WAEC Chemistry Practical Questions and Answers 2021/2022 Expo PDF Download Specimens

Download WAEC Chemistry Practical Questions and Answers 2021/2022. The majority of the Candidates writing  WAEC Chemistry Practical 2021  are searching for Chemistry Practical WAEC Questions and Answers 2021/2022 for SSCE. 14th September 2021 is Chemistry 3 (Alternative D) (Alternative to Practical work).

WAEC Chemistry Practical Questions and Answers

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The WAEC Practical Examination is very simple. remember the time you use to perform those Chemistry practicals during school hours, Questions are not far from there.

Even though you have not been to the laboratory and possibly not performing such practicals before, We will guide you on that.

New WAEC Chemistry 2021 Practical Questions and Answers PDF

The WAEC Chemistry Practical is always on two aspects which include Quantitative and Qualitative analysis. What do you understand in these two practicals? From the Name, you should know what each of them is all about.

WAEC Chemistry Quantitative Analysis Answers

Quantitative analysis as the name implies has to do with quantity. In Quantitative analysis you are trying to determine the cut-off point of the Acid and Base. This is achieved through Titration. Acid and base will be given to youto determine the cut-off point of the acid.

Chemistry Qualitative Analysis Answers

In the Qualitative Analysis, as the name implies quality, You are concern about the content and reaction of the chemicals given to you. some chemicals will be presented before you, follow the procedures and write out the result.

The result is known as inference. you are to write out the reactions and what you think is present or cause the reactions.

Practice Past Questions and Answers:

1. C is a mixture of two salts. Carry out the following exercises on C. Record your observations and identify any gas(es) evolved. State the conclusion drawn from the result of each test.

(a) Put all of C into a boiling tube and add about 5cm3 of distilled water.  Stir thoroughly and filter. Keep both the residue and the filtrate.

(b) To about 2 cm3 of the filtrate, add few drops of Pb(NO3)2(aq)‑Boil the mixture and then allow to cool.

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How WAEC Chemistry Practical is Tabulated

The practical will be presented in tables. The following are how Qualitative analysis will be presented.

a)  C+water, mixture stirred
and filtered
Partly dissoves/ soluble Colourless filtrate
White residue (do not accept ppt /solid)
C contains soluble and insoluble salts
b) Filtrate + Pb (NO3)2(aq). Boiled then cooledWhite precipitate formed
Precipitate dissolves
Precipitate re-appeares
Cl-, SO42- or CO32.
Cl- present
Cl- confirmed Continue…..

WAEC Chemistry Practical Apparatus 2021

There are many apparatus involve in the chemistry Practical Exams. The apparatus include:

  • electronic balance
    Used for measuring mass.
  • Beaker
    Used to hold, mix, and heat liquids.
  • Beaker Tongs
    Used to pick up beakers.
  • Bunsen Burner
    Frequently used as a heat source in the absence of flammable materials.
  • Buret
    Used for dispensing an accurate volume of a liquid.
  • Clay Triangle
    Used to support a crucible during heating.
  • Crucible
    Used for holding chemicals during heating to very high temperatures.
  • Crucible Tongs
    Used to hold crucibles.
  • Erlenmeyer Flask
    Used to hold and mix chemicals. The small neck is to facilitate mixing without spilling.
  • Evaporating Dish
    Used to heat liquids for evaporation.
  • Forceps
    Used to pick up or hold small objects.
  • Funnel
    Used to transfer liquids or fine-grained materials into containers with small openings. Also used for filtration.
  • Graduated Cylinder
    Used to measure a precise volume of a liquid.
  • Mortar and Pestle
    Used to crush and grind materials.
  • Pipet Bulb
    Used to draw liquids into a pipe.
  • Ring Clamp
    Used with a ring stand to hold glassware, such as a beaker or a funnel.

Chemistry Practical Expo/Runs 2021 for WAEC SSCE

The updates on the Chemistry Practical SSCE Exam expo will soon get to you. Read and adhere to the all instructions provided on the Questions paper.


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