NECO Chemistry Questions and Answers 2021/2022 Expo PDF Objectives /Essay: Download

Free NECO Chemistry Questions and Answers 2021/2022 OBJ/Essay. All Candidates have an opportunity to access the latest updates on the likely Chemistry expo/runs for NECO without Subscription. There is no time to waste, if you need the Solutions to Chemistry NECO 2021 Questions and Answers, kindly read and follow the instructions given. 

2019 NECO Chemistry Answers to Questions

The National Examination Council (NECO) 2021 Chemistry Exam Paper1 & 2 (OBJ & Essay) should not intimidate you. All the steps to pass NECO chemistry without stress are given here and Score A’s when the Result is out.

It is also good to note that we have only NECO Past Questions on Chemistry to help candidates do we in the examination. The Exams Schedule are indicated in the NECO TimeTable

NECO Chemistry Objectives 2021 Questions and Answers PDF

The National Examinations Council is Responsible for the Setting and marking of the NECO  Chemistry Examination and has informed members of the general public to follow the exams instruction.

We are here to tell you that Questions are Chemistry past questions and answers.

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The Chemistry Objectives need to be read carefully before providing answers.

The Following Are Sample Neco Objective Questions. They are likely questions for Neco 2021.


1. Hydrogen is used in oxy-hydrogen flames for melting metals because it?

  • A. Evolve a lot of heat when burnt
  • B. Combines explosively with oxygen
  • C. Is a very light gas
  • D. Is a Rock Fuel

2. The Oxide that remains unchanged when heated is?

  • A. CuO
  • B. Fe2 O3
  • C. PbO2
  • ZnO

NECO Chemistry Essay Questions and Answers 2021 PDF

The following are Sample theory Questions that may be asked:

1a. Calculate the Volume of hydrogen measured at s.t.p produced when 4 moles of water are electrolyted.

1b. State the properties of hydrogen which make it suitable for filling meteorological balloons.

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Chemistry Expo/Runs 2021/2022 for NECO

The updates on the Likely NECO Chemistry expo are ongoing.

Candidates Looking for how to pass the NECO Chemistry are advised to adhere to the following while getting ready for the exams.

  • Proper Preparation
  • Prayer
  • Time Management
  • Adhere to instructions

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