WAEC Computer Studies Practical Questions and Answers 2023/2024 (Expo/Runs) PDF Download

 WAEC Computer Studies Practical Questions and Answers 2023/2024. You are ready to Answer 2023 Computer Studies Practical WAEC questions. There are many peoples also online googling WAEC Computer Science Practical questions and answers 2023, Computer Studies Practical Expo/runs for WAEC SSCE, keep calm and follow everything we have for you concerning this particular Exams.

But before we go into details, WAEC Computer Studies Practical answers 2023, WAEC 2023 Alternative to Computer Studies Practical questions and answers. There are many secrets concerning the SSCE Exams. Solutions to Computer studies practical below.

The West African Examinations. WAEC Computer Science Practical Exams answers are very common, but how sure are you about the answers? Here we are going to guide you on WAEC 2023 Practical Computer Studies Answers to questions

Download WAEC Computer Studies Practical 2023 Questions and Answers PDF

WAEC Computer Studies Practical

WAEC 2023 Computer Studies Practical Answers is another section of the exams whereby you will be required to do some exercise on a computer. The options may range from one to three or four or you may be required to take The one you know best.

To answer these questions correctly, kindly read the questions at least 3 times. These will help you to pass the WASSCE 2023 Computer Studies Practical questions very well.

WAEC Computer Studies Past Sample Questions for Practice

The table shows the distribution of seats and textbooks to selected schools by the government of The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Queens College, Yaba250300
FGC, Enugu250250
Kings College, Lagos350400
FGC, Okigwe190180
FGC, Oyo260250
FGC, Benin340200
FGC, Sokoto290200
FGGC, Zamfara185180
FGGC, Umuahia230195
FGC, Okposi150145
FGGC, Kaduna400350

a) Open an MS-Excel environment and enter the data in the table.
(b) Using appropriate commands in MS-Excel produce;
(i) A composite bar chart to illustrate the distribution;
(ii) The sum of each commodity;
(iii) A pie chart for each commodity.

Today’s Computer studies practical Questions and Answers for WAEC SSCE loading….

Computer Studies Practical Expo/Runs 2023 for WAEC SSCE Exams

The above Questions are practice questions. We will update you on the last Computer expo as the exams is ongoing.


There will be three papers, Papers 1, 2 and 3, all of which must be taken. Papers 1 and 2 shall be a composite paper to be taken at one sitting.

Paper 1: will consist of 50 multiple-choice objective questions all which are to be answered in 1 hour for 25 marks.
Paper 2: will consist of five essay questions.

Candidates will be required to answer any three in 1 hour for 30 marks.
Paper 3: will test actual practical skills of school candidates and knowledge of practical work for private candidates. It will consist of three questions to be answered in 2 hours for 45 marks.

Explanation of firewall is required, Definition of encryption should be treated. ETC. The waec Computer studies expo is coming your way keep refreshing.

I hope the Sample Question above on WAEC Computer studies Practical Questions and Answers are very helpful.

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