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Latest Internship Jobs program in Poland for citizens and foreigners. If you are in need of internship currently ongoing in Poland, this page is for you.

It is a great choice to Start your working experience in Poland. The Polish economy is becoming more competitive and socially responsible. Last year, twice as many foreign countries registered in Poland than in five years ago, including investors from silicon valley. The Polish economy is rated as the sixth economy in European Union.

The Internship eligibility in Poland, Application starting and closing date, Documents required and how to successfully apply for the polish fully funded internship program are provided below.

About Poland internship jobs?

An internship is an opportunity offered by an employer to potential employees , called the interns, to work at a firm for a fixed period of time. Interns are usually undergraduate or students, and most internship last between a month or three months.

Internship are usually part_time if offered during a university semester and full_time if offered during the period of vacation. Some internship may include periods spent abroad on a secondment,or in more than one office. An internship should give you practical skills and experience and greater knowledge of an industry in exchange for the employers benefitting from your labour with emphasis firmly in training. Internship gives the interns real life experience of the work place and Field they hope to break into.

This does not only help them gain critical work skills and decide if the career they are experiencing is right for them,it’s also enables them to make valuable work contacts and act as an important stepping stone to getting a job and climbing the first rung on the career ladder.

An internship can be paid or voluntary. The trend is increasingly moving towards the former,as voluntary internship are often seen as exploitative.

How is the internship Jobs program in Poland?

Having an internship gives you experience in the field you wish to pursue, not only does this give individuals an edge over other candidates why applying for jobs,it’s also prepare you for what to expect in the field and increases confidence in work. Most of the internship in Poland are paid. There are some students organization in Poland that could support you ,these are:

• AIESEC: organises internship placement in Poland (you can visit your home country’s AIESEC site to learn about the application process.

• IAESTE: arranges internship in engineering, natural sciences and other technical fields.

• ERASMUS: offers scholarship to students lasting up to twelve months per study cycle, but only few knows that this period can be used for an internship and not only for study exchange program.

In Poland ,there are many ways to find an internship or job. You can always start by contacting career office at your university. The good thing is that most of happenings now is usually online so you can take a look at offers posted at the following websites:

  • Glassdoor (https.//
  • Indeed (https://indeed. com/?r=us)

How to find an internship opportunity in Poland 2023?

  1. start early: some companies recruit interns a year in advance.
  2. create an interesting and captivating CV
  3. update your LinkedIn profile
  4.  contact your university career center
  5. Email companies directly
  6. Expand your network


Do I need a visa to intern in Poland?

Citizens of countries belonging to the European Union can work and intern in Poland visa_free while others may need to apply for a visa prior to coming to Poland as well as apply for work permit.

How much are interns paid in Poland?

In Poland,most of the interns are paid usually the salary varies between 18,30 (the legal minimum payment) and 25 zlotys per hour. If you work part time, the salary would be around 1600  zlotys while full time is 3200 zlotys for average payment.

List of internship program in Poland:


  • Location: Warsaw, Poland
  • Category:IT and software
  • Skills: computer science, user experience,Big data and type script
  • Language: fluency in English language
  • Qualifications:

Final year student in computer studies or relevant field in a polish university.

✓ INTERN IN Employees care (HR) with Italian at Philip Morris international:

  • Location: Poland
  • Category: climate, environment and sustainability
  • Language: fluency in English language

✓ technical sales specialist ( energy industry) at Intel:

  • Category: climate, environment and sustainability
  • Location: Poland
  • Skills: product marketing
  • Language fluency in English language
  • Minimum qualifications:BA/BS degree along with 10+ years industry experience in energy sector customers engagement.

✓ intern in material engineering team at Technip

  • Qualifications:4_5 year student of technical university ( material sciences, metallurgy or similar)
  • good foundation in material engineering career
  • good analytical skills
  • practical knowledge of the MS office
  •  have good communication skills and team player spirit

✓ Finance intern in account payable team at Dyson:

Category: accounting and finance

Skills: accounting and SAP


  • 4_5year student of finance or accounting faculty
  • Fluency in English language
  • Good knowledge of MS office especially Excel macro,complex formulas.
  • Self motivated and inquisitive.

The above listed companies will definitely ask you how you can relate your knowledge, skills and experience to the position you apply for. So you will need to fit yourself in with the company’s culture, ensure that you will be available when call upon at any time.

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