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WAEC History Questions and Answers 2019/2020 to OBJ/ESSAY

You are here because of the WAEC History Questions and Answers 2023/2024 to Paper 1 & 2. Today, I am actually going to give you all the necessary Likely 2023 history WAEC questions and answers.

Now that you have realised that you’ll be sitting for Waec, there is no turning back again. so just package well, get the necessary materials, study and practice our WAEC Past History Questions and Answers for OBJ & Essay and get ready for the exams.

Now, for you to succeed very well in this exams, you must tell yourself, “I want to pass WAEC 2023, I’ll pass this Waec 2023”. So Don’t follow the crowd, neglect negative beliefs and stay positive.

WAEC History 2023 Objectives Questions and Answers PDF



How to Pass JAMB Successfully Without Cheating

Some people will tell you it is difficult to pass Waec without cheating whileothers will tell you that Waec is very difficult to pass. However, if you want

Another secret of passing this exams is to Understand how Waec set their questions. Infact, If you understand how Waec set their questions, then your Waec examination will definitely become easier for you.

For you to know how Waec set their questions, Simple check the WAEC History Answers 2020/2023 to OBJ/ESSAY below!. And You’ll get to understand how Waec question is usually set.

Read for Waec 2023 in the right way. Reading for Waec is quite different from reading for your school examination. If you don’t read for Waec 2020 using the right methods,

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difficult, Prepare a Waec reading time-table and stick to it. Please endeavor to Start early preparation now and don’t  wait till Waec is very close until you start reading.

WAEC History Sample Objectives and Theory Questions


1.The savannah region of Nigeria is characterized by
sparse vegetation
high population density
abundant resources
large bodies of water.

2. A major economic activity among the Nupe was
horse breeding
leather work
cattle rearing.

3. The main features of the economy of the forest zone of Nigeria in the eighteenth century were
pastoral farming and fishing
fishing and salt-making
cotton cultivation and weaving
cash crop production and trading.

4.The spread of Islam between the 11th and 14th centuries in Nigeria was largely due to
Arab missionary activities
the waging of jihads
trade and commerce
absence of any religion in the area.

5. A significant effect of the Christian missionary activity in Nigeria was the
introduction of formal education
training of nationalists
introduction of new crops
abolition of the slave trade.

6.An outstanding reason for the abolition of the trans-Atlantic slave trade was
industrial revolution
nationalist agitation
legitimate trade
railway construction.

7. A major factor that led to the success of the Sokoto jihad was
military assistance from Borno
lack of unity among the Hausa states
the use of fire-arms by the jihadists
periodic divine interventions.

8. Which of the following was a part of the Sokoto Caliphate?

9. The legendary founder of the Kanuri was
Ali Ghaji
Idris b. Ali Katagarmabe
Idris Alooma
Sayf b. dhi Yazan.

1O. The Queen mother, Magira, played a prominent role in the government of the

Hausa States
Kwararafa Kingdom
Kanem Borno Empire
Igala Kingdom.

11.The Colony and Protectorate of Lagos was amalgameted with the Protectorate of Southern Nigeria in 1906 to form the
Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria
Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria
Protectorate of Southern Nigeria
Oil Rivers Protectorate.

12. A reason for the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates of Nigeria in 1914 was
economic expediency
territorial integration
political balancing
religious harmony.

14. The Nigerian Council established in 1914 was ineffective because it
was not designed to be so
lacked sufficient funds
had too many vocal members
was dominated by hand-picked members.

15. Two institutions of local government in Nigeria during the colonial period were native courts and
legislative council
regional treasury
native treasury
native police.

16. Certain chiefs in Eastern Nigeria were called warrant chiefs because they
had some royal connections
were created by the British
had warrants to arrest offenders
were the first to receive Western education.
The Ekiti Parapo was an alliance against
the Muslim incursion into Yorubaland
the rising power of Ibadan
Christian missionary presence in Yorubaland
the abolition of the slave trade.

17. The Oyo Empire collapsed as a result of
internal and external crises
the revolt of Afonja
the weakening of the army
British presence in Yorubaland.

18. The failure of the Ogiso dynasty in Benin was attributed to
weakness and dependence of the rulers
peoples’ resentment against the system
the declining economy of the state
inadequate supply of arms and ammunition.

19. The greatest ruler in the history of Benin Kingdom was
Oba Ewuare
Oba Ewedo
Oba Ovonramwen
Oba Ewuakpe.

2O. Armed resistance to British rule in Northern Nigeria ended with the conquest of

Kano and Sokoto
Bida and Kano
Katsina and Kano
Bauchi and Katsina.

21. In colonial Nigeria, mining industry was promoted in order to
diversify the economy
engage the railway system
make Nigeria self-reliant
maximize exploitation.

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History Essay WAEC 2023 Questions and Answers  Expo)

Iisted bove, are all the WAEC History Questions and Answers to OBJ/ESSAY. but know that, Apart from studying the above 2023 waec history questions and answers, there are other things you need to do which will add to that to enable  you pass the exams in flying Coors and they include

  1. Going straight to your answer and avoiding spending much time in unnecessary thing
  2. Asking Waec invigilators any question when you are confused of anything on the exams questions paper.
  3. Considerthe exams (waec)instructions before and when writing your answers

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