NECO GCE Agricultural Science Answers and Questions 2020/2021 OBJ/Essay (Expo)

NECO GCE Agricultural Science Questions and Answers to OBJ/Essay is right here for you. Carefully read and get the latest information. NECO GCE Agric expo.

2020 NECO GCE Agric Science Questions and Answers to OBJ/Essay – See all the answers and questions on Agric for this year’s NOV/DEC NECO GCE Agricultural Science exams both Objectives and Essay Expo here. Check below for the questions and answers.

neco gce Agricultural Science answers

NECO GCE Agricultural Science Questions and Answers 2020

This Exam, NECO GCE Agric Science 2020 is controlled, set and marked by the National Examination Council. This NECO GCE Exam is only for Candidates who are currently not in the school system.
It involves questions that will test the candidate’s ability in Agricultural Science language aspect. So it is very important to understand it and write the correct answers in the exams hall.
NECO GCE is very important for any candidate who did not clear his or her paper while in school but would have loved to further his or her educational career. It is the platform set to help this type of candidates to equally have their complete papers and can use it in any institution, hence passing Agric Science is more than important.

NECO GCE 2020/2021 Agric Science Questions

1. Oestrogen in female animals is not responsible for
  • A. development of secondary sexual charcteristics
  • B. on set of heat period
  • C. milk let – down after parturition
  • D. development of udde
2. A beef cow gained 75 kg over a period of two months and two days. What is its average weight gain?
  • A. 0.83 kg
  • B. 1.21 kg
  • C. 1.28 kg
  • D. 2. 25kg
3. A disadvantage of natural incubation is that
  • A. the eggs cannot be candled
  • B. the chicks are less healthy
  • C. the brooding hens sometimes abandon the eggs
  • D. it takes a longer time for eggs to hatch
4. Ruminants fed on dried grasses are given feed supplements to
  • A. increase water intake
  • B. provide bulk to feed
  • C. reduce microbial activity
  • D. provide deficient nutrients
5. Which of the following animal disease is not associated with malnutrition?
  • A. Aspergillosis
  • B. Acidosis
  • C. Milk fever
  • D. Rickets
6. The type of energy obtained from the sun for agricultural uses is known as
  • A. potential energy
  • B. mechanical energy
  • C. nuclear energy
  • D. solar energy
  • E. kinetic energy
7. Which of the following implements will be used for the next farm operation after clearing a new farmland?
  • A. harrow
  • B. ridger
  • C. cultivator
  • D. planter
  • E. plough
8. Which of the following cannot be used to rub the metal parts of farm tools before storage?
  • A. grease
  • B. plam oil
  • C. water
  • D. petroleum jelly
  • E. spent engine oil
9. The common surveying equipment for farmland include the following except
  • A. ranging pole
  • B. prismatic compass
  • C. measuring tape
  • D. gunter’s chain
  • E. spade
10. An example of fungal disease of stored grains is
  • A. rosette
  • B. wilt
  • C. soft rot
  • D. damping off
  • E. mould
11. Which of the following farm animals possess a pair of caeca?
  • A. pigs
  • B. cattles
  • C. sheep
  • D. rabbits
  • E. fowls
12. The head of the tapeworm is known as the
  • A. sucker
  • B. rostellum
  • C. scolex
  • D. hook
  • E. segment
13. Which of the following is not a function of the ruminal microorganism?
  • A. digestion of cellulose
  • B. conversion of plant proteins into microbial protein
  • C. production of vitamin B
  • D. production of gas in the rumen
  • E. eructation of the ruminal gas
14. Which of the following factors would you consider the least important for the successful incubation of eggs?
  • A. light
  • B. temperature
  • C. ventilation
  • D. relative humidity
  • E. turning of the egg
15. In which area of Nigeria is the kuri breed of cattle commonly found?
  • A. borno
  • B. sokoto
  • C. plateau
  • D. obudu
  • E. oyo north
16. Which of the following activities is not a marketing function?
  • A. Buying of agricultural commodities
  • B. planting of crops
  • C. transporting of farm produce
  • D. storgae of farm produce
17. Risks on commercial farms could result from
  • A. price stability
  • B. crop failure
  • C. insurance
  • D. diversification
18. An agricultural extension officer should be able to
  • A. create new jobs for farmers
  • B. raise funds for farmers
  • C. cultivate a large farm
  • D. guide and educate farmers
19. An agricultural extension officer should be able to
  • A. create new jobs for farmers
  • B. raise funds for farmers
