NECO GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers 2020/2021OBJ/Essay (Expo):

2020 NECO GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers to OBJ/Essay is right here for you. Keep calm and reading. We are going to guide you on how to answer NECO GCE mathematics Questions and download the likely NECO GCE Mathematics Expo.

2020 NECO GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers to OBJ/Essay – See all the answers and questions on Math for this year’s NECO GCE Maths exams both Objectives and Essay Expo here. Check below for the questions and answers.

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NECO GCE Mathematics Essay and Objectives Answers 2020/2021

This page will give you all that it takes to pass this year NOV/DEExternal NECO 2020 GCE Mathematics which according to the timetable will be taken on ……2021. In that case, you are required to read through this guide in order to obtain the best EXPO on Math for GCE 2020.

The National Examination Council, NECO, is the body given full authority to conduct exams for all candidates not in the school system. This NECO GCE is only taken by those who had left school but did not clear all their paper.

In the same way, when checking your GCE result, you have to select the Private Candidates column on the portal in order to access your result online.

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NECO GCE 2020/2021 Mathematics Question and Answers

This is the main thing that brought you here, and we are going to make sure that we show you exactly what you need.   NECO GCE 2021 Mathematics answers are very simple. Some people think that they cannot understand maths no matter how some other person might explain to them.  

But I want to let you know that such thoughts are not correct. You can understand it only if you determine. NECO Math is normally very simple. After this answers that will be given below, we shall also show you the simplest way to pass this subject (Mathematics) both OBJ and Essay.

Below are Sample NECO GCE Mathematics Past Questions and Answers

1a) Using sine rule
b/sin20 = 6/sin30
bsin30 = 6sin120
b 6sin120/sin30
b = 6×0.2511/0.4540
b = 5.7063/0.4540
b = 12.57 ≠ 12.6cm 1b i) I = PRT/100, p=N15000 R=10% and I=3years
A = P+ I
where I = 15000*10*3/100=N4500
A=4500+15000 =N19500 ii) I = PRT/100, p=N15000 R=10% and I=3years
A = P+ I
where I = 15000*10*3/100=N4500
A=4500+15000 =N19500 Question 2——NECO GCE Mathematics Answers and questions  2a)
P=13500pages 2b)
x + y =3______(1)
x² – y² = 15_____(2)
From equation (2)
x² – y² = 15
(x+y)(x-y) = 15_____(3)
Recall x-y = 3
Substitute the value of (x-y) in equation (3)
3(x + y) = 15
Therefore (x +y) =5
The value of x+y =5 P=N300,000
At the end of year 1
I=N22500 2nd Year
I=372500*15*1/200=N27937.50 3rd Year
total saving of 3years
=N534220.31 n(y)=40

How to pass NECO GCE Maths Questions 2021

Before we go into the topic above, note the questions, just like other past math questions will come in two papers, Paper III and II.   Paper III is the Objective part which will come first while paper II is the Essay part that will come second. The first carries 50 questions for you to choose 50 correct answers.  

The second contains 7 beautiful questions for you to answer 5 correctly. So you have to make sure that you read for this Mathematics NECO GCE exam.   How can you Pass this Maths very easily? The answer is just so simple.

  1. Study past questions on Mathematics. This is what will help you to pass it very simple
  2. While studying the past questions, use NECO GCE Syllabus.
  3. Set time for your study
  4. Pray to God

For me, No. 4 is the ultimate. Pray as if you have not read and read as if you have not Pray.  

See GCE Mathematics Past Question Here.   This is all we can take on NECO GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers to OBJ/Essay 2020/2021. Subscribe to this blog with your email address to get more answers on maths.

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