WAEC Financial Accounting Questions and Answers 2023/2024 Expo/Runs Objectives/Essay PDF

Correct WAEC Financial Accounting  Answers for Objective and Essay 2023/2024. Download likely Accounting Expo/runs for WAEC SSCE free here. Candidates who need good grades in the ongoing exams with our Financial Accounting WAEC Questions and Answers For Paper 1 & 2 are hereby welcome.

WAEC Financial Accounting Questions and Answers

If you are ready to make good use of these free and correct WAEC Accounting answers tips for paper 1 &2 ( OBJ & theory) today, kindly read and follow the steps outline here. You are equally provided with Past Questions and Answers on WAEC Financial Accounting to help you in the exams.

Download WAEC Accounting objectives and Theory Questions and Answers pdf into your device for offline usage, WAEC Financial Accounting is scheduled to take place as shown in the WAEC Timetable. Try and Present your answers to meet with the Marking Scheme.

Where to get WAEC Financial Accounting 2023 Objectives Questions and Answers PDF

The WASSCE Accounting objectives questions are ready and available for you. note that the objective part comprises of  multichoice questions that you need to take just an option.

Make sure you read and understand the questions before proceeding to make a choice.

WAEC Accounting Objectives past Questions

1. Sales ledger control account contains the total amount in respect of

  • A.creditors
  • B. debtors
  • C. investors
  • D. shareholders

2. Why are adjustments in the profit and loss account necessary?

  • A. To cover some expenses of the following year
  • B. To ascertain the actual expenses incurred and income earned during the year
  • C. To show the provision made during the year
  • D. To show the total expenses paid and income received during the year

3. Responsibility accounting is particularly concerned with

  • A. variable cost
  • B. fixed cost
  • C. controllable costs
  • D. uncontrollable costs

CORRECT ANSWER: C (Controllable costs)

4. Earnings per share is a measure of

  • A. loss
  • B. profit
  • C. income
  • D. expenditure

CORRECT ANSWER: B (Profitability)

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Download WAEC Financial Accounting 2023 Theory Questions and Answers

The Essay Section of the Financial Accountings exams requires that candidates write down the answers in the answer booklet.

The Essay is quite different from the objectives section.

WAEC Financial Accounting Essay Past Questions

1. Describe three features of each of the following financial statements:
(a) Receipts and Payment Account;
(b) Income and Expenditure Account;
(c) Trading Account;
(d) Profit and Loss Account;
(e) Appropriation Account of a Partnership.

ANS: (a) Receipt and Payment Account–
–    It is a real account;
–    It is a prime book;
–    It is a summary of cash and cheque transactions of a club;
–    It has opening and closing balances;
–    It records both capital and revenue transactions;
–    Its closing balance is transferred into the balance sheet;

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Accounting Expo/Runs for WAEC SSCE 2023/2024

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