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2019 NECO Government Answers to Questions

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NECO Government Objectives Questions and Answers 2020

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1. In the unitary system of government, power is derived from

A. a rigid constitution

B. the judiciary

C. the executive head of state

D. one source of authority

ANSWER: D (one source of authority)

2. The power allocated to the central government in a federation is primarily contained in the

A. Central legislative list

B. exclusive legislative list

C. residual legislative list

D. concurrent legislative list

ANSWER: B (Exclusive legislative list)

3. A constitution is said to be rigid if it

A. can only be interpreted by the military

B. is written by difficult authors

C. cannot be amended by the executive

D. has cumbersome provision for its amendment

NECO 2020 Government Essay Questions and Answers

Below are NECO Government Past questions that may be repeated


Answer any 2 questions
A political party is an alliance of like-minded people who work together to win elections and control of the government. Political parties compete against one another for political power and for the ability to put their philosophies and policies into effect.

To contest elections: In most democracies, elections are fought mainly among the candidates put up by political parties. Parties select their candidates in different ways.
ii)Forming policies and programmes: Parties put forward different policies and programmes and the voters choose from them. Each of us may have different opinions and views on what policies are suitable for the society
iii)Making laws: When parties come to power, they make laws for the country. Formally, laws are debated and passed in the legislature. Members of the ruling party follow the directions of party leaders, irrespective of their personal opinions.
iv)Parties form and run governments: Parties recruit leaders, train them and then make them ministers to run the government in the way they want.
v)Role of opposition: Parties that lose in elections, play the role of opposition to the parties in power by criticising the government for its failures or wrong policies.

4a)A bicameral legislature is one in which the legislators are divided into two separate assemblies, chambers or houses.


i)One chamber or house changing and implementing the law is called unicameral legislature. There are two chambers or houses are present to amend and implement the law.
ii)In the unicameral system, quick decisions and more accountability is possible whereas the accountability and the decision making processes are difficult and time consuming.

i)The number of members in the unicameral is usually less than the members of the bicameral system resulting in less expense in the unicameral.
ii)The powers of the unicameral members are enough for making rude decisions and passing the law which is not feasible for the general public. The powers of the upper hand are controlled by the other hand and thus, the chances of bad decision making are less in the bicameral system.

Answer any 3 questions
6i)There should accountability on the part of politicians in government.
6ii)Politics should be played according to laid down rules and regulations.
6iii)Ethnic politics should be avoided by politicians.
6iv)There should be good leadership on the part of all elected officials.
6v)Mismanagement of public funds should be avoided.
6vi)There should be free and fair elections And Military intervention should be outlawed.

7i)Consider and make recommendations on the general principles of cooperation for maintaining international peace and security, including disarmament;
7ii)Discuss any question relating to international peace and security and, except where a dispute or situation is currently being discussed by the Security Council, make recommendations on it;
7iii)Discuss, with the same exception, and make recommendations on any questions within the scope of the Charter or affecting the powers and functions of any organ of the United Nations;
7iv) Make recommendations for the peaceful settlement of any situation that might impair friendly relations among nations;
7v)Consider and approve the United Nations budget and establish the financial assessments of Member States;

8i)there should be no political interference in the affairs of commission.
8ii)The electoral commission must be made autonomous rather than appendage of executive aim of government
8iii)funding for the commission should be done from an independent fund not from the executive
8iv)security of tenure of office should be granted to members of the commission
8v)officials of the commission should be appointed for a fixed period
8vi)voting should be done secretly while counting of votes should be publicly done

– The Preamble
– The Government
– The Territory
– Separation of Powers
– Sovereignty
– Federalism

How to Answer NECO Government Questions 2020

Proper Preparation

Preparation is the key to Success, anybody looking for any other way to pass the NECO Government apart from good preparation is looking for a way to fail. seat tight and study your books and passing the subject can never be a problem to you..

Time Management

Time management is very important as long as NECO Government is concerned. Make sure you don’t waste time when attempting any question. Answer Questions You Know better before proceeding to try others. Be mindful of the time given and the number of questions you are to answer before the time elapses.

Adhere to instructions

Any candidate they refuse to adhere to the Examination Instructions is planning to fail. The instructions there are for you not for the invigilators. Adherence to instructions gives you a better chance of passing Government 2020.

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