might have to wait till the next working day.

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I will assume you already have an account with zenith bank. So just walk into any branch of the bank close to your and tell the customer care agent you want to apply for internet banking.

You will be given 2 forms.

An internet banking form and a Token request form.

There is an identity confirmation box, choose account number in place of other Mode of Identification.

Fill in your details including signature and submit.

Your application process will be initiated immediately.

You may be asked to wait or come back the next working day for your login details which is a print out containing your Account Number (internet banking username) and password.

After receiving this print out, a token will be linked to your account. You will then need to change the default password. Follow the steps below as the guide in the print out is outdated.

First Login, Creating Password & Online Banking PIN.

Once you receive your login details and token, the next thing is to login to your dashboard obviously.zenith bank online login

Visit zenith bank website.

If you are visiting on a smartphone, click on Login at the top left corner >> Personal.

But if you are on Pc, hover on Internet Banking at the top left corner and click on Personal.

You will then be taken to a secure login page. Click/tap on the login options and select password.

Enter your account number and the password on the print out you were given earlier. Then hit the Login button.

You will then immediately be asked to change your password and create an online banking PIN. You can always change your PIN and password from Settings in your dashboard.

Note that you need your token to create the 4 digit PIN.

Once that’s done, you will be taken to your dashboard.

From the dashboard, you immediately have access to mini statement of account, amount you have deposited and withdraw in the current month, account manager details, balance, account number and BVN.

If you are on Pc, there are numerous other options at the left side bar while those on mobile can tap on the Menu button at the top right corner to reveal the same account options.

You will be automatically logged out after 2 – 4 minutes of inactivity. You can always login again using your account number and password or Pin + Token.

If you are signing in with Pin and Token, you need to first enter your 4 digit Pin and then the 6 digit numbers generated by your token. For example if your pin is 0909 and your token generates 674598. You need to enter 0909674598.

You need to press the button on your token every time you need to login or perform transactions to generate new set of random 6 digit numbers.

Features & Benefit of Zenith Internet Banking.

Below are what you enjoy or can do within your online banking dashboard.

Summary & Daily Statement of Account.

Create Third Party & Additional Account.

Card Summary, Replacement, Linking to account, Transfer, Deactivate & Reactivate.

Local & International Transfer.

Bills Payments – DsTv, Quickteller, Remita etc.

Airtime & Data Top Up.

Book Travel Ticket.

Request Check Book, Confirm and Stop Cheque.

Update BVN.

Create Online Banking PIN – If option didn’t pop up after changing the default password.

Change Online Banking PIN & Password.

Update Security Questions and Answers.

Change Transfer Limits.

Wrapping Up.

You won’t be able to access Foreign transfer options until you open a zenith bank domiciliary account. Zenith bank online banking User Interface is light and friendly on both Pc and mobile phones.

You can now change zenith bank mobile app authorization method to internet banking Pin and Token. With this, you won’t be limited to 100,000 Naira daily transfer or 5000 Naira airtime recharge limits.

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