WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions and Answers 2024/2025 Expo/Runs Objectives/Essay Download Now

 Correct WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions and Answers 2024/2025 to Essay and objectives. In this article, we have provided likely Animal Husbandry Expo/runs for WAEC. Candidates that wish to pass the exams well. Make good use of the Animal Husbandry WAEC Questions and Answers PDF. keep reading,

WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions and Answers

The WAEC Animal Husbandry OBJ and Essay Questions and Answers (Paper 1 & 2) for the ongoing exams. WAEC Questions and Answers for WAEC Animal Husbandry Objectives and theory exams. See more on Solutions to Animal husbandry Questions below.

The West African Examination Council, WAEC had provided all the essential materials to Foster the smooth running of the exams. Candidates are expected to be of good behaviour throughout the Animal husbandry exams period.

WAEC 2024 Animal Husbandry Objectives Questions and Answers

The West African Examination Council is an examination body that set questions yearly from areas student should, after their studies in the senior secondary school, be able to write and pass without stress.

There is no point waiting for Expo, The possibility of you having the answers is very low. The following are the  correct answers to WAEC Animal Husbandry 2024


Below are the Past WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions 2024 for Practice:

Which of the following products could be obtained from pigs?
I. Bacon
II. Chevon

  • A. I and II only
  • B. I and III only
  • C. II and III only
  • D. I, II and III

2. Which the following farm animal is not a ruminant?

  • A. Cattle
  • B. Sheep
  • C. Goat
  • D. Rabbit

3. Male reproductive hormones include

  • A. oxytocin.
  • B. oestrogen.
  • C. relaxin.
  • D.testosterone.

4. Which of the following organs is associated with excretion in farm animals?

  • A. Pancreas
  • B. Small intestine
  • C. Kidney
  • D. Oesophagus

5. The period from conception to parturition in livestock is known as

  • A. lactation.
  • B. fertilization.
  • C. ovulation.
  • D. gestation.

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2024 Animal Husbandry Theory WAEC Questions and Answers PDF


Below are Past Animal Husbandry Questions:

1. (a) List three organs associated with each of the following body systems:
(i) excretory;
(ii) digestive;
(iii) reproductive.
(b) Explain briefly the major function of eachsystem named in (1) (a) above
(c) Discuss Newcastle disease of poultry under the following headings:
(i) causative agent;
(ii) two symptoms;
(iii) two preventive measures.

2. (a) Mention six ways in which farm animals are important to the economy of West Africa.
(b) (i) State two classes of farm animals.
(ii) Give three examples of animals in each class stated in (b) (i) above
(c) Outline the process of egg formation in a hen.

3. (a) Mention seven industrial raw materials that could be obtained from farm animals.
(b) State seven ways of caring for a pregnant co
(c) Define the following terms as used in animal husbandry:
(i) steaming up;
(ii) dystocia;
(iii) flushing.

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How to Answers Animal Husbandry WAEC Questions (Expo)

  • Prepare very well for the Animal Husbandry Exams
  • Use Recommended textbooks
  • Have self-confidence
  •  Pray to God concerning your exams
  •  Go to the exams venue early
  •  Follow strictly the instruction on the exam paper

WAEC 2024/2025 Animal Husbandry Questions and Answers

How to Practice WAEC Exams Past Questions for Free.

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) recently launched a portal called WAEC e-learning to curb the number of failures in the WAEC May/June SSCE by creating a portal that contains the resources for all WAEC approved subjects that will students understand the standards required for success in respective examinations.

WAEC e-learning contains past questions and solutions of all subjects.

WAEC e-learning portal is accessible from http://waeconline.org.ng/e-learning/index.htm.

At this juncture, I hope the steps above are very useful for students who are really in need of the WAEC Animal Husbandry Questions and Answers. leave your comment in the comment section.

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