NECO GCE Result 2021/2022 NOV/DEC Without Scratch Card (

NECO GCE Result 2021/2022 for NOV/DEC Examination without Scratch Card can be found at This article will show you complete steps on how to check NECO GCE 2021 Result without stress.

See NECO GCE timetable here

NECO GCE online Result NOV/DEC Examination – This page will let you understand whether the Result for the Just concluded NECO GCE for external or private candidates has been released. It will also let you know how to check the result without Scracth Card at portal. See below…

Are you one of those candidates who took the just-concluded NECO GCE  NOV/DEC Exam and now looking for how to check the result online on Then you do not have to worry yourself anymore for we have got you covered in all aspects.
In this article, you will find how to check result for NECO GCE for private candidates Nov/DEC examination for free. Just keep on reading through this page.


Is the Result for NECO GCE 2021 Out?

The Answer is YES

This is to inform all those who registered for the NECO GCE 2021, participated in the test that the Result for the NOV/DEC external candidates exam is officially out online.

You are advised to bookmark this page and also subscribe to this blog Push notification at the end of this post. Input only your email address and we shall let you know when the Result has been released.

However, whether the result is out or not, the process of checking it on remains the same, so we are going to make a clear guide on how to check the NECO result for you. Check it below…

How to Check NECO GCE Result 201/2022 NOV/DEC Exam Without Scratch Card

This guide on how to check NECO GCE result 2021 will be made very clear to you. After going through it, you will comfortably check it by yourself without the aid of anybody and without using a scratch card.

  1. Log onto
  2. Select your Examination type
  3. Select your Examination Year
  4. Input your Pin No.
  5. Input your Exam No.
  6. Click on CHECK MY RESULT

Now, let us explain all these steps one after the other.  

Step one: First of all, Log onto This is the official site for checking NECO Result be it JUN/JULY, NOV/DEC (GCE), BECE and NCEE. Once it opens, you will see something like what you have below.

Step Two: The second step is for you to select your examination Type, that is whether you are checking for JUN/JULY (internal), NOV/DEC (GCE), BECE or NCEE. But in this case, you are to select NOV/DEC because you are checking GCE Result on NECO Result Checker. See the image below.

Step Three: The third step requires you to select your examination year (2018). Select 2021 since the exam was taken in that year.  

Step Four: This step involves you inserting you Scratch Card Pin No. which is sold at N300 according to the Council.  

Step Five: In this step, you have to input your examination Number which is the final process.  

Final Step: Hit on the CHECK MY RESULT button and wait for it to load and shows up your NECO GCE Result.  

We hope this guide on how to check NECO GCE Result 2021/2022 NOV/DEC Exam was helpful. If yes, then share it with your friends on social media and comment below if you have any questions. Also, subscribe to this blog using your email to receive more updates.

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  1. It’s already 43days and the result has not been released notify when the result is released

  2. Pls it’s passed 45 days and the result is not out. Pls I need it to gain admission and the deadline is may 17. Pls I need to be notified when it is released. Here is my WhatsApp number 07018018062.

  3. Please we really need this results it would be nice and favourable ton6us if the results comes out quickly . Thanks

  4. Sir, I so much thank you for your work. Please sir I would like to know as soon as the result for NECO GCE 2021 result is out. Thank you sir.

  5. Pls I want to know as soon as the neco gce Nov/dec 2021 result is out pls
    Pls we really need this result now

  6. God pls let the results b out sooner than expected and let it cum out good and ok. Pls update me as soon as the results are out.

  7. Pls I really need to see my result I want to submit it in the school I apply for this week pls help me neco pls I don’t want to loss my admission

  8. Can i upload my jamb, even if the 2022 jamb registration start. Pls admin let me know

  9. Yes u can still upload it. Pls is the NECO GCE RESULT out??? I swear Nigeria can break somes heart ❤️ they said 45 days now it the 49th day today o
    Pls when will the result b out na

  10. Please when is neco gce results going to be out
    I really need it Admin, it’s already 49 days now Please!!!

  11. Honestly brother the thing tire me o. Na 45 days them talk now na 49th day b this. pls officials help us and release the result na.

  12. Pls admin when is d official date of d released results cus I knew dey just concluded marking d papers so I guys should release dis results for goodness sake do u guys want us to loose our admission or wat u guys should better release dis results I beg u

  13. See now. WAEC GCE RESULT is coming out tomorrow but NECO, we Neva know. Admin y now. It not right at least give us a specific day or date abeg we really need this result don’t kill our joy o


  15. Please NECO, WAEC has released their own external GCE results today, please when is NECO releasing theirs, at least update us please

  16. Please help us with neco second series admission first bach is out please help us with the results to have second bach admission

  17. Admin,I don’t really understand u. Is it one week for the result to b out or one week for the official release date??

  18. Admin pls, pls is the release date out for our results pls am just tired I need am update plsssssssss.

  19. Is the release date finally out??? Pls admin let us know. Those who wrote WAEC GCE has even forgotten that they have checked their result. While we are still here waiting. At least even if u guys can u give the official release date,I will have not been bordering myself like this!!!

  20. please we beg now is one week from released date of waec please help us with our neco results we need to have admissions

  21. admin you say let us give them another one week now is one week from released waec please help us to get admission

  22. Our results pls ! 61 days after examination release our results pls to gain an admission,then we give you a week but there’s no any news why

  23. Admin, which time are u talking about. We have been giving them time since February 1st now even WAEC GCE has released theirs so when, which time that they have not even given us any date of the release. It not ok now admin. At least give us a specific date

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