See How to Buy Salvage Title Cars from Insurance Companies

How to Buy Salvage Title Cars from Insurance Companies: When you’re searching to get the best possible deal on a car, an outstanding car, one that others won’t believe, it’s worth your time to look into salvage title cars. For a number of reasons, these vehicles have been written off by an insurance company. In many cases, these are wrecked used cars for salethat got mild to severe damage, were repaired or rebuilt and again registered in DMV as salvage cars.

In these cases, the insurer has decided to pay out a policy at 75% of a vehicle’s value or higher. Rather than repair vehicles with this much damage, the insurance companies title vehicles as salvage. After paying out the proceeds based on the policy, the insurance company takes possession of the car, along with the salvage title issued to it. A vehicle without a salvage title is known to have a ‘clean title’.

How to Buy Salvage Title Cars

And so insurance companies have no reason to hang on to a damaged car. That’s why insurance companies across the country offer them up through auctions. For many decades, these auctions for salvage cars have mainly been closed to the general public, only available to those with dealer’s licenses. This is true everywhere from Los Angeles to Rhode Island. However, online car auctions have changed all that.

If you’ve been looking to buy salvage cars from insurance companies, then read on. We’re going to explain how you can use online car auctions for buying vehicles, particularly salvage vehicles, as well as the many benefits people can enjoy when they buy a salvage car.

Key Points

  • Insurance companies that cover salvage title vehicles?
  • The Benefits of Buying a Salvage Car
  • How to Buy a Salvage Car Online
  • Top biggest salvage car auctions
  • Buying via Auto Auction Mall

Insurance companies that cover salvage title vehicles?

Car insurance companyLiability insurance coverage for salvage cars?
21st CenturyYes; inspection required in Kansas, Kentucky, Rhode Island and West Virginia
EsuranceOnly in Kentucky and North Carolina; in California, you need to qualify for state “good driver” discount
Everest (Arrowhead)Yes in all states
The HartfordYes in all states
InfinityIn California, you need to qualify for state “good driver discount”. Yes on all other states.
National GeneralProvided in Alabama, Arizona, Missouri, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Washington; in California, you need to qualify for state “good driver discount”
SafecoExcept in California. In all other states, yes.
TitanYes in all states except Connecticut and Georgia; in Maryland, will not cover “vehicles with flood or stolen/recovered titles”

The Benefits of Buying a Salvage Car

Salvage cars come in all makes and models. In fact, they run the gamut in terms of condition. As such, they’re almost perfect for a large swath of the auto buying public. Not all cars may be ready to drive, but they still come with a number of benefits. First, home and professional mechanics can use them to mine spare parts. Some companies also sell damaged car parts as well as full vehicles. Second, weekend warriors can buy cars in order to begin a new project in their garage: to repair salvage vehicles. The truth is many damaged vehicles can be repaired, rebuilt and put back on the road for a fraction of the total cost of buying a “normal” used vehicle. Third, parents looking for a cheap car for their newly licensed son or daughter can look into buying repairable cars.

Regardless of what kind of car buyer you are, there’s one main benefit of salvage cars that appeal to everyone. This is because these cars can get purchased for incredibly low prices — 40 to 75 percent! Because salvage cars always carry their ‘salvage’ designation, they do not have the same resale value as clean title used cars. This makes buying rebuildable cars, trucks, vans or other vehicles very attractive. When you combine this fact with the money one can save through the live auction format, it’s easy to see how consumers can save thousands when they buy salvage auctioned vehicles!


How to Buy a Salvage Car Online

Of course, if you want to buy a salvage title car online, you need to understand online car auctions and how to use them. In recent years, a number of websites have cropped up that allow ordinary consumers to access certain dealer and insurance auctions taking place across the country. They will even help you arrange transportation to ship the auctioned vehicles abroad. The reason why these websites can do this is that they list vehicles from certain dealers auto auction houses on their site so that you get access to this inventory at well below market value.

Using one of these websites is pretty much the same thing as using a site like eBay. To get started, you merely need to create an account by providing basic information about yourself. After that, you’re free to browse the extensive inventory of salvage cars that are ready to buy. Most use an advanced search vehicle finder to help you find a car, wherever you are, from South Carolina to North Dakota. Once you find something that meets your needs, you only need to deposit funds into your Auto Auction Mall user account to establish your buying power and start bidding!

So, if you want to buy salvage cars from insurance companies, you have your answer. Give online dealers auto auctions a shot today, and see why so many other auto buyers have done the same thing!

How to Buy Salvage Title Cars from Insurance Companies

Top 5 biggest salvage car auctions (vehicle dealers and public)

  1. Copart Inc. – Salvage car auctions (Dealers Only)
  2. IAAI  – Insurance salvage car auctions (Dealers Only)
  3. Auto Auction Mall – Used, pre-owned, salvage and insurance car auctions (Dealers + Public)
  4. – Salvage and insurance car marketplace (Dealers + Public)
  5. – Salvage and insurance car auctions (Dealers + Public)

Buying through Auto Auction Mall

Check out some of our live auctions below, or conduct an advanced search vehicle finder to find the right vehicle for you. In our website, you can search vehicles by make, model, year and more. We have a huge stock with a great variety of vehicles. From Ford Mustang to Chevrolet Camaro, from Land Rover to Dodge Charger, you will find what you need. We even have luxury makes like Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo.

Whether you live in North Dakota, or South Carolina, or anywhere else in North America, we can also help with shipping your car nationwide or even help you to export it. If you’re good at repairing vehicles then looking to be buying vehicles from insurance auctions could be just the thing for you. We act as your proxy, allowing you to access these salvage vehicles auctions without needing a dealer license. We use ours. Accessing these salvage auctions allows us to present you with one of the largest databases of ongoing live sales in North America. We give you access to thousands of American and foreign motors in today’s auctions in an easily searchable format. If you need any assistance at any moment, you can use our Live Chat feature and get all the information you need.

Some of Today’s Auctions

For additional information on salvage car auctions from insurance companies please contact

Click to search salvage cars. such as the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, Nissan Altima, Mercedes-Benz C-class, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Subaru Wrx, Kia Soul, Dodge Ram, Honda Accord, Toyota Corolla, Volkswagon Jetta, Honda Civic Toyota Sienna, Lamborghini Murcielago, Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Focus, Subaru Impreza, Wrangler Unlimited, Hyundai Elantra, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Dart and Toyota Tacoma.

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