JAMB Result 2020/2021 OUT: Checker Portal Activated at www.jamb.org.ng – How to check JAMB Result

Welcome! We are happy to have you in our JAMB 2020/2021 Result Page. JAMB Result 2020/2021 checker portal at www.jamb.org.ng has been activated online. We are going to guide you through this very process, keep reading to get the latest update.

Questions Often Asked About JAMB Result 2020

Is JAMB Result 2020 out?

When will JAMB Result 2020 be out?

How to check JAMB Result 2020

How to check JAMB Result 2020 without registration Number

How to Check JAMB result with Only registration Number

JAMB Result 2020/2021 – Right on this page, you will find out how to check JAMB 2020 Result either at the Checker portal on www.jamb.org.ng or with registration number only. It will give you the full guide on how to successfully check your scores and print out your result for JAMB Examination on 09, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, March 2018 without any stress. See below.

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Are you searching for how you can check jam result on the JAMB checker portal or only with registration number, then this is the right page for you as we shall guide you proper on how to do so.

JAMB Result checker 2019

Checking of JAMB 2020 Result had come and gone, the next phase of the examination has come, and candidates are fully prepared to do so this year. Therefore, we are going to let you know whether it is time to check it, if not when to check it and how to check the 2020 result at the checker portal.

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Is JAMB 2020 Result out?

The questions “is JAMB Result 2019 out” has been the most frequently asked question on our blog. Candidates keep on pleading us to let them know whether the rumor about the 2019 result is true or false.
To this regard, we have decided to put forward this article in order to inform everyone and give all the right and legit information about this FAQ, JAMB Result 2019. It is true that once you are done with your CBT exam, you should see your result after one week or so, this has been the reason you have heard people talking about it always. But do not worry, we are here to help you for free.
This is to fully inform all JAMB 2019 Applicants that the result for the 2019/2020 session has not yet been released by the management. Ignore any rumor, for now, telling you that the Checker portal has been activated. You are advised to bookmark this page and subscribe to this blog as we shall updates you for free once it is out on www.jamb.org.ng.

When will JAMB Result 2020 Be out

Also, candidates do ask us when the result will be out so they can start checking it. Calm down, do not be in a haste. I know your body is hot for it. What is yours is yours. Once the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board are done with the results, they are going to be released and the checker portal will be activated immediately, just visit us regularly to be on the safe side.

How to check JAMB Result 2020 – Checker Portal

The process of checking your result on JAMB Checker portal for 2019 is very simple. Just follow the instructions given below and make sure you are fully connected.
  1. Move to JAMB 2020 Result checker portal using this link www.jamb.org.ng
  2. Once you land on the homepage, hit your finger or mouse on check 2020 UTME Results.
  3. Immediately you click on it, you will be taken to where you will be required to insert either your registration number or your email address which was used in the registration.
  4. Input any of the above requirement and hit on the “check my result” button.
  5. If you have carefully followed the instructions above, your result will be displayed for you.

How to check 2020 JAMB Result without registration Number

Other candidates are whether it is possible to check JAMB 2019 Result without registration number. I want to make it clear that it is possible. All you have to do is to follow the instructions below and you check it without your reg no..
  • Migrate to your JAMB Profile at www.jamb.org.ng/efacility
  • With your email address and password, log in to your account
  • Once you are on your dashboard, hit on “check 2019 UTME Examination Results”
  • If you have done this, you will see your result right before you on your screen.

Check JAMB 2020/2021 Result with Registration Number only

It is also possible for you to check your result with registration number only. Just follow the steps below.
All you have to do is to go to the official JAMB website at www.jamb.org.ng. Check the homepage and you’ll see “Check 2019 UTME Result” click on it and put your registration number once it opens. Your score for this year’s UTME CBT exam will be displayed for you.

