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Free likely WAEC Physics Questions and answers for Objectives/Essay, WAEC Objectives and theory Questions and answers for Physics SSCE Exams. Correct likely Physics Expo/Runs for WAEC and how to answer WAEC Physics Questions Paper 1 & 2 without stress.

Candidates can now get the latest guide on Physics WAEC Questions and answers for Paper 1&2 (Objectives & Theory) and practice the WAEC Physics past questions and Answers appropriately.

The Solution to WAEC Questions and Answers for Physics Objectives and theory Sections are highly considered here. likely WAEC Maths Exams questions and answers expo.

The West African Examination Council, WAEC  Physics exams have been scheduled in such a way that Candidates can prepare adequately made a good grade. Read more on how to answer WAEC Physics exams Questions and likely WAEC Physics Expo below.

The latest updates on Physics WAEC exams and how to successfully take part without stress is shown hereunder. Read the exams instructions carefully and avoid distractions.

WAEC Physics Objectives 2023 Questions and answers are Available online

Those who wish to pass WAEC Physics Objectives exams at ease can now Download Physics’ latest update today below:

Practice WAEC Physics Past Questions and Answers PDF:

1. The acceleration of a moving object can be determined from the?

  • A. slope of its velocity-time graph.
  • B. area under its velocity-time graph
  • C. slope of its distance-time graph.
  • D. area under its distance-time graph.

Correct Answer: A (slope of its velocity-time graph)

2. A diver steps off a diving platform that is 10m above the water. If there is no air resistance during the fall, there will be a decrease in the diver’s

  • A. momentum
  • B. total mechanical energy
  • C. kinetic energy
  • D. gravitational potential energy

Correct Answer: D (gravitational potential energy)

3. The temperature of an object is raised by 120°C. The resulting increase in its absolute temperature is

  • A. 200K
  • B. 120 K
  • C. 50K
  • D. 393K

Correct Answer: B (120)

4. The length of an iron bar is 100cm at 20°C. At what temperature will its length increase by 0.01%? [Linear expansivity of iron = 1.2 x 10−5°C]

  • A. 23.0°C
  • B. 38.0°C
  • C. 28.3°C
  • D. 48.0°C

Correct Answer: C (28.3°C)

5. The area under a velocity-time graph represents

  • A. speed
  • B.distance
  • C. moment
  • D. acceleration

Correct Answer: B (distance)

6. When ultraviolet light is incident on certain metallic particles are emitted. These particles are called

  • A. photons
  • B. protons
  • C. photoelectrons
  • D. positrons

Correct Answer: A (photons)

7. Which of the following thermometers is used to measure the temperature of the human body?

  • A. Thermocouple
  • B. Platinum resistance thermometer
  • C. Gas thermometer
  • D. Alcohol-in-glass thermometer

Correct Answer: B (Platinum resistance thermometer)

8. A device consumes 100 W of power when connected to a 120 V source. Calculate its resistance.

  • A. 144Ω
  • B. 12,000 Ω
  • C. 20.0Ω
  • D. 1.2Ω

Correct Answer: D (1.2Ω)

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2023 WAEC Physics Essay Questions and Answers PDF

Those who wish to pass WAEC Physics Theory exams at ease are now advised to Download  the latest update today on Theory questions and Answers below:

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Likely WAEC Physics Expo/Runs for SSCE 2023

The latest updates on West African Examination Council, WAEC Physics exams Expo is not yet available. Candidates should try as much as possible to follow the instructions provided here.


What should I read for WAEC Physics 2023?

Candidates should consider the broad concepts of matter, position, motion and time; energy; waves; fields; Atomic and Nuclear Physics, and electronics  while preparing for the exams.

Each concept forms a part on which other sub-concepts are further based.

How to pass Physics WAEC exams 2023

The following are tips on how to answer WAEC Physics Objectives and Theory Questions easily:

  • Got to the Exams venue early
  • Avoid every disturbance/distraction during the exams period
  • Pray before the commencement of the exams
  • Read and follow all the instructions provided on the questions paper accordingly
  • Fill your details where required on the answers booklet
  • Read the objectives questions at least three times before chosing your answer
  • Start the theory questions with the questions you know best
  • Manage your time appropriately, avoid wasting time unnecessarily
  • Attempt the required number of Questions
  • Cross Check your work before submitting your answer booklet.

That is all for now concerning WAEC Physics Questions and answers for Objectives and Essay papers. Use the comments section below for your Questions.

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