Get the Highest Payout for Used or Broken Phone at Gizmogo

Are you ready to dump your old phone for a new one? This article will guide you on How to get the Highest Payout for your Used or Broken Phone at Gizmogo.

The next step is sorting out what to do with your old phone. You can easily keep it around as a spare in the bedroom drawer with all the other electronics, or pass it on to a friend or family member as well. Or, you could sell it at to get the highest payout for your used phone

Don’t stress if your phone is cracked or damaged; you’d be surprised how much you can get for the right phone with a broken screen. And even if you can’t get any cash for your dusty old cell phone, you can at least recycle it responsibly at gizmogo.

How to get the Highest Payout for your Used or Broken Phone

Any way you look at it, you probably won’t get enough from a single sale to cover the cost of a new phone, especially one as sky-high as the iPhone 11 ($1099 at Amazon), but if you’re smart about it, you can at least reduce the price of that new phone at

The amount you Can Get

The amount of cash you can recover for a phone varies widely by the model, age and condition. Online trade-ins usually top out at around $300 or $500 for a top-of-the-line device, but a brand new iPhone 11 could go for considerably more — that’s between you and your online buyer (on gizmogo at the time of writing, prices range from $320 to over $945).

You get more money if the phone is:

  1. In good condition
  2. “New,” about 1 to 2 years old
  3. A premium device (rather than budget)
  4. Popular. iPhones and Samsung phones are in high demand.
  5. A popular color (black or silver might net more than gold)

You won’t be able to sell your used phones that are still being financed through a carrier.

1. Before you sell, raid the closet

Old Phones

If you’re going to cash in on selling a used or damaged phone, you might as well see what other dusty, used electronics you forgot about lying around in your drawers.

On gizmogo they buy a wide range of electronics from phones, tablets, cameras, game consoles, even laptops, and much more.

2.The amount you are getting paid

Know exactly how much you’re getting paid before selling your used or damaged mobile phones online. For example, the Apple iPhone XS MAX is going for $591 on gizmogo (at the time of writing)

3. Do not throw old Phones away

Throwing away Phone

You can get rid of them by all means, but never in the trashcan — you don’t want to be responsible for toxic chemicals leaking into the land.

Most online phone buyers like  will take damaged and used electronics off your hands FREE of charge, including phone chargers and all!

Sell your tech fast for cash with Gizmogo

Still not sure where to sell your tech? Check out to get the best prices for your used or damaged electronics. Go now before the value of your tech decreases in the near future.

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