WAEC Mathematics Questions and Answers 2024/2025 Expo/Runs Objectives/Essay Download PDF

Free likely 2024/2025 WAEC Mathematics Questions and answers for Objectives/Essay, WAEC Objectives and theory Questions and answers for Mathematics SSCE Exams. Correct likely Mathematics Expo/Runs for WAEC and how to answer WAEC Mathematics Questions without stress.

Candidates can now get the latest guide on Mathematics WAEC Questions and answers for Paper 1&2 (Objectives & Theory part) and practice the WAEC Mathematics past questions and Answers appropriately. With these you won’t be found wondering during the exams.

The Solution to WAEC Questions and Answers for Mathematics Objectives and theory Sections are highly considered here. likely WAEC Maths Exams questions and answers expo (Section A&B).

The West African Examination Council, WAEC  Mathematics exams have been scheduled in such a way that Candidates can prepare adequately and made a good grade. Read more on how to answer WAEC Mathematics exams Questions and likely WAEC Mathematics Expo Paper I &II below.

WAEC Mathematics Objectives 2024 Questions and answers are Out online

Those who wish to pass WAEC Mathematics Objectives exams at ease can now Download Mathematics’ latest update today below:

WAEC Mathematics Past Questions and Answers PDF:

1.The height of an equilateral triangle of side is 10 3√ cm. calculate its perimeter.

  • A. 40cm
  • B. 60cm
  • C. 20cm
  • D. 30cm

Correct Answer: B (60cm)

2. The sum of the interior angles of a regular polygon with k sides is (3k-10) right angles. Find the size of the exterior angle?

  • A. 120°
  • B. 40°
  • C. 90°
  • D. 60°

Correct Answer: D (60°)

3. Mensah is 5 years old and joyce is thrice as old as mensah. In how many years will joyce be twice as old as Mensah?

  •  A. 15 years
  • B. 10 years
  • C. 5 years
  • D. 3 years

Correct Answer: C (5 years)

4. Find the 5th term of the sequence 2,5,10,17….?

  • A. 22
  • B. 26
  • C. 36
  • D. 24

Correct Answer: B (26)

5. A woman received a discount of 20% on a piece of cloth she purchased from a shop. If she paid $525.00, what was the original price?

  • A. $616.25
  • B. $660.25
  • C. $656.25
  • D. $675.25

Correct Answer: C ($656.25)

6. The mean of the numbers 15, 21, 17, 26, 18, and 29 is 21. Calculate the standard deviation

  • A. 5
  • B. 6
  • C. 9
  • D. 0

Correct Answer: A (5)

7.If tan y is positive and sin y is negative, in which quadrant would y lie?

  • A. Third only
  • B. First and second only
  • C. First and third only
  • D. Second only

Correct Answer: A (Third only)

8. A solid cuboid has a length of 7 cm, a width of 5 cm, and a height of 4 cm. Calculate its total surface area.

  • A. 83 cm2
  • B. 280 cm2
  • C. 140 cm2
  • D. 166 cm2

Correct Answer:D (166 cm2)

The Answers to WAEC Mathematics Objectives Questions is not yet available online

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2024 WAEC Mathematics Essay Questions and answers PDF

Those who wish to pass WAEC Mathematics Theory exams at ease are now advised to Download  the latest update today on Theory questions and Answers below:

Today’s WAEC essay questions and answers for Mathematics exams loading…

2024/2025 Mathematics theory Questions and answers for WAEC Paper one and two loading…

The Essay part of the exams is very demanding. If you want to score high in this section, make sure you start answering the question as soon as possible.

In addition, read the exams instructions provided carefully and stick to the guidelines.

Likely WAEC Mathematics Expo/Runs for SSCE 2024

The latest updates on West African Examination Council, WAEC Mathematics exams Expo is not yet available. Candidates should try as much as possible to follow the instructions provided here.


How to pass Maths WAEC exams 2024

The following are tips on how to answer WAEC Mathematics Objectives and Theory Questions easily:

  • Got to the Exams venue early
  • Avoid every disturbance/distraction during the exams period
  • Pray before the commencement of the exams
  • Read and follow all the instructions provided on the questions paper accordingly
  • Fill your details where required on the answers booklet
  • Read the objectives questions at least three times before chosing your answer
  • Start the theory questions with the questions you know best
  • Manage your time appropriately, avoid wasting time unnecessarily
  • Attempt the required number of Questions
  • Cross Check your work before submitting your answer booklet.

What should I read for WAEC Mathematics 2024?

The following topics are very important while preparing for the maths exams:

  • Number and Numeration
  • Number bases.
  • Modular Arithmetic Fractions,
  • Decimals and Approximations.
  • Indices.
  • Logarithms.
  • Sequence and Series.
  • Sets.
  • Logical Reasoning.
  • Positive and negative integers, rational numbers, etc

That is all for now concerning WAEC Mathematics Questions and answers for Objectives and Essay papers. Use the comments section below for your Questions.

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