Important Notice to all candidates

All JAMB 2020 candidates are to note the following.
  • JAMB will not require you to buy a scratch card before checking your result
  • No amount of money will be required from you before you can check your result on the portal.
  • People move about to call and text candidates to come and update their result. Please note that such thing does not exist. JAMB will never ask you to come and upgrade your result. Once your result is out, it is out.
  • It is possible to access your Jamb result using your mobile phone browser or your laptop or computer.
  • Your result can also be checked at the cyber cafe or any CBT centre in case you do not have a smartphone or PC.
  • Print out the result once you have checked it.
  • If your own result is not showing up, then check back later, they must have not updated it at that time.
PLEASE NOTE: JAMB 2019/2020 Result is not yet out, we shall update this page once is out online.


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  1. Be Determined

Determination is the beginning of every success. It simply entails getting ready to make it despite any obstacles or factors influencing your target. When you come across resistance, increase your persistence. With determination, all your dreams are easily achievable. Determination also shows readiness; many people who want to make it in life seem not to be ready and this make them to give up easily. Determination without readiness is incomplete; put them together and the sky will be your limit.

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Mastering your lecturers or teachers matters in school. Every lecturer or teacher has a different personality and system for running his/her classes, so it really makes sense as early as possible in a semester, you learn what the lecturer or teacher wants. This also involves understanding the course expectations and lecturer or teachers on personal level. Most lecturers or teachers give out a class syllabus during the first week of classes; it is your responsibility to know deadlines and all the requirements for that particular course. Instead of viewing the lecturer or teacher as anything that will not enlightened your mind at the front of the class, make enquires and get to know him or her more.

  1. Make sure you take notes.

Taking note in class provide future source of reference and enable you to understand the course easier. While you want to be thorough, summarize the lecture instead of copying it verbatim. Make use of abbreviations and key words instead of full sentences so you can keep up with your teacher. Try to keep information organized with section headings and bullet points. Remember taking notes instead of coping later will help you absorb information better. Compare notes with a friend to make sure you did not miss any key details during free hours.

  1. Write down points during studies

When you do your assigned reading, keep your notebook or jotter handy. Make a rough outline of the textbook chapter by writing the section heading, summarizing the main ideas, and defining key concepts. By so doing You will be better prepared for class, and you will appreciate your notes when it is time to study for test or examination. The idea of Highlighting or underlining as you read is not a very effective technique. However, coloring a bunch of text throughout the section will not help you retain information. Rather, try flash cards. It is a well-known fact that flash cards are more effective than any other technique of memorizing. So, take down points while studying.

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Time is a major factor in studies. Even if you do not procrastinate and are the most organized person in the world, time can be one of your biggest enemies in college. Manage your time by tackling harder work first. Yes, this is to ensure that you are sure to have enough time to complete it. With this, you will feel a greater sense of accomplishment completing the work in this order.

  1. Do all your homework

Do your homework on time and remove all distractions while trying to solve problems. Find a quiet environment to do homework. Avoid using your phone while trying to target your assignment. Some people focus better when they listen to music, so chose what is best for you. If it helps you sink into your studies, try adopting those methods.

  1. Create time for recreation.

Endeavor to always create time for recreation. Your brain can only stay focused for some hours. Take some minutes to stretch, go to the bathroom, get a snack, or another activity that gives your brain a rest. Try to schedule regular breaks between assignments or sections instead of just getting up in the middle of doing a homework problem. Remember all work without play make jack a dull boy.

  1. Follow Good writing Rules

Following good format or pattern, when writing, makes your work presentable and attracts good marks. Many classes require one or more writing assignments, from short responses to term papers. Organize your thoughts before writing, understand requirements for paper, Write a draft (and get feedback when possible), rewrite, edit and proofread. These skills add to your grade and project you to a greater height.

11. Never hurry  and Always adhere to instructions during exams

Go early to examinations. This helps you to be balanced and not afraid of anything that may take your mind off the exams. Make sure you follow the instructions in both your question paper and answer sheet, Erase properly, Shade well and cancel neatly where necessary.

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