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NECO Civic Education Questions and Answers 2021/2022 Essay and Objectives. Are you one of those candidates looking for NECO Civic Education answers? Download Likely Civic Education Expo here.

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In this article, We are going to show you how to Answer NECO Civic Education 2021 Questions and also update you with likely expo past and Random repeated Questions

Download NECO Civic Education Expo. To make effective use of the Civic education guide, we encourage candidates to study the practice sample past Questions provided so as to perform excellently in the NECO Civic Education Exams.

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2021 NECO Civic Education Objectives Questions and Answers

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NECO Civic Education Essay Questions 2021

Below are NECO Civic Education Past Questions and answers that may be repeated


-Life Coping Skills
-Manipulative Skills
-Intellectual Skills
-Communicative Skills
-Artistic Skills.

1. Life Coping Skills These are natural skills which every
organism including man, acquires from birth to adapt fittingly
in his or its environment. They are survival Instincts or skills.

They are natural things we do to survive, avert dander and
assert our individuality, e.g., crude farming, running on an
errand, hunting, learning to make shelter, fishing, obeying laws
and authorities, avoiding conflicts, etc

2. Manipulative Skills : these skills are seen in skills
acquisition centres as it involves economic activities that
inculcate skills such as technical education.

Computer, field
events, mining, manufacturing, technological works, scientific
experiments, construction, engineering, productive ventures,
gadgets and machine manipulations (whether digital or
analogue), building, wielding, carpentry, mechanics etc.

3. Intellectual Skills : these skills are coordinates in character.
It is the literary or theoretical frameworks that guide the
practical aspects of the works, economic and scientific

In the primary sense, it is called brain work.
Without the intellectual skills, no other skills can function as
they are the master minds, motivators and co-coordinators.

4. Communicative Skills : Communication is a very important
aspect of our life. Man evolved communications skills as a
social being to enable him pass or send information from one
person to the other or from place to place.

skills assist the intellectual skills to be expressed adequately
and specifically.

5. Artistic Skills: These are close to communicative skills and
are more complex. Includes they art of good writing, fine and
applied arts, music and drama. These skills make effective use
of all the other four kinds of skills where necessary

2a), Responsible parenthood suggests the responsibility of
parents to guide ,protect and provide for the basic needs of
their also means parenting with unconditional love
which could last a life time


1. Providing for the household
financial needs: It is the responsibility
of the parents (most especially the
father) to look for money to keep the

2. Caring for the family: The
parents (father and mother) must
prove that they are responsible by
caring so well for the children.

3. Giving the children education:
Responsible parents are expected to
give the children qualitative education
at home and school.

4. Accommodation: It is the duty of
the parents to provide accommodation
for their children.

5. Cultural training: Responsible
parents are expected to train their
children cultural heritage. Let them
know the customs and traditions of
your people.

2C)..i .right to life,security and privacy
ii. right to education
iii.freedom of movement

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How to Answer NECO Civic Education Questions 2021 (Expo)

Use Good Textbooks

There is nothing good as sound textbooks. The textbooks are your companion.

Make good use of Civic Education textbooks in addition to your class note and you will see yourself solving complex questions.

One textbook is not enough, some textbooks make topics that seems to be hard in others simple. You are advised to make textbooks your companion.

Proper Time Management

Time management is very important as long as Civic Education is concerned. Make sure you don’t waste time when attempting any question.

Answer Questions You Know better before proceeding to try others. Be mindful of the time given and the number of questions you are to answer before the time elapses.

Follow Examination instructions

Any candidate they refuse to adhere to the Examination Instructions is planning to fail. The instructions there are for you not for the invigilators. Adherence to instructions gives you a better chance of passing Civic Education NECO.

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