  • C. cultivate a large farm
  • D. guide and educate farmers
20. An agricultural extension officer should be able to
  • A. create new jobs for farmers
  • B. raise funds for farmers
  • C. cultivate a large farm
  • D. guide and educate farmers
21. Granite is
  • A. a sedimentary rock
  • B. a wealtered rock
  • C. mentamorphic rock
  • D. an igneous rock
  • E. a plutonic rock
22. In which layer of the soil profile does most biological activity occur?
  • A. parent material
  • B. D-horizon
  • C. C-horizon
  • D. B-horizon
  • E. A-horizon
23. When leaves of crop plants show brownish coloration from the tips of the mid-ribs backward, they are showing deficiency symptom of
  • A. magnesium
  • B. zinc
  • C. nitrogen
  • D. copper
  • E. phosphorus
24. Which of the following is not associated with surface irrigation?
  • A. natural flooding
  • B. check flooding
  • C. sprinkler irrigation
  • D. mole drains
  • E. tiles
i)Amendment of the land use decree
ii)Training of maintenance technician
iii)Encourage the local manufacture of farming machines
iv)Improved access tocredit
-Institute of agricultural research
and training (IAR and T)-Ibadan -Rubber research institute of
Nigeria (RRIN)-Benin city
-Nigerian institute for oil palm
research (NIFOR)-Benin city
-Cocoa research institue (CRIN)-
Ibadan -National root crops research
institute (NRCRI)-Umudike
i)Wind power:
-It is cheap
-It is readily available ii)Electrical power:
-It is highly efficient
-It can be used many farm
iii)Solar power
-It is readily available -It is a cheap source of power
iv)Mechanical power
-It is very versatile
-It is easy control
v)Chemical power
-Cheap to acquire -It is very versatile
-Primary tillage implements are
implements which are initially used
for degrading soil into smaller
crumbs eg plough -Secondary tillage implements are
implements which are used for
making ridges and moulds eg
i ) farm should be educated to accept moderm
system of farming especially in area of
ii ) govenment should provide loans to enable
farmers to purchase from machines
iii ) the land tenure system should be reviewed
to enable farmers acquire large land
iv ) simple and less expensive machines should
be developed
i ) to improve farm yield
ii ) to make food available at large quantities
iii ) to enable farmers afford farm input
iv ) to attract more people into farming activities
i ) the national animal production research
institute ( NAPRI)
ii ) nigeria institute for typanosomiasis research
( NITR )
iii ) animal production, fisheries and
oceanography research institutes
i ) soya beans- oil
ii ) tea – lipton
iii ) sisal- textiles
i ) the farmer is at the mercy of government that
allocated the land
ii ) the land is usually smaller in size
i ) the farmer is at the mercy of the landlord
that allocated the land
ii ) the land is usually large in size
NECO GCE Agricultural Science Answers and questions are always the types of questions pertaining to how you can prepare and serve food. It will test your ability to cook and to serve.
This exam is always very simple and candidates do pass it with flying colours, so you have nothing to worry about as we shall provide you with some tips to use in order to pass this exam.

Simple way to Pass NECO 2020 GCE Agric Science Examination

As a matter of fact, there are some simple steps you can take in order to pass your exam very easily. These are the tips we shall give below so as to guide you in passing this 2020 NECO Agricultural Science questions and provide your self with correct answers.
  • NECO 2020 GCE Agric Science syllabus is the very first thing you should think of. If you know the syllabus for Arabic, then you can easily know which area to concentrate. So I recommend that you should get this NECO GCE Syllabus for Agriculture.
  • NECO GCE Past questions on Agricultural Science should come into your mind. Having the past question for any subject helps you to know the manner and the likes of questions you should expect from that subject so as to be able to answer them accordingly.
  • After getting all these items, then the next step is for you to sit down and study this subject effectively and all the questions will be very simple for you.
  • Lastly, I will recommend that you should have good Agricultural Science Skills because this is what will be required of you.

Pure NECO GCE 2020 Answers and Expo

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All GCE Questions are set and controlled by the National Examination Council. As such, no one is entitled to have the questions before the exam so beware of fraudsters.


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